Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes – Stephan Kesting


Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes – Stephan Kesting

Salepage : Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes – Stephan Kesting

Archive : Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes – Stephan Kesting

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Volume 1: Fundamentals, Grips, and Solo Drills

Introduction to Berimbolo and Crab Ride

It has been proven over and again that if individuals comprehend what they are learning, they will learn it much faster! That’s why we begin Volume 1 with an introduction to the ideas and principals we’ll be employing often, as well as the overall goals of the current inverted style of jiu-jitsu.

Introduction to Posture, Structure, and Basis

Berimbolo: An Introduction

An Overview of the Crab Ride

This Instructional’s Goals

Grips for Berimbolo and Crab Ride

Before you can use any technique, you must first gain control of your opponent. This part will teach you how to obtain and retain your grips so that you can control your opponent regardless of how he tries to escape.

Grips with a High Berimbolo Content

Crab Ride Grips with a High Percentage

Drills for solo inversion and rolling

Then you’ll learn how to keep safe when upside down. You’ll also receive 7 crucial solo exercises that you can practice on your own to make learning Modern Jiu-Jitsu techniques more easier and faster!

Recognizing the Inversion

Shoulder Roll in the Backward Direction

Rolling Pancakes

Roll the Compass

Tornado Rolls in Half and Full

Movement Flow of Drilling

Inversion Tornado on the Wall

On the wall, perform an inverted shoulder roll.

Berimbolo Entries, Controls, and Finishes, Volume 2

Entries for Berimbolo

The berimbolo is one of the most effective methods of taking the back in all of jiu-jitsu. Instead of straining to sweep your opponent and then battling your way past his guard, utilize the berimbolo to ‘teleport’ immediately onto his back. This part will teach you the most effective techniques to nail the berimbolo against a fully resistive opponent.

Guard Entry with Two Seats

Berimbolo with Across-the-Chest Leg

Collar for DLR Spinning Entry

Elevation of the Classic Belt Grip

Active Posting vs. Classic Belt Grip Elevation to Corolla

Combat Base vs. Entry Point

Shine Behind the Knee

Bolo Worm

No Gi Berimbolo

Berimbolo Accents

An intelligent opponent will continue try to protect themselves once you’ve entered the berimbolo. You’ll learn how to complete the berimbolo regardless of what he does to fight your onslaught in order to keep you on the offensive!

The Fundamental Berimbolo Backtake

Backtake Shin Behind Knee

Backtake Leg Weave Control

Backtake with Twister Hook

Backtake with a Wedge Hook

Crab Ride Transition

Volume 3: Crab Rides, Back Control, and Partner Drills

Controls for the Crab Ride

One of the most crucial new positions in modern BJJ is the crab ride. These crab ride control positions allow you to go behind and stay behind your opponent for as long as you desire, putting him in danger of being taken back.

What exactly is the Crab Ride?

The X Command

The Scissor Wedge is a kind of wedge.

Twister Hooks

The Joystick and Wedge Hook

Entries for the Crab Ride

This part will teach you how to join the crab ride from the top, bottom, and even in leglock battles, so your opponent is never safe again. All entries are taught in a step-by-step fashion, making them simple to understand and apply!

The Leg Drag Rolling Entry

Berimbolo Admission to the Crab Ride

X Guard makes an appearance.

RDLR’s Kiss of the Dragon entry

Deep Half Guard Entry

Inverted Opponent vs. Entry

Entry is based on a 50/50 split.

No Gi Crab Ride

Outside vs. Inside Ashi

Position 411 vs. Entry

Attacks from the back position

Too many folks go to the back just to forfeit their place right away. In this part, you’ll discover cutting-edge control details that will keep you on his back for as long as you desire, as well as the greatest % submissions that will allow you to submit much bigger and stronger opponents.

Back Attack Ideas

Back Position Retention and Maintenance

Back Finishes That Are Most Common

Chokes on the Lapels in Transition

Transitional Head and Arm Choke

In Transition, Reverse Ezekiel Choke

Adjusting the Rear Naked Choke

Drills with Partners

If you have solid exercises for your skills, acquiring the repetitions to make your motions fluid and intuitive should be no issue. Matt Kwan reveals his favorite berimbolo and crab ride partner drills that make training fun in this section.

Drilling Crab Ride & Berimbolo

Leg Drag to Crab Ride

From the Crab Ride to the Scissor Wedge

The Crab Ride to the Twister Hook

Drill for Crab Ride Flow

Drill for DLR Distance Management

Elevation Drill and DLR Sit Up

Drill with a Dominant Angle

Shotgun Inversion Drill DLR

Drill for Reversing a Truck

Transitions, Defenses, and Rolling Backtakes, Volume 4

The Berimbolo & Crab Ride has come to an end.

This part will teach you advanced finishes for both the berimbolo and the crab ride, as well as forceful transitions between the two positions. You’ll also learn how to finish your opponent in mid-move with unexpected submissions before you even secure the back position.

Finishing the Berimbolo Against a Powerful Basing Opponent

Recovering after the Crab Ride

Transition from Crab Ride to Leg Drag

Transition from Berimbolo to Side Control

Transition from Berimbolo to Mount or Folding Pass

Berimbolo vs. Ashi Garami Leglock Position

Elbow Lever Defense & Cooperation


My name is Stephan Kesting and I operate and Beginning Through my DVDs, articles and newsletters, I have helped tens of thousands of grapplers all over the world improve their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling skills.

Grappling is my passion, and I want to help it become yours too. Whether your goal is to compete, challenge yourself, improve your fitness level, lose weight, or acquire some serious self defense skills I truly think that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has a lot to offer you. I’m not kidding when I call it the most sophisticated martial art in the world


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Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Berimbolos, Crab Rides and Rolling Backtakes – Stephan Kesting