Nubia Teixeira – The Art of Breathing Into Balance With Pranayama, Mudras & Mantras



Nubia Teixeira – The Art of Breathing Into Balance With Pranayama, Mudras & Mantras

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Founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga,

Author and Yoga Instructor

Teixeira, Nubia

On-Demand Video Training in 5 Modules

To create strength and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit, practice attentive breathwork and yogic methods.

You already have the ability to elegantly harmonize your spiritual path, and it all starts with aware breathing (pranayama).

Pranayama yoga (prana means “life force,” and yama means “control”) was the first practice to emphasize the need of respiratory control and regulated breathing for mental and physical wellbeing. The quantity and quality of prana that flows inside your body influences your vitality level.

It’s possible that you’re sleeping badly, feeling worried, having digestive problems, or becoming increasingly irritated because you’re not taking in and releasing air properly.

If you’re feeling stressed, pranayama is a great way to unwind. It’s invigorating when you’re exhausted. Breathwork helps you become more steady, allowing you to tackle any life issue with grace.

Explore the cleansing, healing, and balancing treatments of the ancient practice of pranayama in a new 5-part course with Nubia Teixeira, yogini, traditional Indian Odissi dancer, and author.

As you incorporate this understanding into your everyday life and spiritual sadhana, you will usher in the spring of your soul (practice).

Nubia will share breathwork techniques to support you — as you activate your vitality, rebalance the flow of energy in your inner systems, restore your sense of connection with the five layers of your being, and create a link between the seen and the sacred — drawing on her vast experience with the yogic well of Prana Vidya (“correct knowledge” of prana).

For than 30 years, Nubia has been sharing her knowledge of yoga, pranayama, and mudras (hand motions). She is the ideal teacher to assist you in optimizing your health by motivating you to focus, heal, and invigorate your life.

She’ll also offer mudras (hand gestures), mantras (holy vocalizations), bandhas (energy activators), and other methods throughout each session as she walks you through empowering inner yogic practices to bridge the five layers of your existence.

You’ll learn empowering inner yogic practices to honor each of the elements, beginning with the physical body (earth) and on to the energetic body (water). Then you’ll concentrate on the body of mind (fire), where cleansing will occur…

You’ll continue your trip via the body of wisdom and memory (air) and into your devotional heart, before arriving at the body of happiness (ether) with invocation and remembering.

Along the way, you’ll discover that, no matter what life throws at you, you can live with grace and confidence — grounded and secure, with no fear of shortage, as you embrace tranquility and quiet.

This enlightening 5-part course will teach you:
Pranayama routines to employ in your daily life, based on your requirements.
Purification exercises to begin each session
Rituals in which an offering is made to one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) in order to evoke its specific power.
How can your breath be your prayer?
How to let your emotions, sensations, and memories to come to the surface — and then offer them to the oceanic cosmic awareness.
Methods for prioritizing your spiritual goal in this lifetime
How to remember your natural inner knowledge and most valuable memories by following the light of your North Star.
How to direct your attention above and inside to begin co-creating your world
What You’ll Learn in These 5 Modules

Nubia will take you through the essential breathwork, mudra, and mantra techniques you’ll need to establish harmony in your body, mind, and spirit — as you connect with the five elements of the cosmos — in this 5-step transformative intensive.

This workshop will include lectures, training sessions, Q&A, and hands-on activities using Nubia. Each session will build on the one before it, so you’ll have a comprehensive holistic grasp of pranayama, mudra, and mantra practices to nurture power and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

Module 1: Earth – Honoring Your Physical Body and Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Practice

Nubia will walk you through the mandala of your incarnation by recognizing your physical body as your lifetime partner in this beginning session. You’ll spend a few moments talking to and honoring your body with your loving awareness.

As you learn to just watch the natural movement of your breath, you’ll notice the areas of your body where you don’t sense the presence of prana, or vital energy.

You’ll then journey into some of the most simple and effective breathing practices — to construct a stable and fruitful basis upon which to grow your pranayama practice — without attempting to change anything.

You’ll discover: Using the physical body as the bindu (focal point), you’ll discover:

Prana channeling and body scanning
Prana Kriya and Sahaja (spontaneous breathing) (yogic breath)
Mula Bandha is the root activator and lock.
Full-Cycle Pranayama, or the four breath phases
Fear-not gesture, or Abhaya Mudra
Chatura Mudra, followed by a firmness meditation
Muladhara chakra awareness and the earth element
Water — Honoring Your Energetic Body & Clearing Your Emotional Inner Rivers Module 2

While traveling through your landscape’s inner rivers, you will urge the healing waters to flow more freely — and conduct pranic liquid light into the huge ocean of your heart.

