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Robert Tennyson Stevens – Mastery Systems Life Coaching Foundation

 Mastery Systems Life Coaching Foundation by Robert Tennyson Stevens

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In this training you will discover the language (operating system) you have been using contained self-sabotage, and with simple and focused techniques of Mastery Systems Life Coaching, you can revise and reverse the limiting nature of your life and reshape it into your thriving life with ease and Grace.

Module 1 – The Creative Power of Language
Sessions 1-3

Ploughing up hidden Limiting Language Patterns Exercises

Recognizing and utilizing “Alignment Signals” for your New Choice Exercise.

Exercise to advance your skill in listening and hearing your Hear t’s Directing Voice.

Internal dialogue, what it is and how to stop it.

Knowing the difference between internal dialogue (the agreement with imperfection) and Conscious: Prayer, Decree, and Affirmation. Tune your frequency to become magnetic to your Heart’s top priority.

The error of “saying it right” vs. expressing with Love (encompass the duality of “right” and “wrong” language and speak from your Heart).

Know the instant self-sabotage is acting and what to do about it.

Move from reaction (less than love) into action (with love) in your thought, word and feelings.

Access your great “I AM” with simple, tactical Language maneuvers.

Have a system to check and verify your new choice by the confirmation of your tone, breath and body signals.

Realize repeating patterns are really just your own inherent strengths yet to be claimed.

Module 2 – Effective Imagineering
Sessions 4-6

Imagination plays a key role in removing the effort in replacing, revising, reversing and restoring our new choice. Imagineering is engineering through our Activated Conscious Imagination and along with Conscious Language™ produce stellar results in easily re-manifesting our life situations.

As simple and fun as this step appears, there are many facets to ensuring our creative success. You may remember the 3rd video in the series where Jeff masterfully utilized this tool.

What is True Imagination?- creating something new and outside your box. And what is just moving things around inside your box. This is a powerful distinction.

The Imagination Activation™ Sequence. Recognize where you are in consciousness, and how to apply the “aikido move” to transform it all.

Questions and segues for shifting to already having what you desire.

Body and breathe signals as confirmation of agreements from your sub-conscious self.

Outcome Mapping and Imagineering for success. Create the map of your world in a few simple steps.

Discover your power to manifest with ease.

Experience partnering with your Great Self Consciously. Activate the “Genie of your Genius.”

Maintain harmony as old limitations change while you are imagining from your outcome already achieved.

Module 3 – Graceful Transformation
Sessions 7-8

By applying Conscious LanguageTM and Imagination ActivationTM techniques, your world will begin to change. Your Old Self begins to meet Your New Self. Struggle meets Ease. Fear meets Faith. Lack meets plenty. Limitations meet opportunity. The old only gives way to the new when Love is present, when you are fully and completely present. You, in your True Identity are I AM.

How to engage a pattern of limitation, and find the true Seed of Light within it.

Prove to yourself “Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength”.

The power of making, keeping and recommitting to your own High Agreements.

Use The Five Actions for Engaging Current Consciousness, LOVE, TOUCH, BREATHE, STAY, AND FEEL in facilitation and make what seems to be catastrophic, inconsequential.

A very powerful set of skills, tools and techniques to reverse anything into what it is meant to be.

Changing your center of awareness from being the effect to being at Cause.

You will have the opportunity to Integrate Language, Thought and Feeling as a code you can successfully change at any time.

Awaken the difference between a short term resolution and a complete life transformation creating real change in your life that lasts.


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Mastery Systems Life Coaching Foundation by Robert Tennyson Stevens