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If you’re finally ready to take your business and life up a few levels (where the earning potential is unlimited and you’re no longer living your life sitting behind a computer) …

Then it’s time to do what it takes to make it a reality.

Using the exact same system my company has used to help generate over $4 million this year for entrepreneurs through their online courses and programs.

It’s a proven formula to save yourself from wasting months… or even years… of time, money and frustration trying to figure out everything on your own.


See, it’s no secret that creating an online course is one of the fastest ways to scale your business, become known as an expert and serve way more people than you could ever do when your business model is limited by how many hours you have in a day.

Not to mention the time and freedom that comes along with it.

But because the benefits are so attractive, the online course space has become hyper-competitive over the last few years.

More and more people everyday are trying to get their piece of the $107 billion online learning industry and it’s not slowing down.

But the truth is, more course creators are failing now then ever before.

I’m going to tell you the honest, hard-to-hear truth that most people don’t want to talk about…

The game has changed. Customers expect more and the industry has become very crowded and very saturated.

Ad costs are continuously rising and the market is experiencing “course fatigue” due to the never-ending stream of launches hitting their inbox and newsfeed on a daily basis.

But don’t lose hope yet…

There is still a TON of money to be made selling online courses across many different industries and niches –

but only IF you avoid these three major mistakes.


  • Because my entire company revolves around online course creation, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time studying what makes the best the best so I can model, experiment and improve upon these strategies for my private clients.And what I’ve found is that while most course creators are struggling to make a few sales, there are many entrepreneurs across practically every industry bringing in 5, 6 and 7 figures EVERY time they launch and will continue to do so because they’ve created their course in a way that most (that fail) do not.
  • These course creators are among the top 1% and the rewards are massive. So what allows them to run circles around everyone else?They have a complete strategy and excel in each of the core 6 elements of an online course. And in doing so…
    • Competition becomes irrelevant…
    • The demand for your course skyrockets…
    • People are happy to pay premium prices…
    • You position yourself as an authority within the industry…

Instead of wondering and hoping that all the work, time and money you’ve invested will pay off, you already KNOW it will.

This type of certainty is power.

But missing just one of these elements significantly decreases the likelihood that you’re going to see the results you want.

And while each element is vital, the most important (and most often done incorrectly) is the way your course is structured.

Which leads me to…


See, people are more than happy to pay whatever price you set if you can expedite the process of getting them from where they are…

…to where they want to be with less headache and stress than they could on their own.

And since time is money, people are willing to pay for speed.

So the ones who win in this game are the ones who are able to produce results for their customers. However, results don’t happen just by learning something.

Can you think of a time when you knew what you needed to do to reach a result but yet you still didn’t do it?

Getting in shape is an easy example we can all relate to because you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what needs to be done…

Eat well, exercise more, sleep better and drink a ton of water.

And yet the majority of the population isn’t anywhere near their fitness goals.

  • It’s about baking in the must-have elements that turn your course from “just another info product”……to a successful, profitable flagship course.Not only does your course need to be structured in a specific way that produces results,But it also must incorporate key ingredients that leverage basic human psychology to motivate your customers to take action, retain what they learn and engage.
  • Because the only way your customers even have the chance of reaching the outcome your course is promising to deliver, is if they implement what you teach.Therefore, your course should be designed around actions rather than information.The more you can get your customers to take action, the better their results will be, better results means higher demand for your course, and the increase in demand increases the value which allows you to increase the price.
  • Obviously, you can’t force someone to do something but with what I’ll teach you in Online Courses Academy, your user engagement and completion rate will be better than 90% of other courses out there (instructional design is one of my specialities).And this is the first domino that set’s off a chain reaction of positive outcomes. See action leads to results and results encourage your customers to take more action. This consistent implementation leads to the achievement of the goal your course promised.So your customers become your own little marketing army, spreading the word about what they were able to achieve after taking your program. And not only does the demand for your program begin to multiply, your loyal customers are also ready and waiting to buy whatever you have to offer next.
  • And this is when the customer lifetime value makes a big impact on your bottom line.Just imagine how it will feel to hear raving testimonials from your customers about how because of you, they were able to make a significant change in their life. Imagine being recognized for your unique skills and the impact you’ve been able to make.Imagine being able to work completely in your zone of genius instead of taking on projects or clients you don’t want just because you need to pay the bills.Imagine what type of effect this can have on your business, your life, and your relationships. This is the mission behind Online Courses Academy – to be the first domino that leads to a richer, happier more free version of you.

I’m so passionate about this because I’ve seen the results and I know it works.

For years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs just like you turn what they know into a valuable business asset that brings in money now and for years to come.

So I’m always studying what differentiates the best out there…

And when I took a deeper look at what separated the successes from failures, I realized there were really 4 levels of online Courses


We’re absolutely flooded with information. Everything you could ever want to know can be found out with a simple Google search. The problem is that this takes a lot of time and effort to figure out whats good advice and what’s crap. And the sheer volume of information available leads to overwhelm without action. Therefore a product that is essentially a compilation of information can be difficult to even give away for free.


