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This is instructional video about clinch in muay thai.
It teach clinch step by step.
Here’s a more detailed description:Being able to enter, attack from, and escape theclinch are some of the most important skills a Muay Thaior MMA fighter needs to know.
Now let Muay Thai champion Malaipetshow you how to master the clinch!Chapters:Closing The Distance
Defense against a punch: Jab
Defense against a punch: HookDefense against a punch: Uppercut
Defense against a kneeDefense against a low kick
Defense against a mid kick
Defense against a high kick
Knee Attack while closingInto the Clinch
Offensive Head and Neck Control – Pull Down
Offensive Head and Neck Control – Knees
Offensive Head and Neck Control – Throw #1Offensive Head and Neck Control – Throw #2O
ffensive Head and Neck Control – Elbow
Head Neck Control Defense – Setup
Head Neck Control Defense – Throw
Head Neck Control Defense – Body Lock
Head Neck Control Defense – Clinch Escape to Knee Overhook/Underhook
Arm lock to KneeBreak Clinch to Elbow Push Head and Knee Shoulder Push Throw Knee Counter to Knee Attack
#1Knee Counter to Knee Attack
#2Both Arms Under Defense – Break Clinch Defense – Throw Defense – Shoots for Underhooks Attack – Elbow Lock and Knee Attack – Throw #1 and Defense Attack – Throw
#2Head Arm Lock Defense Knee Defense – Elbow Out Defense – Elbow trapped Attack – KneeAttack – ThrowAttack – Take the Back Pummeling
Swim to Elbow Swim to Throw TrainingBody Lock Defense – Mount Against Taller Opponents Knees Knee to Throw When Pulled Down Head Arm Lock Defense



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Muay Thai Academy – Clinch