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New 12-Week Live Video Training Starts
Thursday, August 20, 2020

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Weeks
In this 12-week transformational intensive, Mona will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills and competencies you’ll need to read the energy within and around you at the deepest levels and cultivate your medical intuition.

Module 1: The Foundations of Quantum Energy (August 20)

Everything is energy — and YOUR inner quantum energy is the same energy that sustains all living things.

In this opening class, Mona will share how you can read energy, including how (and why) to filter what you’re hearing.

Understanding the foundations of quantum energy will make everything you learn on this journey powerful and applicable. Knowledge truly is power, so this module will teach you to understand HOW these profound tools can guide you to the next level.

As you’ll explore, energy medicine practices clear and balance your physical and spiritual immune systems and are powerful tools for opening to the natural, health-promoting flow of beneficial energy — even effecting deep change at a cellular level.

In this module, you’ll discover:

Why the most important healing is the connection of feeling vibration
The answer to the question, does energy ever die?
More about your individuality and who you really are
Actions you can take within yourself that can have a positive global impact
How energy works when you combine your desires and thoughts
How to deepen your manifesting skills

Module 2: Listening Through the Heart With Sound Communication (August 27)

This week, Mona will guide you to recognize the universal connection you’re a part of — and why, through sound communication, you have your own connection to how the universe speaks.

As you sharpen your sound communication skills, you’ll learn to adjust your antenna to your world, resulting in a deeper sense of connection to the language of the universe.

You’ll also explore your vital tone — one of the greatest gifts everyone is born with. You’ll experience how your vital tone changes as your soul develops into what you want it to be… and as you become more at peace with who you are.

Sound is so much more than what you recognize with your ears. Sound is a vibration that happens in your thoughts, in your communication, and in how you interpret past memories.

Mona will guide you to explore how to understand the immense expansion of how sound works with your feelings and emotions — as you open up to more intuitive cognition.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn to listen through your heart
Discover how to let go of all conditional-based thinking — and pay attention to what you focus your energy on
Remain relaxed in the heart center so your body can listen better when it’s calm and present
Explore a toning exercise to track how different tones resonate in the body
Experience a guided listening meditation that gets you out of your head and into your heart

Module 3: Magnifying Your Intentions With Crystal Therapy (September 3)

Crystals hold the ability to receive, store, and transmit energy.

This week, Mona will share how to infuse your crystals with your own intentions.

When you imbue a crystal with an intention, you’ll seal it with a breath, trusting that your hands are running the energy of your intention through the crystal.

As you’ll discover, the crystals you work with are merely conduits to expand your intentions. It’s not the crystal that brings healing — it’s YOU.

In this class, Mona will guide you to explore:

The ways your body is a crystal, and how using crystals can magnify your intentions
How to program crystals and receive and read their energy
How to listen to the crystal within your body
Why YOU are the ultimate crystal, which is why you manifest
Discover how a crystal can offer a result when you properly direct it
The properties crystals hold — and why they’re such strong conduits for healing
An exercise to fully experience magnification

Module 4: Body Language — How the Nervous System Interprets Your Thoughts (September 10)

Your body was built for expression and comes equipped with its own language. Unfortunately, many people completely overlook this language.

This week, you’ll deepen into the study of body language, including the unconscious ways the human body physically expresses itself, revealing insecurities and other dynamics that can hold you back on your healing journey.

Mona will share ways you can become more balanced as you deepen your medical intuition, and you’ll explore:

Why the nervous system keeps taking over, causing unhealthy patterns to reoccur, such as anxiety, worry, and fear
How to recognize what the nervous system is interpreting
Ways to locate, then liberate, insecurities that live within your body’s pain
A powerful tool to connect with your body and discover the patterns that most need your attention
A lifelong key to healing old patterns — and a spiritual “release form” that the body will interpret as a natural change

Module 5: Empowering Yourself — Becoming Consciously Aware of Your Daily Choices (September 17)

Deep healing occurs when your spirit becomes consciously aware of your daily choices.

This week, Mona will share how your consciousness creates manifestation. You’ll explore how conscious awareness is where your power lives — and why it’s one of the keys to true spiritual transformation.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

Reflect on what’s coming up as you create it
Stay in the moment — and take in the powerful truth that there is no future or past
Make energy work FOR you as you leave the victim role behind
Receive a practice to align with your emotions
Truly understand the power to change your life

Module 6: Integration Week (October 1)

In an advanced course like this one, it’s essential to reflect on each new concept you’re learning or refining, so you can welcome it in as a new part of your life.

This week is the perfect time to revisit the tools, practices, and concepts that have spoken to you the most so far. You can rest up, reflect on what you’ve learned, and continue putting it all into action.

Module 7: Letting Go — The Art of Breathing’s Healing Benefits (October 8)

The art of breathing is central to your work with Mona throughout this course.

This week, you’ll explore how the very force of living is in your breath. For instance, you can discover details about the emotions you’re holding onto by noticing how shallow your breath is.

