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Here’s one thing I’ve noticed in my beta test group of Power Influencers…

Every single one of them said “Power Influence” kicked major ass.

And when I asked for how could it be improved, here’s the kind of responses I got back…

“Jason, I don’t think Power Influence can be improved BUT… there may be one thing you can do to make it easier, faster and more effective…”

As you can imagine, I was all ears.

And they shared with me an idea that rocked my world.

They said what would be cool is if there was what they called “formulas”, “templates” and “checklists” for specific situations or applications of Power Influence.

“Brilliant!” I thought. “I’m on it…”

Unfortunately, it took me a long time.

It was a ton of work, but here’s what I did:

I mapped out 60 of my most insanely powerful persuasion formulas…

And what I did was create an ultra-targeted

training program that does FIVE CRITICAL THINGS:

  1. 1
    It ensures every single time you use power influence will be a raging success…
  2. 2
    It accelerates your ability to master Power Influence – no more trial and error – you know what works…
  3. 3
    I’m told it makes it 5X easier to use influence and persuasion in your life – it becomes effortless to integrate into your life…
  4. 4
    It deals with the major influence and persuasion opportunities in every guy’s life – opportunities to 10-100X your game…
  5. 5
    And best of all, it creates that all-too-elusive unstoppable momentum as you move from one win to another…

I call this must-have add-on…

Have you ever gone into a deal or a negotiation knowing success was INEVITABLE?

A situation you would (no doubt) DOMINATE?

THAT’S what I call “mental dominance.”

Mental Dominance is like having 60 different influence and persuasion playbooks, so that no matter what the situation, you come out smelling like a proverbial rose.

Each one of these formulas takes full advantage of the 12 Agents of Influence you discover inside Power Influence…

… as well as many of the cognitive biases and thinking errors guys commonly fall prey to.

For instance:

  • One formula reveals “How to get anyone to do you a favor no matter what”…
  • Another template allows you to “Get anyone to say yes to your invitation”…
  • And yet another shows you “How to close lucrative, high-ticket consulting contracts”…

Plus 57 more…

As one of my Team Capital guys said…



Jason Capital, a high-income expert, and copywriter is one entrepreneur who knows about the online market better than most. Motivated by the want to live differently from how his parents did, Capital went into online business and became a millionaire by the age of 24 years old. He is the founder of High status.


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