Prana is a form of energy that travels like water, according to modern science. The ancient rishis, or seers, of India believed that our prana flows with the command of our thoughts — and that it may flow through our bodies’ nadis, or inner rivers, to awaken our hidden abilities.

In this module, Nubia will ask you to let your emotions, sentiments, and memories to come to the surface — and then offer them as an act of submission and devotion into the stream of the oceanic cosmic consciousness.

With this invitation to let the waters to flow, you will investigate:

Prachala, or torso churning
Simhasana, or lion’s breath, is a breath and movement ritual.
Sitali and Sitkari, as well as the cooling pranayamas Jihva Bandha and tongue activator
The Pushaputa giving gesture and the Pendulum cleaning gesture
With a meditation on sustenance, the Annapurna gesture
Swadhisthana chakra awareness and the water element
Fire – Honoring Your Mental Body, Purifying Your Thoughts, and Sharpening Your Vision

You will reignite, concentrate, and prioritize your spiritual goal in this lifetime throughout this session.

You’ll arrive at the middle of your trip with an immovable base and new vitality to ignite the inner fire of creativity — and open your inner sight to revelation and spiritual direction.

Nubia will demonstrate the pranayama methods required to ignite the fire of transformation in your navel area.

As the fire goes like light up to the heart and eyes, it burns impurities that may be preventing you from understanding your actual nature — and the actions you need to take to achieve your life’s dharma.

As you’ll see, now is the moment to concentrate on how you might grow closer to your soul’s path.

With the rising of your inner fire, you will investigate:

Trataka, or eye purification
Drishtis are focus locations for the activation of Shakti energy.
Kapalabhati and Bhastrika (bellows breath) (skull-shining breath)
Abdominal fire activation, Agnisara Dhauti
Trikona, awakening the flames
Varada’s action is accompanied by a reflection on charity.
The awareness of the fire element and the Manipura chakra

Module 4: Air – Honoring Your Wisdom Body, Extending Your Breath, and Connecting with Your Spiritual Heart

The trip back home begins during this lesson as you study the element of air (heart chakra awareness).

Your spiritual heart’s North Star is glowing brighter now. In this stage in your trip, you will have done much inner work to reach at the center of your chest, the area of all beginnings (and ends).

Following the light of your North Star can help you recall your innate inner wisdom as well as the best memories of your soul-being — the one that brought you here to incarnate, live, and share your truth.

Working with the heart center involves the air element, as well as the unseen, the sensation of touch, and the openness to divine grace.

The location is right here, the time is right now, the goal is eternity, and the reality is love.

You’ll discover: With the gift of homecoming, you’ll be able to open your heart.

How to Harness the Thymus’ Power
A heart-opening pranayama practice
Jalandhara Bandha (chin lock) in conjunction with Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock) and Mula Bandha (root lock)
Mantra of Buddha Maitreya
Hridaya Mudra (heart gesture) with a love meditation
Ether – Honoring Your Divine Body, Communicating With Light, and Vibrating With Your Soul Module 5

A circle, dark like the night sky, is the yantra, or holy symbol, representing the element of ether.

This final session will teach you how the element of ether (Vishuddhi chakra awareness) creates room for all the other components to arise…

After this manifestation cycle is completed, the four components return to their original ethereal Source.

This process mirrors your journey as a soul – a spiritual person inhabiting a physical body. It depicts the journey of being separated from the Universal Soul, the need to be reunited, and the profound realization that there is more to our existence than we can see or grasp.

Nubia will guide you through the sky’s mirror, revealing how you might direct your look skyward and inside to begin co-creating your reality.

This module will teach you:

Ujjayi Pranayama and Bhramari Pranayama (bee breath) (victorious breath)
Karana Mudra, also known as the Heart Sutra Prayer, is an evil-dispelling gesture.
The meditation gesture Dhyana Mudra with Soham Breath
Padma Mudra is a lotus gesture used in conjunction with Meditation of Great Accomplishment.
A chakra cleansing ritual

The Bonus Collection for Breathing Into Balance

Along with Nubia’s revolutionary 5-part video course, you’ll receive these amazing supplements to supplement the curriculum and deepen your learning and practice.

The Essence of Hanuman: The Awakener of Devotion & Service in the Heart Nubia Teixeira Video Teaching

Nubia will introduce you to the “son of the wind,” Pavana Suta Hanuman, as well as the personification of life energy (prana) and devotion in this devotional yoga video (bhakti). She’ll share Hanuman’s favorite chant, his holy symbol, some of his many gifts to mankind, and the delicate flows of the five primary winds in the body via storytelling and practice.

