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What does it take to develop strong power and size? Gaining lean body mass is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding, as well as the Lost City of Gold and Atlantis. It is frequently discussed, but few seem to discover the secrets. Dan John, author of the best-selling book Never Let Go, has discovered the key to this enigma over the last few decades. It is based on a few principles, a few days a week in the gym, and a few key movements.

It appears simple because it is. But don’t be fooled by simplicity. This isn’t an easy task. Set aside six weeks, pack a gym bag with food, and embark on the journey to achieving lean body mass with Dan John as your guide.

Note: The print version of this book is spiral-bound, with the final 42 pages consisting of a typeset training log with exercises organized to correspond with each workout in the book. When you get to page 121 in the print book, you’ll be given a link to a printable PDF version of the training log pages in this electronic version.


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Mass Made Simple by Dan John