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I first saw Nicholas’s Cmapaign Launch Formula RIGHT before a client’s launch in Sep 2017. I watched it a few times and crammed as much as I could in short notice. The launch went well and they were super happy with results. 5 months later we’re relaunching with more data, resolve and strong strategy.

I just received a Slack message to say that they had sold more in ONE DAY than the entire first launch ($150K in one day VS. $130K in the first launch) … So yes, “this stuff works…”


The Campaign Launch Formula Advanced Training

The Exact Process I Have Used For Over 11, Multi-Million Dollar Campaign Launches

What You Will Experience with The Campaign Launch Formula Advanced FB Training?

Everything You Will Discover Inside:

In this training I reveal my “proprietary” (don’t you just love that word) 3 stage, staggered FB Campaign formula to get the most effective results from your product launch. (Most people only do 1 or maybe 2 of these strategies and are leaving untold amounts on the table).

The 3 Stages Of Campaigns For Maximum ROI:

The exact 3 stages (in the specific order) to that ensure you get the highest ROI from your campaign efforts

The JV Jedi Strategy:

My specific strategy that has single-handedly been responsible for producing the highest ROI’s in launches

The Descend & Landing Phase:

The 3 types of ads to close out in your last 3 days of your launch to get the most amount of sales.

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Get INSTANT Access To The Advanced

Campaign Launch Formula™ Training

Join an exclusive community of business owners that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to grow and scale but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success.

FREE With Your Enrolment Into The Council

Doors Closing Soon – Just $498 / Month

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Why Just Learn Information…

When You Can Get


If you want to take your business beyond where it is today, without having to spend countless hours sifting through more digital programs, The Council might be exactly what you need.

Not only will you have cutting edge, business building information but you will get direct access to Nicholas Kusmich and his network so you can get the specific answer you need, to help solve the specific problems you have AT THAT TIME.

Imagine with me that come up against an issue in your business…

And rather than having to re-watch or research an online course to help get you the answers… instead, you can simply reach out to industry experts and get almost instant help for instant results.

Here Are 6 Ways The Council Will Help You Grow & Scale

The Council Private Facebook Group

This is the ‘portal’ of where all things “Council” will be delivered including daily support, access, announcements, links, and details.

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls / AMA’s

The true value of the Council is not just leading-edge information, but ACCESS. Once a month Nic will hold a coaching call based on your pre-submitted questions and provide best practices and direct answers so you can get immediate results. This will include LIVE AMA’s.

Monthly “Implementation Calls”

One a month Nic’s Head of Implementation will host ‘Implementation / Tech’ calls to answer specific questions about FB Ads manager, CRM’s, Funnels, Landing Pages, etc. to ensure you don’t get stuck in any of the tech needed for quick results.

Special Guest Training/AMA’s

Behind the scenes interviews and training from industry leaders & underground legends you may not have heard of before, all revealing of content you won’t find elsewhere else. But not only will you get good content, you’ll get LIVE Q&A’s with them.

Some of the guests include:

​The founder of a self-funded, $400 Million Dollar SaaS company

​A coach to billionaires, Olympians, and royalty

​The person behind some of the fastest growing and largest Facebook Fanpages

​$40M and $100M ecommerce giants

​The leading experts in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google PPC marketing

​3X NYT Best Selling Authors

​and others…

LIVE “Mastermind Days“ held 4 times a year*

4 times a year there will be a live 1 day Mastermind meet up to share, hot seat, learn and collaborate. *nominal fee to hold spot

Special Deals on programs, software & events

Being apart of the Council grants you VIP Access and special pricing to live events software, tools, courses, and programs. (This alone would pay for the membership itself). As a member in good standing, you’ll also get access to all of Nic’s upcoming paid webinars for free.



Nicholas Kusmich is an international speaker, creator of the Art of Lead Generation, and founder of He is best known as the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist and for having the highest ROI in the industry, up to over 30,000%.


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Nicholas Kusmich – The Campaign

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