Nubia Teixeira’s Yoga & the Art of Mudras PDF Guide

This extract from Nubia’s book, Yoga and the Art of Mudras, invites you to use ceremony to respect the five compositional components. You’ll learn five hand gestures, or mudras, as well as five rituals and meditations that honor the five elements as the foundation of all creation (within and without). Nubia created this guidebook to assist you in connecting with life’s primary source — and to provide you with a natural, uncomplicated method of honoring life and the wonder of creation inside. You’ll also see stunning photographs that teach mudra abilities as expressive arts — as well as some profound and powerful essential motions for meditation.

Pranayama means “let our breath be our prayer.”
Nubia Teixeira’s Audio Meditations

Nubia will lead you through two restorative practices (Maitreya Prayer and Phases of the Breath) that combine breathing exercises with open-hearted meditation, imagery, and song. Prana, the vital force in the air we breathe, connects our inner and exterior worlds, as well as all beings and all nature. The quantity and quality of prana that flows inside your body influences your vitality level. Discover how pranayama may help you expand and cleanse your internal energy store (conscious breathing).

What Others Are Saying About Nubia Teixeira….

“I Have Been Able to Come Home to Myself in a Deeper Way,” says Gabriela Masala.

“Nubia Is One of the Deepest, Most Spiritual, Most Knowledgeable Yoga Teachers I Have Ever Met,” says Jai Uttal.

“Nubia is our guide on this lovely voyage into ancient knowledge.”

We may utilize our hands to deepen our meditation in the form of these sacred mudras, just as we use our voices to recite the sacred name. Nubia is our guide on this lovely voyage into ancient knowledge. She gives with elegance, wisdom, understanding, and enthusiasm – what a gift!

— Deva Premal, contemplative mantra muse and musician

“Nubia is an otherworldly apsara who was born among us mortals…”

The hands are heart extensions, representing what is in your heart. Mudras are hand gestures that narrate stories. Nubia’s hands depict the angelic stories and music of her heart – the eternal dwelling of divine love where God and the soul dance in ecstasy. Nubia is an otherworldly apsara who has taken human form in order to reveal us the keys to heaven’s heart and how to open the secret door.

― Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga founder

“Nubia turns a modest place into a temple…”

In her Bhakti-Nova style Odissi dance, Nubia Teixeira imbues her movements with beauty, dedication, and elegance. Nubia turns a basic area into a shrine and leads her pupils on a trip into the joy and love of this ancient dance. Her distinct, approachable style makes learning Odissi attainable, and the experience rich in connection and significance.

Dance Me Home, A Moving Journey, by Lynn Wallace

“She is a wonderful educator whose genuineness and delight illuminate the path…”

Nubia’s courses are works of art, weaving together her enormous knowledge and skill of asana, mudras, mantras, and pranayama into an hour-long voyage of genuine flow and song. She is a wonderful instructor whose sincerity and pleasure illuminate the path as she teaches her pupils via song, hands-on corrections, and a joyful and devotional approach to her lectures. I am honored to have her as a teacher and guide.

— Naia Maro, a yoga instructor and artist

What You’ll Get Five 90-Minute Recorded Nubia Teixeira Class Sessions

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study from the founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga in the privacy of your own home. Each class session includes a video instruction that walks you through the discovery of particular skills and talents for cultivating strength and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

Transcripts of five class sessions in PDF format

You will receive the whole class transcripts in addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios. The most essential ideas and techniques you were provided can then be reviewed, printed, and highlighted.

Each lesson has exercises and questions.

You will have the opportunity of doing relevant tasks, practicing new skills, and answering questions between class sessions to speed your learning and integrate each course.

The Bonus Collection for Breathing Into Balance
The Essence of Hanuman: The Awakener of Devotion & Service in the Heart Nubia Teixeira’s Video Teaching Yoga & the Art of Mudras Nubia Teixeira’s PDF Guide
Pranayama means “let our breath be our prayer.”
Nubia Teixeira’s Audio Meditations
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in The Art of Breathing Into Balance With Pranayama, Mudras, and Mantras Online Training.

We are grateful that Nubia Teixeira has chosen to collaborate with The Shift Network to provide this special online training. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from an author, yoga trainer, and yoga school founder whose profound thoughts and trailblazing efforts are assisting us in healing and awakening ourselves and our planet.

You owe it to yourself to attend this one-of-a-kind program if you’re serious about learning breathwork practices to purify, strengthen, and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your personal evolution, register today by clicking the button below.


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