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Irfan Ali Tappan Mike Mahler’s new DVD, “Aggressive Strength for the Mixed Martial Arts” is an exciting, valuable entry into the world of combat-oriented physical training.
Mike has gathered together a variety of bodyweight and kettlebell drills on this tape, most never seen before, that promise to increase any warrior’s strength, stamina, speed, focus, and intensity.
Mike begins the video by pointing out the problem with the training of most martial artists.
Rather than focus on functional fitness, they waste their time on bodybuilding-type routines, pumping up their muscles without really increasing their strength or stamina.
Now, I have met Mike on several occasions and he is nearly as big as any bodybuilder, yet his strength and stamina are miles beyond them.
Instead of spinning your wheels doing arm curls and pull downs, Mike’s instruction in this video gets you deep into sport-specific martial arts training.
The video starts off with some innovative, highly effective bodyweight drills.
Of the five drills offered, I have two favorites, the knee jump and the Mahler Body Blaster.
The Knee Jump takes you from resting on your knees to a flat-footed squat in the blink of an eye, building the explosive core power needed for close in fighting.
The Mahler Body Blaster is a take off on several military drills, such as the 8 count bodybuilder, burpees, and squat thrusts, that gets you rolling, pressing, jumping, and sprawling in a rhythmic series of movements.
This exercise builds up your stamina and your muscular endurance like nothing else and can be done in a small space with no equipment.
If you can pull off 25 in a row, you are a stud.
The remainder of the video focuses around kettlebell drills.
Kettlebells are Russian strength tools that look like cannonballs with a handle on them.
They are great for both strength training and stamina training, and especially lend themselves to the needs of martial artists who must move forcefully in many different positions.
While the optimum use of this program requires two kettlebells, it can be used very well with one kettlebell, dumbbells, or homemade kettlebells, though you will need to leave out or modify some of the exercises.
In any case, this video is worth the price even if only for the bodyweight exercises.
Mike offers up over 25 kettlebells drills here, so instead of going into all of them, let us look at the principles he teaches.
One set of drills works on open palm manipulation of the bells.
These exercises will increase your palm strength, teach you how to absorb shock in combat, and can work your heart and lungs at higher reps.
When you are doing an Open Palm Clean, for example, you are also forced to have extreme focus and clarity, which teaches you body awareness and awareness of your opponent.
Next, Mike gives the viewer some full body kettlebell moves.
The two most intriguing are the Full Body Attack and Full Body Defense movements.
These both involve pressing, cleaning, squatting, and sprawling with a kettlebell in each hand.
They replicate the strength, endurance, and explosive movements required by anyone engaged in combat.
Start working up to higher numbers in these movements and you will feel the energy drain of finding yourself in a fight gone bad or facing multiple attackers.
For take down power, Mike offers another batch of drills that will increase your penetrating force when engaging with the enemy.
Explosive kettlebell lunges and kettlebell duck walks do a number on your legs and lungs.
You will notice a direct carryover to your martial arts training on these and the other take down exercises.
The tape wraps up with three final sections that train you from the guard position on your back, another that trains your grip strength, and the last section in which your shoulder endurance is increased for better maintaining fighting stances and delivering continuous blows.
The video is a high-quality production, explains each movement clearly, and Mike presents the material with a focused, yet fun approach.
It is a fantastic addition to the training library of any martial artist and, along with similar strength and fitness regimes, ought to form the core of any fighter’s training.



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