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Mr. Podcaster,

Whether you already have a podcast and are trying to expand it, or you want to start one. Pay attention.

Everyone these days wants to launch a podcast.

They’ve heard it’s a terrific opportunity to network with bigger personalities in their business while also establishing an audience and generating money.

However, most individuals have no idea how to create a podcast, let alone make a full-time living from one.

We know this because there are still many old-school podcasters teaching out-of-date tactics and concepts that haven’t succeeded in seven years.

You’ve most likely heard phrases like.

If you remain consistent and continue to release high-quality episodes, your audience will expand and your podcast will be found.

To grow your following, you should share every episode of your podcast on ALL social media channels.

When you’re noticed, you’ll be able to acquire big-name guests, which will increase your download statistics dramatically.

You’ll also be able to monetize and acquire sponsorship for your podcast.

However, such obsolete publish and hope techniques no longer work since podcasting has developed over time.

There are faster and easier ways to achieve your first 100,000 downloads and earn a full-time income from your podcast without “grinding” for three years or more.

Consider it this way.

If there was a treasure map pointing to a large chest of gold coins at a specific address in the next state over, and you were driving there to claim the loot.

Would you rather rely on an old paper topographical map with out-of-date streets and roads that you’re not sure will get you there?

Or would you rather open your phone and use Google Maps to determine the quickest step-by-step path there in two seconds?

Using ancient podcasters’ obsolete publish and pray techniques is akin to using an old paper topographical map to find the gold box.

Utilizing Google Maps on your phone is similar to using our done-for-you systems, plug-and-play templates, checklists, and copy-and-paste communications.


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