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 Nootropic by Eric Thompson


Discover the hacks regular guys use to add muscle and shed fat. You’ll unleash a body that looks, feels, and performs like a professional athlete.
 Would you like to finally have the lean, athletic body that you deserve?
Would you like to train like an athlete and feel like a superhero?
Would you like to become your best self?
99% of programs chase empty promises: six minute abs or 20 inch biceps.  But chances are they’ll leave you feeling old and broken, as though your athleticism has abandoned you.
And you’ll never build the body you want and need:  a body that’s jacked and athletic, a body that screams power and strength.

It doesn’t need to be that way! There is no reason to suffer from aches and pains.

Say goodbye to being weak. Say goodbye to pathetic athleticism. Say goodbye to choosing between between physique and performance.

Say hello to the total package. Say hello to a body that’s lean, athletic, healthy, and powerful. Say hello to a body that performs in the weight room AND the world.

Want to look good naked? Or get more athletic? Why choose? You don’t have to sacrifice one goal for the other. You can have both.

Discover the Secret Methods Athletes Use to Get Strong and Ripped
Specifically designed to unleash optimal athleticism, shed unwanted body fat, and build muscle.
As Seen In..
I’ve struggled, too.
Seemingly impossible training plateaus…being teased for being chubby as a kid… and feeling pathetic after getting crushed in sports…

Been there, done that.

It wasn’t pretty.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have your solution.
Your workouts should improve your life, not consume it. They should improve your performance, not just your physique.You should have a body that looks awesome, yet is powerful and capable of handling anything life throws at you.

For nearly a decade I’ve trained pros and ordinary Joes … from elite athletes to everyday men and women.

And guess what? Everyone wants the same thing.  No one  wants to JUST look good or JUST be more athletic….they want both!

They want a resilient body that feels strong and athletic … that screams power and authority … yet looks shredded and muscular.  They don’t want one or the other. They want both.

I’ve analyzed and isolated the most important training components to building your ultimate body. A body that looks and performs like your favorite athletes.

Now, I’ve unlocked the secrets to powering up your training for awesome results in my new program.

Through years of working with my amazing clients, I’ve discovered the truth. It takes multiple training methods to build the total package. Sports performance techniques, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting can all play a role.

Rather than chasing one training style as the cure-all and feeling beat-up, weak, and unsatisfied, my clients started to feel energized, powerful, and athletic.

Joint pain diminished.  They lost unwanted body fat. They gained explosive athleticism. Best of all, they started loving training and their bodies again.

I’m Eric Bach. I’m a fitness expert and author.

I’ve been a coach for nearly a decade.  I’ve worked with college and pro athletes. And I’ve helped former athletes feel, look, and perform like people half their age. I’ve also written hundreds of articles about improving performance, fat loss, muscle building, and nutrition.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in such top media outlets as CNN, The Huffington Post, Livestrong,, The Personal Trainer Development Center, Muscle and Strength, and T-Nation.  I’m not bragging, just pointing out that you may already have read some of my articles.

My passion is helping people get better every day. I show them how to build bodies and lives that are strong, athletic, and capable of handling any of life’s challenges.

But it has taken me years to get to this point.

I want to tell you an embarrassing story, but first…
  • ​If you feel completely overwhelmed, like you’ve tried hundreds of programs and diets…
  • ​If you’re beaten up, sore, and unathletic from poorly designed programs that hurt you more than they help you….
  • ​If you know your way around the weight room, but are stuck at a frustrating plateau
  • ​If you’re still gaining weight, losing muscle, and getting more unathletic from bodybuilding routines created by meathead trainers…
  • ​If you want to be athletic, play basketball with your buddies, catch up with your kids, and compete in events without looking stupid

…then I ask:

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what more you need to do to build your best looking athletic body?
I know I have. It’s an awful feeling. The lack of control means you end up feeling desperate.

Today I’m putting an end to that helpless feeling 

and cracking the athletic body code.
You should feel empowered, strong, and athletic. You should be confident and capable of handling anything life throws at you, while looking great in the process.

I’m going to reveal the hacks to improve your athleticism, 

shed fat, and build lean muscle.

The secret?

It’s all about performance training. You’ll improve your power and athleticism by first generating your current levels of strength faster. It’s the key to unlocking a stronger, leaner, and more athletic body.
But before I go on, you’re probably wondering…
Who is this guy, and why should I listen?
That’s a fair question. And I should have covered it sooner.

“Eric Bach’s Power Primer workouts have been a game changer. I’ve been a fan for years on his blog. Working with him was a natural extension of the great work he puts out. 

