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New 12-Week Live Video and Audio Training Starts
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
What You’ll Discover in These 12 Weeks

Module 1: Qigong Perspective: Understanding Our Emotional Body & the Role of the Organs & the Seasons
(November 10)

We will study the role of the emotional body in our health, joy and wellness from a Wisdom Healing Qigong perspective and Western medicine approach. We will explore the role of the seasons in our organ health through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As this course focuses deeply on two organ systems — the lungs and the kidneys — our exploration will include how stories from our past, including events of illness, disappointment and tragedy can transform our energy body and limit our ability to heal and be happy or creative.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn about the ancient energy system of Wisdom Healing Qigong.
Discover the important role of emotions in the health and wellness of the five organ systems and the brain.
Learn how sacred healing sounds support the lung and kidney systems and the benefit of transforming negative emotions into healthy emotions.
Review the relationship of the five organ systems and seasons in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Learn the elements of a beneficial Qigong Practice: movement, meditation, sound and visualization.
Discover the steps for starting a 100-Day Gong and tips for creating a dedicated practice for best results.
Module 2: Awakening Self-compassion (November 17)

This session begins the first half of the course when we focus on deeper sound healing and practices for the lungs and the fall. This week’s teachings and practice allow us to cultivate sympathy, self-compassion, and release sorrow for the self. The lungs feel our self-criticism on both a physical and energetic level. The winter months make this even more evident because we spend more time indoors and isolated by ourselves during the long nights.

Our bodies start to slow down much like animals hibernate. The respiratory system, from lungs to skin, gets sluggish, and congestion develops. During this time, our brain isn’t hibernating, instead our thoughts can lean into self-criticism.

But we can change how we talk to ourselves and to our bodies and we can build up our internal Qi to renew our health. For those who are self-critical, because they experience sadness, loss or depression, Qigong sounds can transform tears and sorrow into compassion.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the movements of Chen Chi for building internal Qi.
Practice the sounds for the lungs with the intention of cultivating deeper compassion for self as well as health for the late fall.
Explore the steps to inviting a more restful sleep through a Deeper Sleep Meditation.
Learn ways to quiet critical self-talk and invite kind compassion for ourselves to emerge.
Start your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.

Module 3: Cultivating Compassion for Family & Self During the Holidays
(November 24)

Many of us are excited about the holidays and the chance to be with family and community, for others these times can be stressful and draining as they can be reminders of our loved ones who have passed.

The lungs are very susceptible to this season and its stressors. Master Gu will explore the joy and compassion each of us can cultivate before and during family gatherings for ourselves and for each member, so that our holidays can be healthy and transformative.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the movement of Lachi that allows you to feel and direct Qi to the lungs and any part of the body that needs healing.
Deepen exploration of the voice and tone of the lung sounds to help transform stress into joy during the holiday seasons.
Learn practices to cultivate compassion with family and friends.
Explore the Six Golden Keys teachings, starting with Haola.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.
Module 4: Extending Peace for All Life to Heal the Planet (December 1)

In this session, the compassion that has been cultivated for self and family will now be extended to the Earth. A healthy, balanced respiratory system has the resilience to breathe out to the world, without feeling overwhelmed.

Through these Qigong teachings, we can be a part of a growing people worldwide who are setting intentions in their meditations and daily living for shifting the consciousness of the Earth into states of peace and compassion. Master Gu will also lead a meditation for world peace that each student can include in their practice.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn about the role of intention and helping others, while practicing lung sound healing.
Learn the movement of Fachi that allows you to feel and direct Qi to others.
Explore the benefits to humanity of setting our intentions for world peace through dedicated practice.
Practice setting The Chi Field for the World Blessing Meditation.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.

Module 5: Deep Knowing & Resolve: What is Your Purpose? (December 8)

In this session, Master Gu will explore the path into deep knowing and setting our intentions to align with deep resolve. Winter is the natural season for getting quiet and gaining clarity and compassion, allowing us to wholly claim health, happiness and harmony.

Through this week’s teachings and daily practices, we can move forward from deep knowing to cultivate the profound resolve required to heal ourselves and our world.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the Inner Smile Teaching, and discover the healing benefits of living from your center and strengthening fortitude for resilience for this season and the seasons ahead.
Learn the practice Standing Meditation: Three Centers Merging.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.
Module 6: Resilience & Resolution for Your Health & the New Year (December 15)

In this session, we will cultivate further inner resilience in our lungs and our whole body, mind and heart to promote vitality and purposeful living for self, community and the world.

Each of us holds great wisdom, yet sometimes challenges in our mental, physical or emotional wellbeing can weaken our resilience. We will also explore the role of the Gong or daily practice in returning us to home in the heart, mind and body, renewing our connection with deep knowing and resolve.

