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Namaste Yoga is an instructional yoga television series choreographed and narrated by yoga instructor and therapist Kate Potter. Namaste Yoga offers a complete yoga practice for people who want to become fitter, live healthier, and be happier. With Namaste Yoga, you can experience what yoga at home should feel like: stunning visuals, soothing music, and entirely original movement sequences that calm the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the soul.[b]

[b]Episode Guide:
[b]01, “Exalted Warrior” – Exalted Warrior sequence is a standing series focused on moving through various warrior and triangle poses. Invigorating and strengthening, this series focuses on reaching up and reaching out.
02, “Sun Moon” – To balance the energy of right and left sides of the body, Sun Moon sequence blends strengthening postures with balancing poses to create equilibrium throughout the body and mind. This series also provides an excellent hamstring and hip flexor stretch.
03, “Firebird” – Firebird starts out as a standing sequence and moves to the floor in a dynamic yet gentle flow. The emphasis is on increasing flexibility in the spine and hips.
04, “Gate Opening” – Gate Opening sequence creates a graceful flow using both strength and balance. In this uplifting practice, you will increase upper body strength and flexibility of the shoulders.
05, “Dancing Sun” – Dancing Sun stimulates energy flow throughout the entire body and is a beautiful presentation of some the classic standing poses. Focus on lengthening all points of the body.
06, “Half Moon” – Half Moon is a challenging sequence with a combination of warrior poses and half moon balancing. Working with balance poses increases overall coordination and strength while informing physical grace.
07, “Earth” – Earth sequence begins kneeling and continues with floor poses that are both gentle and invigorating. This slow, gentle series builds core strength and spinal flexibility.
08, “Lotus Link” – Lotus begins as a standing series and moves gracefully through seated poses returning again to the standing Lotus and completion of the cycle.
09, “Water Light” – Water Light is a smooth, flowing practice that will open your hips, increase flexibility in the spine, back and shoulders, and stretch the hamstrings.
10, “Revolved Triangle” – This challenging sequence requires concentration, physical strength and balance. Revolved Triangle is a great practice to test the balance points of your unique constitution and explore all the angles of the body.
11, “Head to Knee” – Head to Knee Sequence is the perfect yoga practice for distance runners. This sequence helps to relieve tension in the hips and calves and hamstrings. Standing poses are woven together with calming breath and deep stretches.
12, “Crane” – Crane is one of the most challenging sequences in the Namaste Yoga series. Both the standing and arm balances are to be practiced and learned slowly. Progress and not perfection is the goal with Crane.
13, “Riding the Wind” – Riding the Wind is a very dynamic series that once learned is exhilarating and grounding at the same time. This sequence is great for strengthening the legs and abdominal muscles, adjusting your posture and fine-tuning your balance.[b]


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Namaste Yoga with Kate Potter Season 1