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Mark Cloutier – Real Deal Video Strategist Club

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Average Videographers Becoming The Real Deal

Learn How to Close High Paying Video Production


We offer 3 options for payment. You can purchase the course in full or do 2 or 3 no interest equal payments which will be paid in consecutive months (possible 100% ROI before you have even paid for the full course).

In this course you will…

  • MODULE 1 Discover there are more videos than just a promo video. Learn the power of different video types, which industries need them and what they will pay to have them.
  • MODULE 2 Learn how to use online platforms and campaigns to distribute the videos you create. Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailChimp, KickStarter and several more. Having a video is great, but having a plan on how to use it will land you bigger clients.
  • MODULE 3 Learn the secrets of networking, getting in front of decision makers, and how to use your extremely powerful business network to generate big ticket leads and sales for your business.
  • MODULE 4 Learn how to set up your own online video strategy to market your company. We will teach you the tips and tricks to lead generate through a highly advanced online strategy. Let’s get big ticket clients reaching out for your Real Deal Strategies.
  • MODULE 5 The best part of this course. You will be given the SUPER POWER of knowing what people are thinking before you ever meet with them. We have interviewed CEO’s, Marketing Directors, VP’s of Business Development, etc in big industries. Industries like, Medical, Technology, High End Commercial and Residential Services, and Luxury Real Estate. They have given us insight that will help you land monster clients in their industries.
  • MODULE 5 As if Module 5 could not be better. Haaaa, think again. We have broken down those interviews and have created advanced video strategies based on those conversations. Yes, we are going to show you those advanced strategies and teach you how to create them for your clients.

This course is not for the unmotivated. If you truly want to separate yourself from every other videographer, then you need to understand more than just how to film a video. If you are ready to stop pretending, we would love to have you in THE REAL DEAL VIDEO STRATEGIST CLUB.


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Mark Cloutier – Real Deal Video Strategist Club