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“Join me in the Napkin Project and I’ll guide you through creating a Million Dollar Napkin for you and your business.

Then I’ll teach you how to acquire customers? NOT at a loss? NOT at break-even? but at a PROFIT!”

Join NOW So We Can:

Step 1: Define Your Core Offer?

Step 2: Splinter Your Tripwire?

Step 3: Splinter Your Lead Magnet?

Step 4: Build Your Landing Page?

Step 5: Build Your Thank You Page?

Step 6: Build Your Upsell Page?

Step 7: Run a Traffic Test?

Step 8: Write Your Engagement Series?

Step 9: Write Your Ascension Series?

Step 10: Maximize Your Profit?

and much, MUCH more!

By the time you’re finished with this “project”, you will have?

A tested and proven funnel, receiving cheap, targeted traffic and generating leads and customers on demand!



Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, author, and investor, and according to Shark Tank star, Daymond John, “His companies practically own the internet.”

Ryan’s entrepreneurial endeavors began while he was a college student at the University of Texas at Austin, launching his first very first website and generating his very first sale from his freshman dorm room. By the time he graduated, this one online property had ballooned into 500, and a hobby had grown into a business.


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Napkin Project by Ryan Deiss