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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Weeks

Module 1: Revealing Our New Story:
The Co-creation of Heaven on Earth
(December 1)
I had a dream once of a long dining table, yards long, at which guests carried on animated, fascinating conversations with one another. I sat in on many of them, wide-eyed like a child, taking in all the exciting ideas flying around the table. People were talking about how the world could be and what it would take to create Heaven on Earth.
– Marianne Williamson

As humans and humanity we live inside a story. Our current story is no longer adequate given our awareness, needs and potential. It is completing itself and we are transitioning into a new, larger narrative. We’ve had a theological story, a nation-state story and an economic story. Our new story must meet the challenges of our times. We need a new “civilization-fueling” story that takes us into the next chapter of our evolution.

In this module, you’ll discover the new collective story — Co-creating Heaven on Earth — and how it applies to you.

We’ll explore how your understanding of heaven has evolved and shifted over time.

What is Heaven? Where is Heaven? What are your assumptions about Heaven and Heaven on Earth?

Following this exploration, you will begin to imagine your own Heaven on Earth project.

In the first live session you will:

Learn how the current story, while bringing us much good, is fundamentally unworkable and responsible for separation, fear, lack, violence, powerlessness and cynicism.
Explore and help define a new civilization-fueling story so that you can engage in building the kind of world you deeply long for.
Discover what it means for you to author this new story, individually and as part of the collective — and what it means to humans and humanity within this evolutionary narrative.
Remember a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth so that you can see clearly that this state of being has always been inside you.
Recognize the fullness of Heaven on Earth for you and the world, if you were given complete permission to create it, without perceived limitations.
Expand your experience of the depth and presence of Heaven on Earth in your own life.
Begin the journey of creating your own Heaven on Earth project… something that you’re passionate about, that’s easy for you to do and that will make a difference to others and to you.
Every week we’ll spotlight a Heaven Maker, a person who’s discovered and is manifesting Heaven on Earth in their own unique, creative way.

Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Katherine Burnett, founder of Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley.

Module 2: The Voice of Humanity
(December 8)
What is the common work of Humanity?
– Rob Lehman

In module 2, you’ll experience humanity in a new way.

As long as humanity remains a concept, we can’t fully engage with it. But the moment it becomes real, in your gut, as familiar as your own family, each of us us becomes more willing to be responsible for having it work.

In this session you’ll discover:

Easy, effective ways to engage with humanity and results you can anticipate.
What humanity has to say to us as individuals and as a civilization and know how to respond.
Presence humanity by experiencing its magnificence and immediacy, so that you can actually feel it.
Discover humanity’s ultimate purpose, align yourself with it and help manifest it.
Update others on your Heaven on Earth project and share what you’re doing to make it real.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Dr. Nicholas Beecroft, creator of The New Magna Carta: A Psychiatrist’s Prescription for Western Civilization

Module 3: Overcoming Obstacles & Misbeliefs
(December 15)
We can choose to be audacious enough to take responsibility for the entire
human family.
– Werner Erhard

Whenever you’re faced with an audacious goal, roadblocks are inevitable. Module 4 examines the roadblocks and misbeliefs that come up as we engage in co-creating Heaven on Earth.

In this module, you’ll come to understand:

The nature of roadblocks, how they work and their purpose.
How to use roadblocks to help you co-create your Heaven on Earth.
Your mis-beliefs about what it will take to create Heaven on Earth.
The source and cost of your unwillingness to be responsible for it all.
How the underlying misbelief that Heaven on Earth is impossible prevents your deep longing for such a world from being satisfied.
You don’t have to believe you can do something in order to do it. (This is one of the biggest misbeliefs that get in our way!)
Reports on participant Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Laurie and Jacob Teitelbaum, creators of The Heaven on Earth Video Contest

Module 4: What the Faith Traditions Say
(December 29)
Religion… calls the soul to the highest adventure it can undertake, the call to confront reality and master the self.
– Huston Smith

The world’s faith traditions have been reflecting on Heaven on Earth for centuries. They’ve distilled their wisdom down to its essence. In this module, you’ll find out what the faiths have to say individually and collectively and how this benefits you.

