Mark Kerr – Seek & Destroy Vol.6


Mark Kerr – Seek & Destroy Vol.6

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Mark Kerr is a ferocious bare-knuckle fighter who has shown his mettle in the world’s hardest MMA events, including the UFCTM, PrideTM, and the frightening World Vale Tudo ChampionshipTM.
Mark Kerr has defeated some of the top fighters in the world and established himself as one of the most terrifying warriors in Mixed Martial Arts.
Mark Kerr has a solid wrestling background, and his takedowns and smashes are some of the most nasty and effective you’ll ever witness.
He combines his incredible grappling history with brutally efficient striking skills, with a focus on Ground and Pound.
As Mark Kerr shares his wealth of expertise with you, this gorgeous instructional DVD box set will teach you skills and tactics you never knew existed.
If you want to discover the most efficient tactics to take your opponent down, what to do to keep them down, and how to inflict the greatest damage, this series is a must-watch! Mark Kerr is a master of his craft, and you can learn the strategies he has used to defeat some of the world’s most feared fighters and apply them to your own combat game.
This fantastic series includes all EIGHT VOLUMES in one low-cost box set!
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Mark Kerr – Seek & Destroy Vol.6