Mew Hing – Iron palm level one


Mew Hing – Iron palm level one

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Master James Patrick Lacy Five Elder Monk Mew Hings 18 Daoist Palms Internal Iron Palm Coconut Break Level One Laying the Foundation This tape will give you historical background on this lineage of information.
Tips on how to learn by video as well as how to test for rank by video.
The following are a list of things you will learn on this first tape.
Iron Palm equipment gathering.
Learn the coconut break procedure and how to make your own dit da jow.
See the raw herbs that make up the formula.
Learn most of the Latin and Mandarin names that make up the traditional iron palm all-purpose dit da jow formula.
Striking procedure and material gathering.
Learn how to construct and use the roller bar to develop the unstoppable punch.
Learn how to make your own claw bag and techniques for it’s use.
Learn iron palm level #1 basics in English terminology.
Sixteen stances, ways to move in the stances and their use.
Learn Lacy’s standard terminology to help learn any information in his Panther series of instructional videos.
Closed, open trapping and windmill blocks broken down.
Learn punches, strikes, kicks, and leg maneuver techniques, as well as falling and breakfalling principles.
Learn iron palm level #1 basic grab and lock applications against grab and knife attacks.
Learn simple submission applications.
Iron Palm level #1 basics.
One thousand pound rooted horse and Mew Hing’s Golden Bell inner forearm iron body training.



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Mew Hing – Iron palm level one