Martial Art Video Collection Tony Annesi Willem Dethouars


Martial Art Video Collection Tony Annesi Willem Dethouars

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Martial Arts DVD collection with Tony Annesy, Willem Dethouars,

Trasmutation full 3 DVD Set
Tony Annes’s Transmutaion DVD teach how to unify the arts by showing that, with small adjustments, a lock is a block is a blow is a throw. They move from style to style, from technical shape to technical shape to bring many martial arts into the same family. When you can transmute your favorite blow into a throw, you have soft within your hard style. When you can transmute your favorite lock into a block, you have hard within your soft style. Hanshi Juchnik on “always move twice” and “caging.” Shihan Annesi on seeing advanced applications within basics. You will learn how to understand technical methods by seeing beyond the surface form. Once you study principles and know how a technique works, you are then free to change its form while maintaining its essence. Even the most basic techniques possess even more advanced applications.

Transmutation is defined as the process of ‘changing from one form, nature, substance, or state into another; transforming’. First things first… This set is a highly conceptual series that focuses on the underlying principles of positioning, movement, and mechanics within the hand to hand fighting arts. It is not a specific ‘how to’ or a ‘do this, then that when he does this’ for the techniques of any particular style. It specifically focuses on the synthesis, ‘blending’, or modification of techniques to demonstrate the inherent connections between various possible movements in close quarters combat. Another way of looking at it is that this conception adheres to the law of requisite variety, wherein an organism must possess sufficient variety to cope successfully within a particular environment; an insufficiently variable repertoire of responses (or attributes) renders the organism vulnerable to threats and incapable of survival.

Road To Mastery 5 DVD Set
Volume 1: Basics; Volume 2: Basics Become Forms & Techniques; Volume 3: Forms & Techniques Produce Variation; Volume 4: Variations Lead to Principles; Volume 5: Everything is Budo

Shotokan-style version of Hangetsu
(Shuri-te influenced) compared and contrasted with Aragaki Seisan (Tomarite

Bassai DVD by Tony Annesi is a seminar that was shot live in Richardson, Texas. Only late in the semianr did many of the students realize that Hanshi Annesi was using Bassai-dai to teach fundamental concepts and various categories of self-defense waza like soft and hard blocking, weight shifting, locking, structuring, throwing, and “soft” power punching.



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Martial Art Video Collection Tony Annesi Willem Dethouars