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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Sessions
In this 7-module online training, Mirabai will guide you through the fundamental spiritual insights and skills that you’ll need to successfully open to the profound healing power of the divine feminine – and to see your life and the world from a place of greater wholeness and heart.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to cultivate more love, healing and transformative power in your life.

Module 1: Revisioning the Christian Story to Include the Feminine Christ

We begin our journey by going to the roots of many of the distortions in our Judeo-Christian heritage, revealing why some of the distortions were created, and healing what has been broken. Mirabai will take us into the heart of one of the great Christian mystics, Julian of Norwich, who reveals a vision of Christ as the Mother – leading to a whole new mythology that puts a primacy on sacred balance, reverence and incarnation, rather than an afterlife. You’ll:

Understand incarnation of the sacred as a living experience of the feminine, which Judaism calls the Shekinah
Receive a new vision of the Trinity that includes the feminine – opening space to see the divine feminine within you
See Mother Mary with wholly new eyes – not meek and mild – but brave and bold, especially with a radically new understanding of her Annunciation
Discover some of the most important female mystics in Christianity, and learn how these fearless women mystics were able to overcome their persecution and experience a direct communion with God
Explore how the modern Christian tradition is rebalancing itself to incorporate a more feminine theology
Restore wholeness in our religious family – bringing back a spirit of family and unification between Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Revision “Her Story” to make it “our story” for both women and men
Module 2: Repairing of the World in a Feminine Way by Walking the Path of Tikkun Olam

There is a beautiful concept in Judaism of Tikkun Olam, which means that part of our spiritual path is to respond to the brokenness of the world. The more traditional masculine approach to a problem is to “fix” the world, whereas the feminine response to brokenness is to be fully, compassionately present, which restores the bonds of love and connection. The path of the feminine Christ includes this depth of presence in every act of loving kindness, and through the expression of social justice – not as a protest movement, but as a compelling force of kindness.


Explore the power of turning every act into one of loving kindness based in social justice
See the path of healing our world through new eyes by learning to hold the space for wholeness, and being lovingly present with what is broken
Reclaim the potent energy of the spiritual Warrioress in justice and service to the world
Discover an embodied response to suffering by exploring the broken-open heart of Tara, and embracing the Tibetan Boddhisattva of Compassion
Understand the deep relationship between Judaism and Christianity in a new way through the lens of Tikkun Olam

Module 3: Reclaiming our Heritage by Sitting at the Feet of the Grandmothers

The most ancient way of transmitting wisdom from generation to generation has been to sit at the feet of our grandmothers and receive the wisdom of the ancestors. With the lack of appreciation of female mystics of Christ, we have largely lost the lineage of feminine transmission in the West. In this module, we will go into the heart of our Abrahamic lineages and discover the radiant, powerful, amazing examples of the feminine Christ that serve as exemplars for how we can live now. They are women who have walked before us to show us the way – beautiful models of living a fearless, embodied, contemplative life in service to the world.


Become intimate with Biblical figures in a new way, such as Mary, Miriam and Sarah
Discover the extraordinary wisdom of women mystics, including Hildegard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux
Learn about the divine feminine through Fatimah, the daughter of the prophet Mohammed – offering you surprising insights into the feminine within Islam
Become empowered by the teachings of enlightened women to fearlessly speak the truth of the heart
Reconnect with the feminine lineage in the West, weaving this essential and ancient wisdom into the tapestry of your spiritual life
Module 4: Releasing Shame Through an Unconditionally Loving God

One of the most negative inheritances that has come from a patriarchal vision of Christ is the creation of shame for our very existence (original sin), sexuality and loving relationships. When we integrate the Feminine Face of God, the deeper truth is that God is unconditionally loving and that there is no wrathful judgement – except that which we project onto God. This module will offer a profound opportunity to heal and release this religious shame.


Release religiously-sourced shame by understanding its roots and perceiving the reality of an unconditionally-loving God through the eyes of female mystics
Open to loving yourself unconditionally, just as you are – and extend that quality to all those you encounter
Practice the power of self-forgiveness, and recognize that you are already forgiven for any perceived transgressions by the Holy One, who has already forgiven them
Step into your true radiant self by dissolving your identification with the false self (which is actually built from judgements)
See the mystical separation of masculine and feminine as a longing for the sacred to bring the severed masculine and feminine back into union
Restore the sacred valuing of the feminine within yourself – whether you are a man or woman

Module 5: Reunifying the Exiled Lover and Beloved

The path of the feminine Christ gives us a different way to relate to God. While many mystics emphasize our union with God, there is something uniquely powerful and motivating about the longing that comes from separation into Lover and Beloved. This relational longing is at the core of the path of the feminine Christ. Mirabai will help the “exiled lover” in you find her way back into ecstatic reunion with the Beloved so that the polarities of human and God, woman and man, earth and sky become a dance of celebration rather than exiled separation. You’ll understand how the severed connection creates disharmony and the restored bond creates new possibilities for love and wholeness. Major losses can become a doorway into the restored bond and so we’ll also look at the practices to transform grief.