In the first few weeks of the Power Primer I got stronger, more athletic, and confident that I could handle any sport or situation, just like when I was younger. 
The workouts were very detailed and challenging. Despite being an athlete, I felt my skills decreasing until I picked up this program. Thanks to Eric, I’m stronger, leaner, and more athletic…all of which make me more confident.”
Vince Moya
I have to admit, this story is extremely EMBARRASSING to tell you.

I wasn’t always athletic.

When I was freshman at Pulaski High School, I was the smallest, weakest kid in my class.
I’d been called every name in the book: Tiny. Pipsqueak. Puny. Even “Little Bitch.” (That one really hurt!)
So I was timid, constantly comparing myself to others and skipping challenging situations. I lacked confidence in my body’s appearance and my athletic abilities.
Then, one day everything came to a head. It was first semester gym class and we were playing flag football.
The idea of flag football is to avoid contact. Instead of tackling an opponent, your goal is to avoid collisions by pulling a flag.
Well, that’s the idea.
I found myself between Jason, a bigger guy in my class, and the end zone. Rather than run around and try to avoid me, Jason decided I provided less resistance than a blade of grass.
He trucked me, laughing and taunting me on his way to the end zone.
I was firmly planted on the solid Wisconsin grass.

Physically, I was a mess. The wind had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe. And my shoulder throbbed and ached from the impact.

But the mental impact was even worse. I felt pathetic, weak, and insignificant.
Stumbling to one knee, then onto my feet, I wavered.
The hair on my neck stood up. My skin tightened. My cheeks flushed to a rosy red tone with embarrassment. As I walked away, chin tucked and arms cradled, I felt the eyes of my peers piercing my skin, and the echos of their taunts in my ears.
Long story short: I was completely embarrassed, physically beat up, and emotionally wrecked.
But it was a turning point. As I walked off the field, I decided I’d had enough.
That’s right. At 14 years old, I’d had enough. Just a few years prior, I had been teased for being fat.
Now I was the opposite: skinny, weak, and unathletic.

I got my act together and dedicated myself to working out and eating better. I started lifting weights.

I built strength with big exercises like squats, and deadlifts. I got explosive with Olympic lifts, jumps, throws, and sprints.
I even jumped rope like Walter Payton.
Still, I felt small and weak. When I was 18 I needed to get bigger to play sports in college. So I changed gears.
I started training like a bodybuilder, adding tons of volume and trying every magazine workout I could find.

Still, I wasn’t building the lean, athletic, and muscular body I wanted. The body I needed eluded me.

Workout after workout, week after week, I chased more weight on the bar only to realize the startling truth. Sure, I had more weight on the bar. But my coordination, power, and athleticism were all pathetic.
Worse, I found myself spending more time injured and fixing an achy back or sore knee than training and competing. Sure, I could lift a lot of weight. But I wasn’t athletic, healthy, or happy.
My sports career was over, but my training stayed the same. All the so-called experts said “just get strong and add weight to the bar,” as if a heavier squat would solve all my problems.

Sure, I was strong, but I was in constant pain, as if my body was crumpling in on itself. I could hardly jump rope without tripping over my feet.

Along the way, I became a coach. I even coached college athletes. That’s when it got really embarrassing.
I knew it was time to change when I tripped over my feet at a seminar. I was surrounded by 40 colleagues — all strength coaches, personal trainers, and therapists. We were doing basic skipping drills, like the ones we used to do in Elementary school.
Well, we were “supposed” to be doing skipping drills. But I was pathetic. I had worse coordination than a drunk college kid stumbling home after a long night. Soon, I tripped over my own feet.
The feeling was familiar — my skin flushed and the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment filled my body. I tried to laugh it off, but my jaw tightened and throat closed up. The embarrassment of not being able to skip like all eight year olds can highlight a huge problem.
My athleticism was sprinting full-speed in the wrong direction. I might have been strong. But I was beat-up and unathletic.
Angry, uncoordinated, and embarrassed …. I needed a change.
I read hundreds — probably thousands — of research studies and books. I analyzed old workouts from my sporting days. I found I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know how to become the total package. My clients did, too.
Athletes, non-athletes, men, and women alike all wanted to be stronger, leaner, and more athletic.
Finally, I figured it out. 

I read a study based around a principle called the Size Principle. I knew I was onto something big. The size principle is based on the fact that we can increase muscle fiber recruitment (use more muscle when training) in two ways. We can lift heavier weights over time. Or we can lift lighter weights as fast as possible.

And you know what? My clients and I had exactly the same problem. Lifting heavy was fine, but it was beating up joints. Further, we weren’t sprinting, jumping, throwing, and pushing lighter weights faster. We weren’t giving our bodies any reason to be athletic.
I started to wonder: was training with maximum explosiveness the key to rekindling athleticism and building the ultimate body?
The Solution: Explosive Power Primer Training

And so it began.

The next few weeks were a turning point in my training — and more importantly — in my life.
I started training differently. My workouts took a new turn. I still lifted heavy, but added in lighter, more explosive exercises.
I started jumping.
Doing explosive push-ups.
Focusing on perfect rep quality, rather than just the weight on the bar or the number of reps.
And it worked.
I got leaner.
I didn’t cringe the day after squats. Joint pain disappeared.
I actually got stronger, and I re-discovered my athleticism. This training took me back to best years.
My competitive drive pushed me to improve so I could teach my clients the same skills to give them well rounded, athletic, and lean, muscular bodies.
Three Principles:
  • Incorporating movement and conditioning to get strong
  • ​Lifting lighter weights as fast as possible
  • ​Performing explosive bodyweight exercises

And yes..

I still love lifting heavy weights and adding weight to the bar. But that’s not the only piece of building a strong, lean, and athletic body.
Your training needs to translate to real-world athleticism. That means explosive movement and being an athlete. 
I was hooked, and so were my clients.
The Power Primer 2.0 revolutionizes your training to help you transform you body and get more athletic while enjoying your time in the gym.
“Eric Bach is one of the few people I’d recommend to those looking to improve both sports performance and physique enhancement. Being able to improve both without sacrificing either is an incredibly narrow ledge to walk, but Bach’s clients do it with ease. He’s one of brightest minds in the fitness industry”
John Romaniello

With the the Power Primer workouts, we’ll build your strength and athleticism to uncover your most athletic, best looking body.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes along the way, have never been an athlete, or just beat yourself up in the gym.
None of this is your fault.

But if you’re going to put all that effort into your training, why not train with a program that works?

If you’re new to training, why not use an expertly designed plan to help you develop your best body with your athleticism and physique in mind?
Sure, chasing strength is important if you’re a powerlifter. But once you’re strong enough, adding more strength isn’t going to get you the lean and athletic body you want.
If you’ve been doing bodybuilding workouts to build muscle, are you actually getting bigger and improving the way your body performs? Or are you getting beat up with overuse injuries?
I’ve trained men who gave up their bodybuilding and powerlifting training. Within weeks, they improved their athleticism, lost body fat, and still stayed strong and muscular. 
If you still don’t believe training like an athlete can help you build muscle, lose fat, and get the results you want, just ask folks who have used the program.

“The Power Primer was an excellent program that got my stronger, leaner, and more explosive. The PP truly blends performance training to get you stronger and more explosive unlike any other program I’ve tried.

I normally don’t train with the focus on athleticism, so the workouts were simultaneously fun and challenging. I added lean muscle to my shoulders, traps, and glutes. I finally developed the athletic, power look!”
Adi Muminovic

“I just wrapped up the Power Primer and can honestly say the workouts were incredible.  

I haven’t trained like an athlete in years, and the Power Primer made an immense difference in the weight room, on the field, and my body. I lost 2% bodyfat on the fat loss plan while actually increasing strength and athleticism. At the end of the 12-week program, I played in a Flag Football tournament three weeks after the workout, and felt like I re-discovered another gear running down the field! The increased explosiveness I received from the Power Primer was incredible, and I can’t recommend the program or Eric enough.”
Jason Tilque

Want to know how guys like Henry Cavill builds his physique for roles in Superman and Immortals?

Clearly, he built a body that both looks good and performs. And It wasn’t endless max out squats or pumping his biceps every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
No. He trained like an athlete.
Building a strong, powerful, athletic body that can perform athletic stunts is achieved through training like an athlete. You’ll use powerful movements performed with speed, occasional heavy lifts and bodyweight training.
You deserve a Superhero physique that screams power. It’s time to start leading from the front.
Fortunately, just like Henry Cavill, you can unleash your inner athlete and build a superhero physique that’s athletic, strong, and lean.
Forget the endless powerlifting and bodybuilding training splits. You need an athletic approach that pulls from multiple disciplines to give you a great physique.
Athletes and Superheroes aren’t just men. More beautiful women are showing off lean, athletic, and powerful bodies than ever before. Women like Lolo Jones who are sleek and powerful, yet athletic and feminine. Many women are now using athletic training principles and the Power Primer to sculpt lean, powerful, and athletic bodies.

“I love the Power Primer! Not only did I feel more athletic and more powerful after the program, I was leaner too. Plus, the workouts were amazing: Quick paced and fun!

As an aspiring coach, the content within the Power Primer vastly widened my knowledge base and will help in my future career as a coach. Thank you Eric!”

Introducing the Power Primer 2.0

The Ultimate Comprehensive Workout-by-Workout
To Unleash Your Inner Athlete
What Does the Power Primer 2.0 Include?

The program includes the keys to building a strong, lean, and athletic body. There’s no need to sacrifice your athleticism for a better looking body. The Power Primer bridges the gap with its revolutionary workouts.

The Power Primer is built to last. Use it year after year for non-stop progress that’s pain free.
The Power Primer will help you discover:
  • ​The important movements for building total body athleticism.
  • ​How to lift and and move faster to decrease joint stress and shed body fat.
  • ​Why more explosive lifts helps you shatter training plateaus, building total body strength and power.
  • ​The tools to cut through information overload to and get real results.
  • ​How to unlock athletic strength, so you can take your hard work and apply it to the game of life.
  • ​The secrets that supercharge your nervous system to unlock new, untapped muscle fibers for growth.
The Power Primer 2.0 Includes:
The Power Primer Strength Guide
$47 Value
12-Weeks of Programming to Unleash and transfer your strength to real world athleticism. Strength is the foundation that you build on to improve your power and athleticism.
The Power Primer Athletic Muscle Guide
$47 Value
Use the perfect combination of bodybuilding methods and performance training to improve your athleticism. You can add 8-12 lbs. of lean muscle.
The Power Lean Guide to Accelerated Fat Loss
$47 Value
Move like an athlete. You’ll supercharge your training and diet to strip unwanted body fat while preserving muscle. Your ultimate lean, athletic physique will be revealed for the world to see and admire.
The Power Primer Exercise Library and Video Database
$197 Value
This is a highly focused collection of over 100 training videos and written cues for exercises in the Power Primer. Trust me: these will come in handy. You’ll perform your exercises correctly to maximize results and minimize injuries.
BONUS – The Power Primer Exercise Modification Library
$39 Value
No access to a power rack or stuck without a barbell? Missing equipment can be a problem, but I have you covered. I’ve included this entire eBook on exercise modifications to help you modify any program. There’s no need to completely switch gyms or break the bank on a home gym.
BONUS – One Rep Max Testing Guide
$29 Value

Pieces of the program are based on training percentages. This eBook gives you all the tools necessary to either Test or predict your strength levels.

But That’s Not All!
Total Value of the Power Primer 2.0?

Let’s compare. If you were to fly here to Denver to snag a personal one-hour session with me I’d have to charge my normal rate of $120/hour. And and that’s IF I’m accepting new clients. I also select a limited number of online training clients, who pay at least $900 for a 12-week training program.

But now you can get all my expertise for much less. I’ve given you every tool you will need to get stronger, perform better, and build a leaner, more athletic body
Don’t miss out!
Featuring the three 12-week workout programs and a complete video library, The Power Primer 2.0 is designed to build strength, shed body fat and improve your athleticism.
In fact, the workouts have been used to develop high-level athletes, incinerate unwanted body fat, improve energy, and improve the athleticism of thousands of men and women just like you.
After years of being assaulted with endless gym propaganda aimed at competitive level bodybuilders…and strength routines exclusively for powerlifters…you will be shocked at how improving your power burns body fat, builds muscle, and builds an athletic body.
“Eric Bach has quickly emerged as an excellent resource in the fitness industry. His work is excellent, blending the performance and physique training with top-notch content for coaches and fitness buffs alike.”

Jon Goodman

Founder, CEO of The Personal Trainer Development Center
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Power Primer and why does it work so well?

The Power Primer is a three-workout program, each 12 weeks in length. You’ll get more athletic with each program, while having the option of focusing on athletic strength, building muscle, and shedding body fat. It’s science-based and experienced-backed to help you perform and look your best. I take everything from fat loss to muscle building and getting stronger into account with custom programs.

That means three full programs for nearly EIGHT MONTHS of training fully customized and designed to get build your best looking and best performance body . Plus: there’s a full video guide to help you train safely and effectively.
Can beginners use the Power Primer program?
Yes! But, you should have experience in the gym and be confident with exercises like like squats and deadlifts. There are advanced methods that aren’t designed for the true beginner. They work best s best for people with some experience training. That said, I have covered dozens of modifications to make unleashing your inner athlete with the Power Primer suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.
Will the Power Primer work for both Men and Women?
Despite what some want you to believe, men and women are physiologically similar. Their training should be, too. Increased power and athleticism helps you not only look better, you’ll perform better in all areas of life! In my experience, the methods in the Power Primer are actually better for women because it provides them with a training style they’ve never experienced.
I’m 40+ – can I still use the Power Primer?

Absolutely. From the time I first started training, I’ve worked with a dozens of clients over 40 years old. When it comes being an athlete, age is not a factor—especially with training programs like the Power Primer. Here’s my client Kevin. The Power Primer principles helped him re-take his athleticism, lose fat, and build muscle.

In 6 Weeks, Kevin Shed 12 lbs. of Fat and Gained 7 lbs. of Muscle. I’ve had dozens of clients in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s absolutely crush it! The big thing to understand is that when we age, improving athleticism is even MORE important.
As we age, we get more sedentary. We tend to avoid sports, competition, and moving like an athlete. By restoring your athleticism and power the Power Primer will preserve your muscle, improve balance, strength, and coordination—all vital to longevity when you get older.
This seems geared towards competitive athletes. But that’s not me. Will the program work for me?

Absolutely. From the time I first started coaching, I’ve worked with more than athletes. Many of my clients are “regular folks” who just want to lose fat, build some muscle, and be healthier!

When it comes to training, everyone needs to improve the way their body functions. That means teaching the brain to end strong signals to muscles to be stronger and faster.
I’d go as far to say that as a non-competitive athlete, you need to The Power Primer even more.
This program will help you build muscle, athleticism, and coordination that goes away with age and a lack of sport-based activity.

“The Power Primer sessions were incredible! Short and to the point, the Power Primer sessions really helped me build explosive power. After finishing a muscle-building program, my athleticism was especially lacking.

By the end of the second week my skating stride was becoming more explosive again, and I felt rejuvenated. Plus, I added noticeable size to my traps and delts. The Power Primer was an excellent program to build athleticism; you’ll leave each training session satisfied, rather than beat up and beat down!”
Tim Smith
Do I need to be at a sports performance gym?

Having access to an awesome gym definitely helps. But you can certainly do these workouts at home and/or on the road.

The workouts all have barbells and benches, but that doesn’t mean they’re your only option. I have put together a full exercise substitution guide. So, if you can’t get to a squat rack, you have a number of dumbbell and bodyweight options to get you stronger and more explosive.
The big thing to remember is that the workouts in The Power Primer are then programmed to make you stronger and more powerful no matter your equipment. And it’s the concepts of being explosive within the program that set the Power Primer apart and make it awesome.
All training equipment are tools. The way you perform movements is more important than the tools you use. In the end, it’s about the concepts, not the equipment.
I don’t know how to do Olympic style lifts – can I still use the Power Primer?

While these exercises are the best for developing explosive power, they aren’t the only way to make amazing progress. Within the Power Primer, I have a full exercise substitution guide with other exercises to help you build explosive power and athleticism, even if you can’t do cleans.

The concepts in the Power Primer are what sets the program apart. By applying these concepts to different exercises, you will get phenomenal results.
This is a one-time payment. No further charges will ever be required. TODAY YOU CAN PICK UP THE ENTIRE PACKAGE FOR ONLY $47

“Eric Bach is the type of coach I make sure to keep an eye on in the fitness industry. 

From working with the top athletes and general population clients, Eric is advancing the profession with his original and captivating articles and media. Eric is a game changer when it comes to bringing athletic development and physique enhancement together. When I look for ways to improve as a coach and new methods to use for my clients, Eric Bach is one of the first coaches I seek out.”

John Rusin

Sports Performance Physical Therapist — Dr. John Rusin Physical Therapy
Try the Power Primer for a Full 30 Day, No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The Power Primer will give you:

– The strength and power you need
– The tools to make changes to fit your busy lifestyle
– And the complete programming to get the high-performance body you deserve
I’ve taken out the guesswork.
No more programming hopping and information overload.
No more wondering “can I combine this and that to make my own performance workout?
I’ve taken away the confusion.
Now, all you need to do is follow the workout that matches your goals. You’ll reap the rewards of a truly athletic and powerful body.
I’ll provide the expert plan. You just need to put in the work and stay the course.
I want to help you …just as I’ve helped thousands of others through my coaching programs and writing. Let’s get it going.
Click the button to get your copy of The Power Primer 2.0. You won’t regret it.

“Test drive” the Power Primer 2.0 for the next 30 days with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much fat you can lose and how much muscle you can gain.

You are completely protected by our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.
You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled. Period. If not, you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many people transform their bodies and unleash their inner athletes, I’m totally confident that you’re going to love these workouts and see the best results of your life.


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