In this module, you’ll:

Understand how to practice Chen Chi and lung sounds for deeper resilience through health and life challenges.
Learn how to recognize deep knowing and resolve on all the energy levels of heart, mind and body.
Set your intentions at the midway point in the course to continue your 100-Day Gong of Sound Healing for self, community and world.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.
Module 7: Making Friends with Yourself
(January 5)

In this session we will explore the sounds for a healthier kidney and reproductive system in the winter. The challenges of modern life pull our minds in many directions. If our health is challenged by chronic or acute illness or aging, the kidney energy gets further depleted. Qigong helps us make friends with our kidney and reproductive system. Specific sounds, movement and meditations release the stress and cultivate kindness for our body, mind and heart, so we can begin the process of healing.

The kidney system includes the kidneys, bladder, adrenal gland, ovaries, prostate and testicles; and governs the reproductive, glandular, bone marrow and cellular systems. Other body parts include the ears, teeth bones and stem cells.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the movement of Spinal Bone Marrow for spine strength, resilience and posture and for the flow of internal energy.
Learn the kidney sounds for kindness to self.
Explore the role of all the Preliminary Practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong for internal energy flow.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.

Module 8: Melting Frozen Energy into Abundant Freedom (January 12)

In this session, we will further explore how stress contracts the flow of Qi in the kidney, causing us to experience excessive hatred and shock. Kidney energy is just like water, which is the element of winter — when it is healthy it is flowing, when it is contracted it is frozen.

Master Gu will share sounds that can help kidney energy flow freely again, which can transform a negative experience (that makes us pull back, get angry, and retreat to our old stories) into a gentle openness to new thinking and creativity. When our kidney energy is flowing, we can release the stickiness of old stories and fears that are wearing at our immune system.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the movement of Dragon Arms for relaxing the mind, releasing thinking, and transforming energy.
Practice the Kidney Sounds for abundance.
Learn the three A’s for deeper practice and results.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.
Module 9: Transforming Fear & Fright
into Vitality (January 19)

In Session 9, we explore neutralizing ours fears so they don’t weaken the kidney system. Modern times tend to heighten the sense of fear, not only because we are afraid about our own health or life condition, but also because we share in others’ fears.

In the winter season, we can experience fear even more deeply because our physical activity slows, but our to-do list usually does not. When our kidney energy is frozen, we experience fear. Through Qigong, we transform fear into mindful alertness, using chanting sounds that enable us to act rather than react.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the movement of Hip Rotation for the kidneys for neutralizing fear and awakening the spine.
Explore the deeper essential role of kidney sounds for awakening new vitality.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.

Module 10: Awakening Creativity & Empowering the Flow of Life
(January 26)

In Session 10, we learn the steps to awaken creativity to empower the flow of life. This session will prepare us for the January 31st workshop (which will be livestreamed and recorded for later viewing) on the preliminary Wisdom Healing Qigong practices that focus on internal energy.

In this module, you’ll:

Practice the Spinal Bone Marrow and Hip Rotation of the Preliminary Practices.
Explore the role of postural alignment and awareness of the body for releasing blocked emotions and balancing the energy of the body.
Preparations for a deeper experience of the whole-day weekend workshop: More Energy, More Vitality.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.
Module 11: Refreshing Your Practice
with Resilience (February 2)

In Session 11, we will explore the role of will power and mindful determination in caring for our emotional health and physical wellbeing and see how this practice can help renew our resilience in all the seasons of the year. A deep knowing that will continue to flow with healthy lungs, combined with the deep determination of healthy kidneys, lets us live our purpose everyday anew.

In this module, you’ll:

Practice Crane’s Neck and Bending Spine for spinal strength and resilience and to open the free flow of Qi energy throughout the body.
Explore the Six Golden Keys teachings of Trust and Belief to give yourself permission and confidence to participate in the recovery of your own health and healing through more effective practice.
Practice the kidney sounds for commitment.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation.

Module 12: Connecting Mind, Body & Heart for a More Bountiful Spring (February 9)

In this final session, we’ll discover how to realize the full potential of our DNA. The new health and flow of energy of the lungs and kidneys can now help shape a more bountiful spring. We will learn the sounds to nourish the brain, and bring the mind, body and heart together.

In this module, you’ll:

Practice the Awakening the Jing Practice for connecting mind and body
Explore the five organ sounds and the seasons for manifesting a more bountiful year ahead.
Explore the Six Golden Keys teachings of Diligent Practice for releasing the linear mind and exploring the energetic experience.
Continue your home practice with sound, movement and meditation…


With his joyous and skillful Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings, internationally respected Master Mingtong Gu brings ancient wisdom to the west to improve health and happiness in modern times. His teachings empower people of all ages and with chronic or acute health conditions, to discover more joy, health and vitality of mind, body and heart through a dedicated practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. As founder of The Chi Center and author of numerous books, including Empowered Healing, he leads workshops, retreats, online courses and professional certification programs worldwide. Born and raised in China, Master Gu trained with Grandmasters in Tibet and China and was awarded Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Qigong Congress.


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