Mark Parr – Brutal Head Bustin Secrets


Mark Parr – Brutal Head Bustin Secrets

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Included the bonus ‘Getting Ripped’ dvdBrutal Headbustin Secrets: Discover the system that Mark Parra (just 5-foot 8-inches and 150-pounds) used to protect death-metal band members from drunken, methed-up.violent fans.
Discover surefire ways to rapid strikes – even if your attacker is practically ontop you… A nasty little “arm whip” secret that will suddenly expose the “soft underbelly” of your attacker’s spine (finish him in seconds without skipping a beat)… an effective “sub-vocalizing” method to channeling your own FEAR… a simple trick to instantly downing a “charging bull”… an easy way to snap his collar bone like a brittle twig… astonishingly effective “domination” body language that will instantly diffuse hostile situations against multiple attackers.
It’s a non-verbal trick that uses “mob mentality” against them — suddenly convincing everyone that you’re the “top dog”.
And a LOT more.
Simple tips to developing your OWN “check list” to preemptive strikes… the true art of using distance zones… knowing EXACTLY which attacker to deal with first… secrets to re-directing force.
PLUS there’s a FREE “Getting’ Ripped” training DVD that allows you to tighten up your body while you train this simple system.
It’s yours to KEEP.



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Mark Parr – Brutal Head Bustin Secrets