Nick Drossos – Scientific Street Fighting 3 DVD Set



Nick Drossos – Scientific Street Fighting 3 DVD Set

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Destroy & Dominate Any Attacker By Learning The Hidden Details Of Street Fighting From Montreal’s Most Feared Bouncer Who Became “The Most Famous Brawler In The World” – Over 45 Million People Have Learned From Him

Nick Drossos Has A Foolproof Plan To Deal With Any Situation & He Shows You His Tricks That Will Win Any Fight. Sucker Punchers, Multiple Attackers, Bigger Guys, Knives, Clubs – They Will All Fall At Your Feet

Check Out One His Videos From Youtube: 14 Million Views

Wherever you go, there are thugs looking for someone to pick on. They want to take your money, look tough in front of your girl, or some girl nearby or show off in front of their friends. These a##holes don’t mind HUMILIATING you to make themselves look and feel better.

Even if you know how to box or grapple, the street is a different contest. There are eye pokes, foreign objects, multiple attackers, weapons, obstacles.. if you haven’t prepared for this type of fight you are going to lose: plain and simple. The only question is what you will lose. Hopefully only your money.. Many people every day are victims of attacks and they lose more than that: people are killed every day.

The difference between winning and losing, humiliation and respect and even living and dying can be knowing a few secrets. Who knows these secrets? The best street fighters know them.

When you first meet Nick Drossos you might not think he would be tough. He’s a jolly and proud Greek who grew up in Montreal. He’s usually smiling. He’s not that big but he is very confident, because he knows something that you don’t. He can kick your ass. He’s not gonna beat the best boxer in the world in boxing and he’s not gonna out grapple the best Jiu Jitsu guys in the world, but if it turns into a street confrontation, there is no one better.

Nick has studied every situation like a college professor and if you test him – he has studied for the test: he’s studied more than you have…

Win The Fight Before It Starts

For instance, Nick knows when a fight is going to start and he can teach you the telltale signs. He has a philosophy that if you say to a guy who is about to attack you “Hey pal put up your dukes, let’s fight” that you are now in an MMA fight – maybe you can beat the guy, maybe you can’t. Nick doesn’t take those kinds of risks – before the guy can even get off a sucker shot, Nick has poked his eyes – HARD – taken him down and finished him.

Embarrass Multiple Attackers

When multiple guys attack him, Nick has them bumping into each other. Do you think these guys have worked on a plan of attack to go after one person? Of course they haven’t; but Nick has! He will show you how to easily exploit the lack of preparation of any group of attackers; he will turn what their superior numbers into a disadvantage for them real quick.

Shove That Knife Right Up Their Ass

Knives can be a very tough adversary. The truth is that you are better off running if you can. But… what if you can’t run? A top tier football prospect can cover 120 feet in under 4.5 seconds. A normal person can do it in 5.5. If you have an attacker armed with a knife, sometimes the safest option is fighting them. Nick has turned knife attacks into 3 separate strikes and he has mastered how to defend them all. The truth is that most people who have knives aren’t very skilled – if you train and know the secrets of how to defend them you should have an advantage.

Nick learned streetfighting as a bouncer in Montreal’s toughest nightclubs. He’s been sucker punched, stabbed, shot at.. He’s seen it all. Over time, through a combination of intense martial art study and practical training on the street, Nick became Montreal’s toughest bouncer.

He recognizes a situation better than any of his attackers and once he realizes what game they are playing, he is better at playing it then they are and he wins. He smashes them, he embarrasses them and he stays safe – at their expense. While you always want to avoid any confrontation, you want to win the ones you can’t get away from. Nick will show you all of his tricks.

Nick Is Popular! Over 45 Million People Has Watched His Videos

So What Is On The DVD?


– Unarmed combat in the street
– Preemptive striking
– Power preemptive striking
– Street fighting reaction drills
– Common street attacks
– Countering the takedown/getting off your back
– Defense from back attacks


– Knife defense
– Course outline
– Tactics for facing a concealed knife
– Static knife attack defense
– Dynamic knife attack defense 4:30
– Pump and grab defense 5:30
– Ground fighting knife defense 4 min
– Improvised weapons vs a knife 3:30 (Delete 2 short clips)
– Vital targets 1:30 (place after course outline)


– Multiple attackers
– The shield concept
– Multiple attacker drill
– Common attacks
– Common attacks
– Common attacks
– Fighting on the ground
– Technical stand up
– Multiple attacker drill 2
– Improvised weapons


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Nick Drossos – Scientific Street Fighting 3 DVD Set