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New 7-Week Video Training With Live Q&A Starts
Thursday, August 8, 2019

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks
Course sessions are on Thursdays at Noon Pacific.

In this life-enhancing 7-week program, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the magic, mystery, and power of Egyptian alchemy… in its immense depth and in exciting and visceral ways. Nicki will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to bring forward the healing magic of the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

Each module, featuring teachings and experiential practices with Nicki, will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you develop a complete holistic understanding of the alchemical process of transforming you into an awakened, fully conscious, creative and inspired being.

Nicki will be available for LIVE Q&A following every class session to engage with your inquiries about the course material.

Module 1: Open the Magical Heart With the Heart Breath, the Great Sphinx at Giza & Hathor at Dendera (August 8)

Imagine journeying on the Nile in a lavish royal vessel lined with rich velvets. In this first module, you’ll experience a guided Heart Breath meditation that will connect you with all participants by creating an energetic, unified soul fire.

Together, you’ll journey on a boat to the Sphinx, the enigmatic guardian of the Giza necropolis, to pay your respects to this sacred Earth altar and make your humble request for protection and guidance throughout your journey, after which you’ll be welcomed by some of the most prominent neteru.

Back in your seat on the boat with the other participants, you’ll sail to Qena, the home of the temple of the sky goddess Hathor at Dendera, where you’ll receive powerful initiations. Being at her temple with shamanic intention is an initiation in itself, yet there is more!

In this module, you’ll:

Learn the Heart Breath, a practice to integrate into your life to keep you centered and present
Set sacred space with permission and blessings from the Sphinx and other supporting neteru
Be engulfed by the love and joy of Hathor (who represents fertility, sexuality, intoxication, celebration, music, gemstones, and much more) and receive initiations to further open your heart, and to help you heal yourself and others
Explore how time and space are not linear, as you move forward and backward in time, or upstream and downstream on the Nile
Carry a surprise gift with you when you depart, for you will have followed in the steps of Hathor’s ancient priestesses who climbed the well-worn steps to the roof to watch the sky and connect directly with certain stars
Module 2: Awaken the Compassion, Hope & Optimism of Isis & Discover the Power of Community Thinking (August 15)

Isis, a protégé of Thoth, knows all the magical arts and rites of Egyptian shamanism. While she’s a priestess of the highest degree, she prefers being with the people more than being in the temple. She traveled throughout Egypt to teach midwifery, weaving, and beekeeping, and share her wisdom with the women of Egypt.

During this module, you’ll sit upon Isis’ throne, where you’ll experience her compassion, hope, and optimism as your own. When you merge with Isis and learn how to send these healing energies into the world, you’ll also send those attributes to the mysterious child that the entire class is now gestating as you remain sitting on her throne. As you accept her gifts, you’ll achieve a new level of awareness and the ability to see how your emotions affect those around you.

In this module, you’ll:

Discover the power of community thinking and emotions
Learn ways to help those around you find a more centered life
Experience compassion, optimism, and hope — and radiate these healing energies out to the world from your seat on Isis’ throne
Help communally gestate the mysterious egg of creation growing within Isis as you sit upon her throne until it is born later in the course
Also generate the healing powers of Isis to your family members and community

Module 3: Come Face to Face With Sekhmet, Fly With the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet & Receive Magical Seeds From the Cobra Goddess Wadjet (August 22)

Sekhmet’s name means Power, or Mighty One, and this powerful deity stands for truth, justice, balance, and cosmic law. With her fierce compassion and vast capacity for love, she’ll help you create balance within yourself and our chaotic world. The transformation you receive from her will represent a combination of what you bring and what she sees in you.

During this module, you’ll also meet and experience powerful initiations from the ancient twin goddesses known as the Two Ladies — the guardians of all pharaohs and of the two lands, Upper and Lower Egypt. They are the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet, guardian of Upper Egypt, and the Cobra Goddess Wadjet, guardian of Lower Egypt.

In this module, you’ll:

Experience Sekhmet’s fire as part of the alchemical process of transforming your inner conflicts and outworn habits through purification by Sekhmet’s fire
Discover understanding, forgiveness, and compassion as a means to clarify and prepare you to fulfill your sacred purpose
Receive a direct transmission from Sekhmet, including guidance and healing as she transforms your mind, body, and soul
Fly with the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet beyond time and space to see where you are in your life and glimpse where you are going
Experience Cobra Goddess Wadjet’s liberating awakening within your cleansed and purified body as she plants the seeds for your sacred purpose in your prepared heart
Module 4: Enter the Shamanic Void With Anubis and Osiris & Surrender to Enlightenment (August 29)

Anubis, the eldest son of Osiris, is often called the Opener of the Way. He’s a trustworthy teacher, guardian, and guide who knows all the paths from the Darkness back to the Light. He’s the guardian of abandoned, miscarried, and aborted children, and in this module, you’ll experience a guided meditation in which you’ll be guided by Anubis to experience a shamanic death.

