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How would it change your 

approach to hypnosis…

…if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Dear Hypnotists and Hypnotists-to-be…

The Hypnosis Without Trance No-Fail Protocol is finally here (and here for good)! If you already know about it, I probably don’t need to say any more. But if not…

In the first few months following the launch of the HWT blog (in October 2009), I found myself talking to literally hundreds of hypnotists about getting and utilising full-on hypnotic phenomena every time you hypnotise! (Lets face it, if you ain’t getting them, you ain’t really hypnotising!)

Now this is totally great, and what every hypnotist dreams of (until they can actually do it!), but what I have found is that the vast majority of those I have spoken to are so often held back from going for it by simple anxiety about failure…

“What if I go for it and it doesn’t work?”

In fact, it seems as if this kind of anxiety runs high with most hypnotists, and especially professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists!

Well, I totally get this, because for the longest time it was true for me too. In fact, if I could have sorted this problem out early on, I would have got to my current level of ability in probably one-tenth or less of the time! (If you think this is an exaggeration, it isn’t… it is probably an overly conservative estimate).

Right now, I am keen to get more people doing excellent hypnosis in as shorter time as possible…. Which means addressing this whole failure business. So this is what I want:

I want you to be free to experiment with hypnosis and develop as a hypnotist fully…

…and for this you need to be FREE from the shadow of anxiety about failure.

And you can be!!!

Because there are certain secrets that are implicit in the work of the very best hypnotists that enable them to operate without fear of failure – that give them the knowledge that they are totally safe and that nothing can go wrong.

It is these secrets that you will learn in the most practical way possible by through the material presented on the No-Fail Proticol DVD/CD set.

The Facts

Now if all this sounds like ‘ too-good-to-be-true’ marketing speak to you I can understand why… but the facts hold! Let me to be as straight as possible with you about what the No-Fail Protocol is about and what it can do with you.

Before I say anything else, I need to say that this material is 100% unique and is unavailable to learn anywhere else (unless you train with me personally). What this means is that no other hypnosis or hypnotherapy school teaches this or, to my knowledge, anything like this…

…which is exactly why most hypnotists and hypnotherapists have some level of anxiety about doing ‘real’ hypnosis!

(by real I mean eliciting clear hypnotic phenomena rather than just working with relaxation and ‘trance’).

And the anxiety is valid! After all… what if we go for something big and it doesn’t work? What will our clients and volunteers think of us? Fraud? Deluded? Incompetent? Worse?

The No-Fail Protocol is a system designed to transform your approach to hypnosis in such a way as you will KNOW that you are free to go for any phenomena you like, and KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT FAIL! It’s that simple…. and it is totally unique to Hypnosis Without Trance.

And you can learn it easily!

So what do you need to know before you get this course?

Firstly, this package has been recently updated to make it especially relevant for Professional Hypnotists who work with clients to make life changes. The reason for this is that these are the people who need this material the most, because…

When you bring more powerful phenomena into your sessions and ensure that your clients are left in no doubt as to your skill and professionalism, you will build a stronger reputation and reduce your ‘drop-out’ rates.



James Tripp is an internationally recognised and respected Coach, People Developer and teacher of Hypnosis and Influential Communication. He is the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis – a pragmatic approach that focuses on the use of language and communication to direct attention and seed ideas, for the purpose of altering another persons understanding and perception.


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