Master Her Mind by Bobby Rio & Rob Judge



 Master Her Mind by Bobby Rio & Rob Judge

Salepage : Bobby Rio & Rob Judge – Master Her Mind


What If You Could PeEk Inside The Female Mind? And Discover Every Dirty Little Secret She Doesn’t Want You to Know?


How Would You Like To?

What if you knew exactly what she secretly fantasizes about? What gets her dripping WET, turns her on, what she absolutely can’t resist?


Discover exactly why she’ll let some guys bang the shit out of her the very first night… While she makes other guys wait weeks just for a kiss on the cheek.


What are the “red flags” she looks out for that makes her go ice cold, lose interest, and abolish you to the friend zone prison…

We’ve Exposed Her Most Primal Desires

We’ve recorded a series of “Closed Door Confessionals” called

Master Her Mind.

And these interviews are NOT your typical Cosmopolitan Magazine shit. We got these girls liquored up and spilling the dirty laundry…

    Let Me Introduce You to SOME the Girls…


Reveals An Explicit Story About Why She finally banged a guy after having friend zoned him for years…


Details the subtle signals she sends to let a guy know she’s interested – and why when he doesn’t pick them up her attraction plummets.


Reveals one sex secret every guy should know if he wants to wrap a girl around his finger…


After 8 years as a bartender Nikki breaks down the biggest mistakes she observes guys making… and a step-by-step game plan for banging the hot bartender.


Why they chase guys they weren’t initially attracted to, the traits that a man displays that make them dripping wet…

It’s like getting a PHD in the Female Mind


After Watching These “Closed Door Confessionals” You’ll Learn Things About Girl’s In Just Hours That Would Have Taken You Years To Figure Out On Your Own…

In “Master Her Mind” nothing is held back.

    These Girls CONFESS everything…



  • How soon and how often should you text her?




  • What they really think about penis size…




  • Is she playing hard to get or just not interested?



So, if you ever wanted to listen in like a fly on the wall from women not afraid to reveal their most animal desires on camera….

Here are some of the secrets we got the girls to reveal…


  • Dirty Secret Revealed #1: How a guy can get the “upper hand”         and “power” by making her work for your attention…    
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #2: Where to target to make her SQUIRT
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #3: Why you must immediately knock her off her “pedestal” if you want her to take you seriously
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #4: The exact point in a conversation you MUST slow things down and get SEXUAL (or risk being friend zoned)
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #5: What to say to get her back to your             place so she doesn’t feel slutty
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #6: Want to do her anal? Do it THIS way…
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #7: A Sneaky move she does when she             wants you to kiss her (most guys miss THIS)
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #8: By the middle of your first date she             already knows if she’s going to sleep with you THAT NIGHT…             (don’t miss     these signs)
  • Dirty Secret Revealed #9: Almost all of the girls listed THIS as             her biggest turn off (and chances are you do it unconsciously)



Uncover the Best Kept Psychological Secrets


Imagine how your life would be different, if you knew step-by-step how women want to be approached… the words they want to hear… how they want to be touched and seduced. Picture yourself knowing exactly what to say and what to do in any situation – because you’ve been told EXACTLY what works – straight from the mouths of real women!



Plus you’ll learn…


  • The secret spots on her body that she’s praying you touch (Listen in as she reveals all her hidden erogenous zones)
  • 3 Secrets of Kissing that make it impossible for her to stop Plus, learn the kissing mistakes that are an instant turn off
  • Is she faking orgasms? You’ll learn how to tell if its real… and the         secret to bringing her to an explosive climax every single time
  • Can you tell if she’s turned on or not? If you’re relying on the clues         most men do, you’re getting seriously incorrect information
  • How to find her G SPOT
  • Women’s biggest complaint about oral sex – it’s what you’re not             doing that makes her feel less than enthusiastic
  • Why some guys bring out her “animalistic side” while other guys             make her feel like she has to act virginal and innocent (and she             hides her sexual side from them)
  • And plenty of stuff too explicit to print




3 Things we Absolutely Promise You

  1. You’re NOT going to get any canned, politically correct bullshit responses

that fill the pages of mainstream magazine like Maxim or Cosmo.