You will then enter the realm of Osiris, Lord of the Underworld, deep in the waters of the Nile to discover the beauty and regeneration inherent in shamanic death and to experience the sprouting of the seeds planted earlier in your purified and open heart. All is in preparation to grow into your sacred purpose.

In this module, you’ll:

Experience the surrender, illumination, and regeneration inherent in a shamanic death
Know the enlightenment that can arise from a place of nothingness (the void)
Learn how to communicate with Osiris for further teachings
Glimpse what can be gained, as the seeds for your sacred purpose sprout and begin their journey to help you grow personally and spiritually
Learn without a doubt that you and your reasons for being are worthy and that your unique purpose is necessary to the evolution of the whole
Module 5: Create Your Alchemical Blueprint From Thoth’s Magical Cauldron & Make a Covenant With Ma’at (September 5)

Thoth is possibly the oldest of the Egyptian neteru. He’s the lunar god of wisdom, and of language, communications, writing, science, healing, and more.

He is also the scribe, and the mediator for the gods.

In this module, you’ll participate in a recreation of Thoth’s living version of the Ogdoad, the creation myth of Thoth, in which the “original eight” were brought forth from the nun, the nothingness of the primordial waters.

In a special ceremony, you’ll be guided in practices to escalate self-evolution and planetary evolution, working to make order out of the chaos that surrounds us. You’ll receive this new “encoding” and the smart genes that will help facilitate the new and still-gestating you that is soon to be revealed…

You’ll also establish a covenant with Ma’at, vowing a lifelong commitment to the concepts she represents — truth, justice, balance, harmony, and cosmic law — to help serve you, your family, community, and the planet.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn about the Ogdoad and participate in a ceremony of creation
Discover practices for focusing your attention and intentions to enter into shamanic practice
Participate in the dividing of the cells and the birth of the future for yourself and the world
Take part in the escalation of evolution
Sacralize a covenant with Ma’at, a vow to serve Ma’at and all she stands for

Module 6: Build the Magical Vessel & Birth Your New Life With Isis and Khnum (September 12)

Khnum is the god of water and the river. He is also a sacred and skillful potter, who creates the bodies of all of Earth’s creatures on his wheel.

In this module, we’ll draw from the powerful energies of Neith, Isis, Ma’at, and other Egyptian deities, who will help Khnum as he deftly and carefully creates the vessel for each of your newly transformed selves. Each vessel will be designed to hold the new frequencies that you have been attuned to on our journey.

This rite of passage takes us into a part of the mysteries that must remain a mystery until you receive the direct experience. Generally, in this Mystery School, very little information about the details of what you will receive are revealed to the teacher, so things cannot be changed or in any way disturb the magic that comes to you directly from Source.

In this module, you’ll:

Experience an initiation that places you in a new body, calibrated to the needs of the future
Become aware of and grounded in this new level of being
Step off Khnum’s potter’s wheel with willful certainty into the future you have created for yourself
Receive a special blessing from Isis that awakens new capabilities within you
Module 7: Embody Magical Love With Hathor & Experience a Joyful Ending to Our Journey (September 19)

In this final leg of our experience together, you’ll participate in a journey with Hapi, the god of the inundation, to experience how we as a community can work together to bring back the natural rhythms of Earth. Hapi was the most worshipped god of ancient Egypt, for he was depended upon to see that the floods happened as required for the continued sustenance of the people.

You’ll then experience an invocation to Hathor in her aspects as goddess of sexuality and fertility to experience the power of her love in a physical way that allows for the course to come to a close touched by the same power of love in which you began it.

In this module, you’ll:

Experience a journey with Hapi that gives substance to all 7 modules
Participate in a celebration of love that will fill your heart with joy
Learn how inviting Hathor into your lovemaking can change your experience
Experience a joyful completion of your journey
Share in a practice of gratitude and in a prayer for the future through a short reading from Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead …


Nicki Scully has been teaching healing, the Egyptian mysteries, and shamanic arts since 1983. She’s the author of eight books, all related in some way to Egypt. Although she’s in the process of retiring, she still leads events such as Planetary Healing Calls to Action and occasional video teleclasses. Nicki Scully founded Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., which organized spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt for over three decades.


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