Miguel Ibarra – Mastering Aiki-Jujutsu Vol.2


Miguel Ibarra – Mastering Aiki-Jujutsu Vol.2

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Learn the Japanese art of thorwing and joint locks.

In this outstanding video series Master Miguel Ibarra teaches you all the joint locks and throwing techniques of the Japanese art of Aikijujutsu and includes all requirements from White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt.

Yamabushi Jujutsu [Japanese close contact combat] is a Japanese Jujutsu based close contact combat system designed to neutralize an attacker quickly. The defender is taught to close the distance with the attacker so as to neutralize the attack whether it’s an armed or unarmed attack. Jujutsu is designed to be used by anyone; male, female, young adult or child and against any type of attacker regardless of height or weight. We utilize traditional techniques of pain compliance, leverage, bone locking and throws to control or disarm an attacker. The curriculum is made up of basic techniques that provide building blocks for more advanced forms of self-defense. The defender is taught to apply the techniques quickly with economy of motion and the appropriate level of control or force.

Aikijujutsu uses realistic training drills with and without weapons to train the individual in the basics of self-defense. Jujutsu for self-defense is not a sport as there are no rules on the street and so, when attacked, the defender must be ready to do whatever is necessary to overcome the threat and survive. The individual is taught to use his/her mind to harness his/her energy, fear and stress into a positive defensive action. The goal is to develop self-defense expertise as quickly as possible, while still offering the rewards of long term advanced study and advancement from beginner to Black Belt

Includes all requirements to black belt starring Master Miguel Ibarra.
** Seven titles to choose from.
Available only on DVD.
Volume 2: Fundamentals For White To Green Belt Approx.45 min.



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Miguel Ibarra – Mastering Aiki-Jujutsu Vol.2