Proper breathing techniques and practices can change the cellular dynamic of your body — and cellular memory and the transformation of your cells depends on oxygen levels.

A properly oxygenated body produces new cells — and those new cells can help transform old dynamics you’ve been holding onto.

In this module, you’ll explore:

How oxygen changes cellular patterns
Ways to address subconscious elements of your breathing and body language
How patterns, including insecurities, can stay stuck in your breathing
A quantum healing exercise from within you — for letting go through the breath so you can listen better and read energy more skillfully
How to calm your body and rest — to start giving yourself time without pressure

Module 8: Name Reading & Deeper Sound Communication (October 15)

As Mona often says, everything is energy — and that means everything has a distinct vibration and sound frequency, including names.

This week, Mona will explain how every name carries a vibration just by being spoken.

Name reading and sound communication overlap in powerful ways. For instance, the way others speak your name can be absorbed and become the way you speak about yourself. And powerful changes and healing can happen simply by being aware of how you say your own name, then saying it differently.

In this class, you’ll discover:

The many ways a name can direct your life just by the vibration
How to pick up on a person’s entire vibration instantly through feeling and listening
The hidden meaning and energy in a person’s name
Methods for locating a pattern and developing a new relationship with your origins and ancestry
Mona’s powerful name-reading practice

Module 9: Manifesting Healing With Plant Medicine (October 22)

As you deepen your medical intuition, you can also apply your newfound skills to reading plants.

This week, Mona will share more about how to read the vibrations of the beings around you through the lens of plant medicine.

As you’ll discover, plants — what many call “God’s medicine” — are clean producers of life-force energy and trustworthy sources of healing wisdom. They can even help you diagnose and treat dis-ease — once you’ve mastered how to read them.

In this module, you’ll learn:

How to read the plant before you read the pill
Why many pharmaceuticals claim the same effects as healing herbs
Why there’s no such thing as a side effect with pure plant energy
Ways to read the plant through visualization and tuning in to its name — even when it isn’t present
How you can manifest the healing you’re seeking without fear or doubt
How to feel the experience manifest in your cells

Module 10: The Authentic Spirit & Freedom of Animal Medicine (October 29)

Animals are unique entities, complete with their own jobs to accomplish in this world.

This week, you’ll discover how animals take on the same heart vibrations as their human owners. When the human starts to cry or has a broken heart, the animal will come right over and start to heal them — it’s part of their job.

Other times, you’ll need to tell animals what their job is. Do you want them to make you happy? Make you laugh? Mona will explain how to communicate with them.

As you discover how to become your own animal healer, you’ll also learn how to read the energy of an animal without interpreting it through the lens of your own thoughts — and instead give the animal your full attention.

In this module, you’ll explore:

How to read the energetics of an animal and respect their free will
Ways to listen to your animals’ needs to help them heal
Techniques for uplifting the authentic spirit, play, and freedom of animals
A practice for choosing an animal to work with energetically
Heart coherence with your animals
How to talk to your pet without words and have them hear you
How to use the heart center to connect with animals who have passed away

Module 11: Reading Your Loved Ones on the Other Side (November 5)

You likely have loved ones on the other side trying to get your attention, right now, for many different reasons.

While reading those on the other side over the years, Mona has discovered that many loved ones want to support our growth and our happiness.

In this special week, Mona will explain how deceased loved ones don’t always cross over to the other side right away— and why they simply might not be ready.

You’ll learn to be unafraid when you’re reading the signs. Using the power of names, you can connect with loved ones’ vibrations on the other side.

You’ll discover how, by the time they’re gone, many people who’ve passed away don’t actually want to revisit the circumstances of their death, because there’s no pain at all on the other side.

You’ll also explore the powerful connection between your medical intuition and reading people’s energy — no matter which plane they’re on at the moment.

In this module, Mona will share:

How to read someone’s name without attachment to their physical body
Ways to connect with your loved ones who’ve passed away
A practice for connecting with a loved one who’s passed — and how to listen without attachment to the past
How you can let go of your agenda and surrender to the truth

Module 12: Reading Session & 2-Hour Q&A (November 12)

In your closing week, Mona will help you synthesize everything you’ve learned during your time together — and the many pieces of practical wisdom you’ve already begun implementing in your life.

Then she’ll conduct medical intuition readings for you and your fellow participants.

Feel free to share your health issues and concerns — and Mona will perform a medical intuition reading on the spot.

PLUS, you’ll get the Become Your Own Medical Intuitive Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

Sacred Language of the Human Body
Ebook by Mona Delfino

Bonus #2

How the Body Is Changing in the Age of Aquarius
Exclusive Video With Mona Delfino

Bonus #3

Your Body’s Language & the Causes of Illness
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Mona Delfino, author and energy medicine practitioner for 40 years, was born with shamanic abilities, learning her calling and helping humans and animals heal from an early age. Well versed in spirituality and quantum healing, Mona teaches the art of alchemy: as within, so without. She has an extensive background in reading her clients from afar as well as seeing them in person; energy has no bounds. Her work has helped heal thousands over the years.


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