Master Wong – Wing Chun Biu Jee


Master Wong – Wing Chun Biu Jee

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Wing Chun is widely recognised as one of the fastest fighting styles in the world.

it has a speed and a directness of action that is difficult to match.
Ideal for self defence, combat or simply as a hobby Wing Chun is both challenging and rewarding and can be practiced anywhere.
The third and final form of the Wing Chun system, Biu Jee emphasises finger strikes to the weak points of your opponent’s body to break down and finish off your opponent.
It is extremely dangerous not only to your opponent but yourself if you don’t understand it.

This DVD continues and develops the ideas introduced in the first two forms.
It also introduces elbow strikes, Chi Sao and close quarter and long range leg work.
It also makes full use of all the energy drills introduced on the first two DVD’s along with pad work and full, real time sparring.



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Master Wong – Wing Chun Biu Jee