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Momentum Masterclass 2019 by Alex Charfen

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Ready To Make The Greatest Contributions In The World, In Your Relationships, And In Your Business?

Here’s everything you’ll get in the Momentum Masterclass.

Here’s a few promises I’ll make to you right now…

– The Momentum Masterclass will help you see how to get more done every day.. while reducing overwhelm, offload where you’re uncomfortable, and empowers you to make your greatest contributions in life, your health, your business, and your relationships. 

– You will learn how to get into momentum (even if you’ve been in momentum before and feel like you’ve lost it), while getting crystal clear on your long-term goals, and building an actionable path to take you from where you’re at right now to your ultimate end-goal. 

– You will have the tools to completely customize the Momentum Masterclass to your unique strengths. I’ve tried a lot of programs and performed exhaustive research, and I know that a one-size-fits-all program just doesn’t work for people like us. 

– I will give you the systems, processes, and strategies that have been proven successful by countless entrepreneurs who have come before you to make forward progress in every area of your life without having any other area suffer and fall apart. 

– You will have the same planning system I use to track my progress and measure my success so you effectively reduce the pressure and noise in your life and become more productive than you may believe is possible right now. 

– The clear direction and guidance you need to become a transformational leader, more aware, more present, and more focused, so you can set priorities, grow your business, manage your life, and take care of yourself without feeling overwhelmed

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of each module inside of the Momentum Masterclass.

Module #1 – How To Reawaken Your Natural Thirst 

Module #2 – Why We Don’t “Fit In” — And Why That’s Great For Us 

Module #3 – How To Make Your Business Congruent With Your Vision 

Module #4 – Pressure & Noise — The Personal Momentum Killer 

Module #5 – Create Confidence, Clarity, And Effortless Commitment 

Module #6 – Forward Planning For True Momentum 

Module #7 – The Momentum Planner For People Like Us 

Module #8 – Hit The Ground Running 

Module #9 – How To Build Momentum In Your Sleep 

Module #10 – Track, Compare, Improve 

Module #11 – The New View On Meditation 

Module #12 – Your Primal Foot 

Module #13 – Primal Foot Tactical Flexibility And Feet Training 

Module #14 – Our Nutritional Evolution & Elimination 

Module #15 – Unique, Specific Nutrition Optimization 

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Momentum Masterclass 2019 by Alex Charfen