  1. We push the envelope and get the down and         dirty truth

    (even if it’s not always what you want to hear)


  1. When you make a woman feel comfortable and give her the permission to speak candidly… the flood gates open and she begins revealing her most intimate thoughts



Here are some more

    Shocking and Downright Dirty Secrets…


  • He said THIS and she immediately went from wanting to f$%k him to wanting to be his friend (NEVER make this mistake)
  • When a guy walks into a room THIS is the first thing she notices about him (its NOT what you’d think) And it instantly tells her if he’s worth talking
  • The Creep Alarm: Subtle things guys do that set off the “creep alarm” and quickly kill any attraction she might be feeling
  • She gives THESE hints when she wants you to kiss her
  • If you confess your feelings to her before THIS HAPPENS you’ll NEVER be her boyfriend
  • The ONE THING that you can do to satisfy her in bed
  • What she wishes guys would do when they “can’t get it up.” (it’s actually more common then you think- but there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to handle the situation.) Plus, she reveals the exact line you can say that will make not getting up TURN HER ON and get her begging for a “Rain Check”
  • Wanna know what 4 of the girls biggest APHROSIAC is? (it’s NOT what you think)
  • Give her THIS compliment and her panties are soaked within seconds. HINT: It’s not her eyes or any other body part – but it even MORE SEXUAL in sneaky sort of way
  • One simple line he said to her that had her arching her back and slipping her panties around her ankles SECONDS after saying no to him…



She’s TESTING You… And you’re probably failing miserably…

One thing we discovered during these confessionals is that all women use some sort of “Test” when they first start talking to a guy… This is her way of testing how cool and confident you really are.


Here’s a secret: When you can spot these tests and know how to handle them… you have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over other guys.


Listen in as these women reveal the subtle tests they use to “weed out the week and needy men”.



  • Why when you first approach her she’ll purposely act like a bitch to see how you respond (how she HOPES you’ll handle it)




  • If she ignores one of your texts this is the WORST way to respond    




  • Comments she’ll make to quickly determine if your confidence is real… or just an act.    



It’s all about congruency. She’s on the lookout for clues that you’re a fraud. The good news is that when you know the clues she’s looking for its easy to win the game.



4 Reasons These Confessionals

will Give You an Unfair Advantage



  • 1. With these videos you’ll always be “one chess move ahead” of her.




  • 2. You’ll know exactly what she’s thinking & be able to predict the move that will win her over.




  • 3. Finally be able to “keep your cool” when she’s playing games because you know exactly how to respond.




  • 4. Have better control of your emotions: understand exactly why she’s acting the way she is.    




Your host for the interviews, Rob Judge, is an

    underground legend in the online seduction community.

And was voted one of the three best pickup artists in the world.


Rob has spent the last six years mastering the art of the seduction, the psychology of women, and exactly what creates attraction. So you can guarantee that he knows exactly what questions to ask, what buttons to push, and how to open up the floodgates and have these girls revealing things on camera they probably never imagined they’d say.


Unlike most mainstream hosts Rob has no problem getting edgy, being totally un-politically correct, and isn’t afraid to push the envelope. And isn’t afraid to call a girl out if he thinks she’s giving a bullshit response.


In fact, you can probably learn a TON about flirting and attraction just by watching the way Rob interacts with the girls. (Things definitely get a little frisky…)

Rob Gets Them to Reveal


  • Their most memorable hook ups and exactly what the guys did that drove them so wild and had them so attracted to him
  • The subtle (and not so subtle) signs they’ll give guys that let him know their down to bang
  • The “dirty talk” that drives her crazy – and the sad ways guys mess this up and totally kill the mood
  • The awkward ways guys try to get out of the friend zone (and a much better strategy if you ever want to see her naked)
  • Sex with Strangers: the truth about one night stands – and why most guys miss the obvious clues these girls want to sleep with them
  • What to say to get her back to your place (so she doesn’t have to feel like a slut)
  • Is she flirting or just being nice? These girls reveal when you should make your move… and when you should walk away…
  • Decode her texts – how to ‘read between the lines’ of every text she sends you to know (listen to her explain how annoying it is when a guy doesn’t grasp that she just wants a booty call)
  • When you cross that line from “persistent” to STALKER – and the warning signs that its time to move on


    Caught on Camera… I Won’t Tell You Which Girl….

But you can watch as an innocent interview escalates into a full blown MAKE OUT session… all caught on camera.


