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 Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello

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From the Desk of John Romaniello

NYT Bestselling Author & Fitness Expert

Okay, so I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The good news is that I know you. We’ve never met, but I bet I know a lot about you.

I know that you’re probably in decent shape. That you’ve been around the gym a while, and know how to exercise; that you’re not really some newbie who doesn’t know a dumbbell from a doorknob.

I also know that despite that experience, you’re still struggling. That despite the fact you might be in “good” shape, you can’t seem to get into GREAT shape.

I know that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to lose that last bit of stubborn weight, those few pounds of fat that are keeping you from getting your ideal body; what I call your OMEGA body.

And I know that you—and thousands of others just like you—are frustrated beyond reason that no matter how hard you try, no matter what diet you use or how often you exercise…

…you just can’t seem to lose those last 5-10 pounds.

Yeah. That’s the GOOD news.

The BAD news is that most people in your situation will NEVER lose those pounds. Most people will NEVER go from good to great. Most people will struggle for YEARS to lose the last bit of fat, until they finally give up.

Simply put, the bad news is that the vast majority of people will never achieve their OMEGA body; they’re never get to see the “final” version of their physique, fully developed and without the extra flab.

And I’m going to tell you how YOU can be in the minority. How YOU can be in the 1%. How YOU can lose those stubborn pounds and unveil that Omega body.

But first…

Have you ever wondered WHY it’s so hard to lose those pounds? Why it’s easier to lose the first FIFTY than the last 5?

If you’re like me, I bet you have. And, chances are, you’ve looked everywhere for an answer.

You’ve spent the money on all the magazines, scoured every article on the Internet…but you’re more confused by all the conflicting advice.

So-called “experts”—everyone from bodybuilders to overweight personal trainers to your one friend who lost 30 pounds so automatically knows what they’re talking about—tell you it’s actually easy…

…that all it comes down to is energy balance – simple – and that you just need to “move more” and “eat less.”

Well, they’re wrong. It’s not easy. Sure, energy balance is a real factor…but the idea that you can just move more and eat less to get into killer shape has a FATAL flaw (which I’ll cover in detail below).

Then there are the Celebrity Doctors promoting juice cleanses, specialty berries, and skin creams. You know…those “miracle” supplements that are supposed to suppress your appetite, rev up your metabolism, and eliminate fat…

…while you sit on the couch and tune in so the Doc can pitch you on something else.

Obviously, those are BS. But, if you feel like there’s just 5-10 pounds separating you from your dream body…well, who can blame you for rolling the dice on something that maybe—just maybe—can have 0.0035% impact?

I get it. Like I said, I know you.

And I know you feel like you’ve TRIED everything from over-hyped supplements to meathead trainers…

but instead of losing the final 10 pounds you lose $$$ from your wallet. Wanna know the scary thing? The scary thing is that you’re probably doing most things right.

You watch what you eat, you workout hard 3-4 times a week, and you’re taking all the right supplements.

Why is that the “scary” thing? Because even though you’re doing all the things you’re SUPPOSED TO, the love handles are still there, your pants are still tight, and you’re still UNCOMFORTABLE taking your shirt off.

Have you ever just looked in the mirror and wondered what MORE should you be doing?

I know I have. And I can tell you from experience, it’s a really awful feeling. And it’s not one I wish on anyone.

Truly, I don’t want you to feel stuck. I don’t want you to hate your body or feel ashamed because of the way you look.


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Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello