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 NLP Hypnosis by Jessica Robbins

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Jessica Robbins – NLP Hypnosis

Post by soanna on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:13 am

Jessica Robbins – NLP Hypnosis
Jess Robbins 2011 | Self-help | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/128Kbps | English | 202 MB

* Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3
* Weight Loss Affirmations mp3
* Achieving Your Goals -visualisation mp3
* Self Esteem Visualisation (instructions) mp3
* Self Esteem Visualisation (visualisation) mp3
* Relaxation Hypnosis mp3
* Perfect Health & Healing mp3
* Sleep Easy for Insomnia mp3

NLP Transormational Processes:

* Remove Limiting Decisions/Beliefs – instructions mp3
* Remove Limiting Decisions/Beliefs – process mp3
* Release Negative Emotions (fear, guilt, anger, sadness etc) – instructions mp3
* Release Negative Emotions – process mp3
* Anchoring Introduction
* Anchoring Process – Feel Great!
* Collapsing Anchors – Feel Better!



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NLP Hypnosis by Jessica Robbins