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Mike Palladino Killer Turtle Attack

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Mike Palladino – Killer Turtle Attacks: Discover The Simplest Ways To Submit your Opponent When You Are In The Turtle Position

There’s nothing worse than being in a spot where you have the perfect opportunity to start dominating or to grab a submission BUT have no clue what to do. You ever felt that way? We all have.

A lot of people are not experts when it comes to the Turtle Position. It’s logical, the Turtle position is not played as much as guard or guard passing–where most people spend much of their time. That’s why there is a BIG pay off if you get good here.

Turtle is often a transition position. And often times transition positions are neglected. But now the turtle is going to be a position you will dominate. It’s going to be a position where your opponents will think to themselves “Oh sh*t” if you end up on top of them in turtle.

Volume #1:

00:00 intro

02:34 who this DVD is for

03:32 standing entrances to turtle

04:37 grounded entrances to turtle

05:25 triple Threat

06:59 palm to palm arm in guillotine

09:02 high elbow guillotine

10:52 darce

12:40 anaconda

15:40 2 peruvian necktie variations

18:55 japanese necktie

21:54 crucifix entrances from side ride

23:52 crucifix rollover & crucifix pull

26:25 crucifix pull back

27:11 arm bar from crucifix

30:06 x-arm bar from crucifix

31:05 bicep slicer from crucifix

Volume #2:

00:00 short choke from crucifix

02:15 pry bar choke

03:47 rear naked choke from crucifix

04:50 2 guillotines from crucifix

08:43 reverse omoplata from crucifix

11:28 cattle catch neck crank

13:19 knee torque back take

15:43 roll through back take

16:57 kickstart back take

19:05 truck entrance

21:47 truck roll

23:13 calf slicer from truck

25:36 banana split from truck

27:28 2 on 1 kimura from truck

29:35 twister from truck

33:20 back take from truck


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Mike Palladino Killer Turtle Attack