You will:

Hear what the world’s faith traditions have to say singularly and as a collective institution about Heaven on Earth.
Clear out any “baggage” and blocks you have about heaven, religion and God — and look with fresh eyes as new freedom, possibilities and creativity emerge.
Revisit the story of the Garden of Eden to explore your beliefs about this version of Heaven on Earth.
Examine your beliefs about why humanity was “kicked out of Paradise” and can never return — and why this simply isn’t true.
Share reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Brenda MacKenzie, founder of A Home for Everyone, a Community Initiative

Module 5: The Gateways to Heaven on Earth: Your Inner World
(January 5)
Heaven on Earth is realized to the extent that one accepts the state of Heaven within themselves.
– Jeffrey Milburn

The next several modules will focus on four major gateways into Heaven on Earth: Inner, Relationships, Outer and Now.

Heaven on Earth is already alive within us. Our job is simply to allow and support its emergence and expression.

In Module 5, you will:

Have a direct experience of the Inner world gateway.
Learn how to radiate and express more of the Heaven on Earth already within you — along with practices that amplify this state of being.
Continue clearing up roadblocks to experiencing the Heaven on Earth of your Inner world.
Discover a more empowered perspective on your personal blocks to a truly heavenly experience here on Earth.
Share reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Dana Colson, Doctor of Dental Medicine & Heaven on Earth messenger

Module 6: The Gateways to Heaven on Earth: Relationships
(January 12)

If we could only perceive each other like works of art… we would then see life as Heaven on Earth.
– Karen Chastain-Haughey

The Relationship gateway bridges the Inner and Outer worlds. Heaven on Earth relationships are an expression of the strength, clarity and brightness of our connections.

But many relationships call on a part of ourselves that may be hard to enter. With practice though, our relationships can start to work better — eventually becoming heavenly.

In this module, we’ll explore what Heaven on Earth is for your relationship with yourself, others and the Divine.

You’ll discover:

How to recognize the blocks and patterns in your relationships that prevent true connection.
How to clear them out as well as suggestions for how to disengage from those that simply don’t work for you and the higher good.
Who you know that has remarkable relationships and what you can learn from them.
How to acknowledge and celebrate the Heaven on Earth relationships you already have, and how to exalt those relationships so more Heaven on Earth flows in.
How moving away from blaming (others or yourself) frees up room for freedom, accountability and miracles in your relationships.
A year-long practice of not blaming, and what it can do for you and others.
Reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Patty O’Sullivan of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Module 7: The Gateways to Heaven on Earth: Ending the World’s Major Sufferings
(January 19)
Our mission is to end slavery worldwide. We believe that ending slavery is an ambitious — and realizable — goal.
– Free The Slaves

Whether it’s the violence or hurt you read about happening halfway around the world or needless pain right in your own community, our hearts break when confronted with unnecessary suffering.

We yearn for it to be over, for peace, calm and comfort to reign. We’ve ended suffering before, in the discovery of the smallpox vaccine, to name just one example.

We can end ALL suffering.

In this module, you’ll come face to face with the hell and horror of the suffering in the world. Why? Because part of co-creating Heaven on Earth is cleaning up the hells on earth.

You’ll discover:

Your “Keystone Suffering,” the suffering that hurts you most, deep down in your soul.
How the end of your Keystone Suffering helps inspire the end to other sufferings.
How to transform feelings of overwhelm and helplessness into action with simple steps you can take in the next 24 hours.
An existing group or organization committed to ending your keystone suffering.
Reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Sue Bookchin, founder of Making Change

Module 8: The Gateways to Heaven on Earth: Having Our Institutions Take Their Rightful Place in Co-creating Heaven on Earth
(January 26)
We judge institutions productive, efficient and rational not only to the extent that they maximize wealth and power but also to the extent that they maximize our capacities to be caring, ecologically aware, ethically and spiritually sensitive, and capable of responding to the universe with awe, wonder and radical amazement at the grandeur of creation.
– Rabbi Michael Lerner

Our business, religious, education and healthcare institutions are comprised of people trying to make a positive impact. But in day-to-day reality, most institutions are sources of frustration instead of solutions.

When we think of our institutions, Heaven on Earth is not the first thing that comes to mind. But isn’t that what we long for?

Imagine our institutions actually contributing to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

In this module, we’ll explore what it would be like if this was the main purpose of our institutions.