Understand spiritual longing and the connection between personal loss and the longing for God/union with the Divine
Receive a more spiritual and practical understanding of how to deal with grief and loss, using them as a catalyst for your spiritual opening
Finally understand that having a broken heart is not a problem: it’s a source of transformation.
Study the Song of Songs from Hebrew scriptures to receive a new understanding of the role of longing in the Abrahamic faiths
Explore the Dark Night of Soul and mystical imagery of the secret rendezvous between lover and beloved in the garden, a fairly universal theme of world mystical traditions.
Understand the practice of Shabbat/Sabbath in a new way, as a time of rest to be infused with the Shekhinah, come home to the earth and allow the connection with God as Beloved to awaken in you
Practice reconnecting with the divine presence
Module 6: Reclaiming Our Wildness Through Our Creativity

The Divine Feminine is often depicted as far too pristine and sanitized, which suppresses our natural freedom and creativity. In this class, we’ll reconnect with the unbridled, untamed, unbounded aspects of the sacred Feminine. We’ll learn to roar and sizzle again as an expression of the feminine Christ within us. We’ll celebrate going outside of rules and regulations and beyond the confines of the society to rekindle our wild feminine fires.


Emerge with more freedom and respect for the undomesticated parts of your being
Expand your vision of what the sacred feminine truly us
Ignite dormant fires of creativity and passion
Make a renewed commitment to your creative life, regardless of your existing responsibilities
Access the wilder parts of you, which brings you more vitality, joy, and freedom
Remember how to revel in Nature and restore a deep relationship with the natural world

Module 7: Re-engaging Service from Abundance

While you likely share the spirit of service to the world that animates the path of all the great women mystics, you may feel too depleted to really serve with joy. This is very common. The secret that we’ll explore in this module, especially led by the great female mystical teachers, is how to serve others from an overflowing cup by balancing deep contemplation and replenishment of our souls with profound acts of love to the world. This turns service into a sacrament where we are tasting the Beloved in all we see and do rather than becoming hollow husks of human beings. The path of the feminine Christ invariably leads to ministering to the wounds of the world in some way and it takes a strong spiritual practice and reservoir to truly serve from joy and abundance. In this module, you’ll get the foundational understandings and practices that empower you to do so:

Learn to balance action and contemplation moment by moment and week by week, especially incorporating times of Sabbath
Discover contemplative practices of solitude and stillness that help to tend the inner garden
Discern when we are giving service out of obligation or duty rather than love and abundance
Become fully ok with setting boundaries to take the time you need to restore and recharge
Move beyond the grind of guilt; it is not your responsibility to fix the whole world and it is not burning down
Access the natural outflow of compassion and energy that comes from tending your inner life.
Understand Krishna’s advice to do our duty without attachment to the fruits of our action.
Avoid the trap of angry activist, who burns herself and others out
Tap into abundant energy that you can share with the world
See the Sabbath/Shabbat as both a contemplative practice and political act and build times of restoration into your life, lightening your footprint on the Earth

The Feminine Christ Bonus Collection
In addition to Mirabai’s transformative 7-session online training, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with some of the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course – and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Islam and Poetry
Dialogue with Mona Haydar

In this special session, Mirabai will be joined by Muslim slam poet Mona Haydar, who will share some of her powerful poetry along with teachings from the essence of Islam.

Mona is a poet, performer, artist and activist currently living and working at The Lama Foundation in Northern New Mexico. She’s passionate about words, both written and spoken, saying “The good word is like a good tree…like humanity – with our feet firmly rooted in Earth while our spirits and minds float about somewhere above us into the heavens. It’s vertical. A good word connects us to our Creator, most Merciful.”

Embodied Spirituality: the Incarnation of the Divine Feminine
Dialogue with Alane K. Daugherty Ph.D.

Join Mirabai and Dr. Daugherty as they discuss the intersection of science and the Divine. As embodied beings, our science shows us that everything we receive, perceive and experience is filtered through our human body, and cultivates our capabilities for more of the same; the deeper the experience the greater the transformation. Many of the women mystics, specifically in regard to characteristics of the divine feminine, teach us that truly embodying this way of being is deeply experiential; that where we intersect with God, or meet the Christ within is an incarnate experience – a felt sense of communion with the divine or another being.

Dr. Daugherty is a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator. Her work focuses on teaching people how to transform chaotic and limiting emotional patterns to ones that are self affirming, life enhancing, and truly transformative. Her work is grounded in the science and practice of emotional transformation. She is the author of “The Power Within: From Neuroscience to Transformation” (Kendall Hunt), “Reclaim Your Life!: the art and science of personal transformation” (Balboa Press).

Living Love Mystically and Apostolically – Beguine Mysticism
Dialogue with Sister Greta Ronningen

In this bonus session, Mirabai will be joined by Sister Greta Ronningen to discuss what the teachings of Christ could look like through the lens of Beguine Mysticism. The Beguines were a 13th century movement by and for women which existed for eight hundred years. They wrote Love Mysticism exhorting one another to participate in the divine nature not only in self-emptying contemplation but through self-giving love by engaging with the suffering of the poor and sick.

Sr. Greta Ronningen, CDL, MA is a founding member of the Community of Divine Love, an Episcopal monastic order in San Gabriel, CA. Sr. Greta serves as a chaplain in the Los Angeles County Jails and she is also implementing a 3-year spiritual formation program that she developed for the young women at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall called The Good Seed Project.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Formation from Claremont School of Theology…


Author of critically acclaimed new translations of the Spanish mystics and reflections on the unifying teachings at the heart of all spiritual paths, Mirabai Starr uses fresh, lyrical language to help make timeless wisdom accessible to a contemporary circle of seekers. Her books include The Showings: Julian of Norwich,Passionate Mystic: Teresa of Avila and GOD OF LOVE: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the winner of the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award.

Daughter of the counter-culture, Mirabai was born in New York in 1961 to secular Jewish parents who rejected the patriarchy of institutionalized religion. Intellectual artists and social justice activists, they were active in the anti-war protest movement of the Vietnam era.


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