Apparently all the “sexual talk” works one of the girls up to the point that her and Rob can’t keep their hands off each other.


Identify the “attraction clues” as you watch it unfold before your eyes


BREASTS may or may not have been exposed during THIS interview


Watch how quickly things move from “flirty” to “sexual” and how girls are way more open to ACT FAST… (and why if you’re not acting while the iron is hot you’re blowing your chance of ever sleeping with her)






  • If you’ve never made a girl gush then you’ve never truly satisfied a woman. This report provides step-by-step instructions on hitting that special spot that has her gushing like a fire hydrant
  • Little known technique that creates toe tingling pleasure through her entire body (she’ll beg you to bang her, and might get addicted to you)
  • If you thought the only way to make a girl come was through oral’re dead wrong. Use this simple technique and have her explode with pleasure and the most chilling orgasm she’s ever experienced
  • The “pleasure spots’ on her body that will send shivers down her spine and have her wet with anticipation




  • 101 tested-proven openers that make her want to hand you her number
  • Sneak in under her radar using these “stealth” seduction strategies that have her flirting with you, handing you her number, and leaning in to kiss you without realizing you’ve ever used a line on her
  • Openers for every situation (college campus, coffee shops, bars, clubs, walking down the street)
  • The world’s best pickup artists share their all time favorite and most effective opening lines



YES, Rob and Bobby :

I’m ready to listen in like a fly on the wall as these girls spill their deepest secrets and most intimate fantasies. And I’m ready to use these dirty little secrets to my advantage with every girl I meet.



  • Over 10 hours of “private confessionals” revealing everything you need to know to “read a girl’s mind” and know exactly what she’s thinking and always be one step ahead of her.




  • Find out EXACTLY how to get girls into bed – by learning EXACTLY what has worked on them in the past – in their own words!…    




  • Tap into her most intimate fantasies to TURN HER ON – steal the proven strategies that get girls eager to go home with you    




  • Contains Dozens of strategies for giving her what she CRAVES in bed, approaching her without rejection, turning her from “friend” into “lover” and much much more    




  • Discover Specific techniques – for giving her mind blowing orgasms, making her “chase” you, gaining the upper hand with every girl you meet    



All I gotta do is click the button below, right now:



Digital Download – You’ll receive your order instantly even if it’s 3 am!

Try it Risk Free for 60 Days

Look, I have total confidence in this program. Everything in Master Her Mind is covered by an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 60-day money back guarantee.


I’ve worked hard to get these girls spilling the most valuable information. I know that the seduction techniques they reveal will work and we’re completely confident that you will be able to seduce girls with them (this is all tested, proven techniques.)


That’s right: we’re 100% certain that if you do exactly what these girls reveal in Master Her Mind, you will get more dates (with the kind hot girls that you really want) or more sex, or you’ll finally make that one girl that you’ve always wanted totally and hopelessly attracted to you.


If you are not excited by the powerful female psychology revealed in theseconfessionals, we’ll refund every penny of the purchase price. I’ll even give you two full months to try it out.


This means you can listen to all 10 hours of confessionals. You can steal every secret for 8 full weeks. You can go out and test what you discover for yourself. If you aren’t happy for any reason, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.


Honestly though, the only problem I can foresee is guys not being ready for how effective this stuff is.

Get Started

Hold on! This stuff is more effective than you think.


You might not be ready to have a girl physically hanging off you, trying to kiss you in front of everyone, asking (begging) you to take her back to your place or not taking no for an answer when she asks for your phone number. Some guys aren’t ready for that kind of quick escalation.


That’s one reason why I give you the 60-day guarantee. Then you have time to take it slower, if you want. But if you are frustrated and you want to change your luck RIGHT AWAY, you can immerse yourself in this course and totally go for it.


Hold on! This stuff is more effective than you think.


You might not be ready to have a girl physically hanging off you, trying to kiss you in front of everyone, asking (begging) you to take her back to your place or not taking no for an answer when she asks for your phone number. Some guys aren’t ready for that kind of quick escalation.


That’s one reason why I give you the 60-day guarantee. Then you have time to take it slower, if you want. But if you are frustrated and you want to change your luck RIGHT AWAY, you can immerse yourself in this course and totally go for it.


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