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Master Hypnotic Storyteller by Igor Ledochowski

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Igor Ledochowski

Hypnotic Story Telling

Not 1 In 10,000 Modern Hypnotists Are Capable Of Looking At Erickson’s Work Through A Different “Set Of Eyes” And Mindset

But after 17 years of persistence, I am.

Much of that is thanks to my earlier training as a Lawyer (prior to getting into hypnosis) — which taught me the necessary analytical skills to “look beneath the surface” of human behavior and social interactions.

And so I’ve been able to uncover (“de-code”) exactly what Erickson was doing when he was triggering amazing personal transformations in his subjects, without any “external evidence” of hypnosis work going on.

Even better for you:

I can now teach and SHOW you how you can “pop” someone out of any problem, phobia or personal psychological issue in a way that Erickson himself would applaud.

To do so you have to take your focus OFF doing “formal” hypnosis techniques – and instead put your focus ON getting very good at telling…

TRANSFORMATIONAL STORIES That Have A Deep Hypnotic “Cleansing” Effect On Your Subject

And that’s what I’ll be teaching and DEMONSTRATING at my new upcoming live training that’s got lots of seasoned hypnotists gossiping with delight and anticipation.

The new training is called: “How To Tell Transformational Hypnotic Stories Like Milton Erickson.”

At that live training I will teach you and SHOW you how to lace-together Ericksonian transformational stories that will get you smoother and faster transformational results with your subjects than you could ever get by relying on conventional, “formal” hypnosis techniques alone.

I cannot stress how powerfully this skill will change your life and your abilities as a hypnotist.

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There is no other training like it. No other hypnotist has been able to “de-code” Erickson’s “non-hypnosis” hypnosis like I have. And no other hypnotist as been able to clarify and simplify the principles and techniques of telling Ericksonian transformational stories the way I have been able to.

If ever there was a game-changing skill to have it’s knowing How To Tell Transformational Hypnotic Stories Like Milton Erickson!

Once you’re at the live training with me (along with some of the other brightest minds in the hypnosis community) you’ll be taught and SHOWN…

How to use transformational stories to change the “internal image” somebody holds of themselves – absolutely necessary for triggering personal change in people and having that change stick long term (no more people that “fall off the wagon” a few weeks or months later and coming back saying hypnosis didn’t work!)..

The key ingredients of a transformational story. It’s not the subject matter or content of the story. It’s not even how engaging the story is. A transformational story is a different “animal” altogether… and at the training I will reveal exactly what makes a transformational story so powerful at producing fast personal change in the person it’s used on.

What to do with your eyes when you are telling a transformational story that will embed the “transformational power” of your story into a person’s unconscious mind where it will take root and quickly “bear the fruit” of personal transformation.

How to make an immediate connection with someone within the first 90 seconds of meeting them. These critical 90 seconds are the “ramp way” that allow you to drive your transformational story into the heart and unconscious mind of your subject.

How to tell transformational stories that create a positive “future memory” in the core-centre of the mind of your subject. This is such a powerful technique you’ll probably get addicted to using it wherever you can!

How to tell transformational stories that induce designed amnesia. Erickson once told a transformational story to a panicky, stressed-out law student who was about to take the dreaded bar exam. What happened? After the session with Erickson…

The Law Student Totally Forgot About The Bar Exam…

Until He Received His Pass Certificate In The Post A

Few Weeks After Taking the Dreaded Exam

What to do with your own heart when you are meeting someone for the first time and telling them a transformational story (doing this “hidden” thing with your heart will cause the person you are interacting with to unconsciously “tune into” and accept you and your transformational message).

The common, everyday item to hold in your hand as you tell your transformational story that engenders instant trust and authority in you as a likeable, credible and competent human (hey, if people don’t like or trust you the game is up before you even begin!).

The “wavelength of language” secret that opens up a person’s unconscious mind so it’s ready and will to take in all your hypnotic suggestions.

How to “stack” a transformational story in such a way that it loosens the different “mental locks” inside your subject’s mind.

This GB is combined with Igor’s Secret formula GB and donor for any of them have ratio free access.

Also, some bonus material will be uploaded shortly and separately.



Igor is the co-founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy and an internationally acclaimed Master Hypnotist & trainer, a NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, plus a certified success life coach. Igor has created over 90 hypnosis training products & seminars, and is the author of the best-selling, The Deep Trance Training Manual.


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Master Hypnotic Storyteller by Igor Ledochowski