Nathan Leverton – Total Grappling Series – Side and Top Position


Nathan Leverton – Total Grappling Series – Side and Top Position

Salepage : Nathan Leverton – Total Grappling Series – Side and Top Position

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Volume 1 Nathan starts by emphasising the importance of positional control and establishing a good pin – the idea of position before submission.
The first pin dealt with is the judo favourite ‘scarf hold’ – sometimes called head and arm.
There is an explanation of how to hold regular scarf hold, modified (arm underhooked) and reverse scarf hold.
Then three side control positions are outlined regular (head and forearm), both arms past and cross body (overhook on arm and underhook on body).

The importance of blocking the hips to prevent guard being pulled is emphasised.
Finally two top (north-south) positions are explained.
The regular one-where you lay at an angle pinning your opponents head and chest (and its different hand positions) and the short-base style where you kneel on your opponent’s head.
After highlighting some details on holding all these positions Nathan then goes on to link submissions to them.
From the modified scarf hold we have forearm choke, key lock and neck crank.
Also dealt with are common escape attempts and how to counter them.
Next is side control.
Side choke is given in good detail as are a couple of variations of neck cranks and a step-over-the-head straight armbar.
Detail on this move included using a small semi circular pull in order to maximise the force used on precisely the right part of the opponent’s arm to get a submission.
Then on to how to add kimura, triangle, far armbar, regular armbar and step over kimura to the equation.
Nathan links all of these moves well and gives good critical analysis of the small points which help you tighten the positions and make them successful.
As most grapplers appreciate the difference between success and failure in many techniques relies on extremely precise application.
Differences of an inch or less, or tightness or looseness in a technique, can make all the difference.
Again some common defences to techniques are demonstrated and the tape finishes with some nice clips of Nathan applying the techniques in sparring.

Volume 2 Starts out in side control but starts to look at the less well-known leg and ankle lock opportunities from this position.
Clear demonstrations are given of how to ‘hop up’ from side control into heel hook, achilles lock, figure 4 toe hold and straight knee bar.
A lot of very useful detail is given on these techniques, which can be notoriously difficult to master.
A variety of scenarios for the application of these options are played out and explanation of why the locks work.
Next a more detailed look at top control is given.
Straight armbar from top control, leg scissors, kimura and various escapes and counters are examined.
Regular scarf hold is looked at including how to do a kimura variation, straight arm lock and a leg keylock without moving out of scarf hold.
Then how to switch from scarf to side control in order to get a side choke.
A nice reverse triangle choke is illustrated and how to kimura someone who has managed to get a knee to your chest and is working to pull guard.
Nathan then looks at chaining the submissions into thirteen workable combinations.
These include keylock – straight arm bar — keylock, keylock – stepover armbar, keylock – kimura, kimura – straight armbar – head scissors etc.
Nathan demonstrates how if you fail in your initial submission a secondary submission attempt can be used to ‘set up’ your opponent.
By playing on the opponent’s natural reaction you can then revert to your first submission and be successful.



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Nathan Leverton – Total Grappling Series – Side and Top Position