What would our world be like? How can we influence this shift in simple, powerful ways?

In this session, you will:

Unearth underlying negative beliefs and feelings about institutions, what it costs you and others and how to step outside of these blocks.
Explore how you might be empowered by an institution, and imagine every interaction with an institution being an experience of Heaven on Earth.
Discover specific steps you can take to affect change in our institutions so that they can take their rightful place in co-creating Heaven on Earth.
Reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Justin Criner, creator of Discovering Heaven on Earth for Law Enforcement

Module 9: The Gateways: Nation(s) Building
(February 2)
Heaven on Earth is for Israel, in my eyes, when all wolves and lambs live together in harmony — even if they disagree about many things, including the question of who is the wolf and who is the lamb.
– Yehuda Stolov, Director, Interfaith Encounter Association, Israel

Is it possible for an entire country to be a Heaven on Earth nation? Yes!

Let’s start with imagining your own country as such a place, and then move to the countries in your region and then all around the world. This kind of thinking has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. Why not here, why not now, and why not you?

In this module, you’ll discover:

The beliefs you have about not being able to influence the direction of your country to take a stand for the values you cherish.
How to step outside of these beliefs and claim your power to have an impact.
What Heaven on Earth is for your country, imagining specific problems disappearing and in their place, new “heavenly” solutions
What Heaven on Earth is for the nations in your region and other nations in the world.
How to move from “This is impossible,” to “Wow, I can actually envision it!” to “I can help make this happen.”
Reports on Heaven on Earth projects.
Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Gabriel Nossovitch, creator of El Cielo En La Tierra Para Mexico
(Heaven on Earth for Mexico)

Module 10: Other Gateways
(February 9)
We are at the dawn of an age in which extreme political concepts and dogmas may cease to dominate human affairs. We must use this historic opportunity to replace them with universal human and spiritual values. And ensure that these values become the fiber of the global family which is emerging.
– His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

In this module, we’ll examine three other possible Gateways to Heaven on Earth.

Your Profession
You’ll discover:

The essence/soul of your profession.
Your profession’s Heaven on Earth purpose.
Simple, concrete steps you can take to make your profession a co-creator of Heaven on Earth.
A Long-standing, Seemingly Unresolvable Problem
You will:

Identify a persistent problem in your life or the world that seems unsolvable.
Step outside this problem so you can view it clearly.
Discover what you can do to get into action and begin solving it.
Discovering & Living Your Global Values
You will:

Discover your “global values,” those values you want to see lived by humanity now and long into the future.
Identify your contribution through living your global values.
Discover reports on Heaven on Earth projects.

Module 11: This-Here-Now Heaven on Earth
(February 16)
Heaven on Earth is… perceiving the Divine perfection in all that is.
– Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD

The gateways we’ve examined thus far create the Heaven on Earth of the future. They’re about Heaven on Earth becoming real. And becoming is doing — taking action and getting the job done.

There is also being Heaven on Earth.

In this session, you’ll experience:

Living Heaven on Earth right here and now — the fullness and magnificence that is Heaven on Earth, individually and collectively.

Spotlight on a Heaven Maker:
Jocelyn Ann Flores, a young poet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Module 12: Y(our) Leadership (February 23)
Heaven on Earth is the understanding by every individual that they can pull a lever large enough to affect the world.
– Catherine Spear

As a participant of this amazing journey, you may yearn to inspire others in co-creating Heaven on Earth. Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes and in this final module, you will:

Examine your unique Heaven on Earth leadership role and how to engage in concrete actions that can inspire others to make their own contributions.
Measure your progress and chronicle your successes in your own Heaven on Earth project.
Revisit humanity’s new story to really embed it in your soul and psyche.
Be inducted as a Heaven on Earth Ambassador!


Martin Rutte is a dynamic international speaker and consultant and president of Livelihood, a management consulting firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, that specializes in vision, corporate spirit, performance management, facilitated dialogue and creative leadership.

He is co-author of The New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul™ at Work, translated into over 20 languages.

Martin sees Heaven on Earth as the new story of what it means to be a human and what it means to be Humanity. For more than 15 years he has been exploring people’s vision of the kind of world they deeply long for as part of Project Heaven on Earth.


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