The second level of value is a course that takes information and delivers it in a specific process, system or framework. Basically, it’s providing a method to the madness. This is much more valuable but it falls short by not giving customers the tools and resources to help make taking action easier.


The level three courses provide a systematic approach to achieving a result and encourage customers to take action on what is taught by providing resources such as worksheets and activities. When people have clarity on exactly what they need to do next they are far more likely to actually do it. After all, “complexity is the enemy of execution”.


The final and most valuable course is a program that inspires a transformation in the customers life. This goes beyond learning a new concept or putting it into use. As a result of taking the course the customers is able to make significant improvements to their life. These are the courses with the highest demand and people are happy to pay premium prices.

These are just a few, and as you can see there isn’t just one type of industry where online courses are successful.

In fact, I have yet to find a business or industry that an online course wouldn’t work.

As long as there’s a market with a problem you can solve, and you have the right framework and strategy to follow, it will work for you as well. The only thing left to do now is build it.

But there is that minor obstacle you have to overcome – TECHNOLOGY.

Which leads me to our last most common mistake…


Your memberhship site is the central hub of your course and brings everything to life. Therefore it should be built on a reliable platform that supports your business needs now and in the future. On top of that, the way it’s designed plays a big role in the perceived value. So love it or hate it – looks do matter.

All too often I see entrepreneurs agonize over which systems to use, and end up opting for what they think is the “easier” option. Only to find out that “easy”really isn’t that easy when the systems don’t support your needs.

So the much better and long term solution is to build your course on WordPress. Here’s 5 reasons why…

Here’s 5 reasons why…


When you don’t own the platform your course is built on you have no control over that system. Things can change at any time like monthly costs, transactions fees, integrations, design and layouts among others.When it comes to a valuable business asset, I like to manintain as much control as possible and you probably feel the same way.


With 3rd party platforms what you see is pretty much what you get and you’re very limited with changes that can be made.

When you create your course on WordPress using a theme with a drag-and-drop page builder, it’s extremely simple and you get to design your course to look exactly how you want and you don’t have to use cookie cutter templates.


As your business grows and new technology is released there is a high probability that your needs will change in the near future. When your course is built on WordPress you have extreme flexibility to integrate with whatever you need instead.


Third party platforms either charge high monthly fees or they charge a transaction fee. That means that every time you make a sale you have to pay a certain percentage to them on top of the 3% credit card fees.

That starts to really add up.


Often times, after customers are finished with your course they want to keep learning from you. Adding a membershio option is a great way to add a recurring revenue stream to your business and increase the customer lifetime value. When you create your course on WordPress you have the flexibility to add on to your site anyway you choose.


Here’s a summary of everything we’ll cover in this program…

(Two versions! If you’re using Infusionsoft I recommend using Memberium, if not I recommend Memberpress!)

Get Megan Harrison – Online Courses Academy at the standbysun


Here’s a summary of everything we’ll cover in this program…

(Two versions! If you’re using Infusionsoft I recommend using Memberium, if not I recommend Memberpress!)

Virtually guarantee your success…

  • Connector.
    5 ways to test your idea so it’s guaranteed to succeed
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to turn your competition into a competitive advantage
  • Connector.Connector.
    The three types of swipe files you need to have and the best tools to use to create them.
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to get inside the psychology of your prospects (so you know exactly what product to create and how to persuade them to buy)
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to spy on your potential customers (in a non-creepy way)
  • Connector.
    How to tap into your prospects real desires and formulate an irresistible offer based on them.

This module lays the foundation for your entire course. The success of your course is completely dependent upon structuring it the RIGHT way and that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do in these lessons.

  • Connector.
    The pro’s and con’s of an evergreen and live course and how to know which one is best for you.
  • Connector.Connector.
    The 4 delivery formats for your course and what format is best for your specific content and audience.
  • Connector.Connector.
    What your course absolutely must promise in order to sell
  • Connector.Connector.
    A simple formula to craft the perfect pricing strategy that maximizes your bottom line.
  • Connector.Connector.
    A minset tweak that will turn overwhelm into creativity and insights
  • Connector.
    Deep dive into the Result Centered Training Formula: A 7-step framework for how to get everything out of your head and structured in a strategic way that produces results.
  • Connector.
    The perfect workflow for creating your course content in a fraction of the amount of time (without sacrificing quality)
  • Connector.Connector.
    The strategy behind what makes amazing worksheets and step-by-step training on how to design beautiful, professional PDFs.
  • Connector.Connector.
    The key slides you should include in every lesson
  • Connector.Connector.
    A surefire formula that allows you to deliver your content in a smooth, clear and concise way.
  • Connector.Connector.
    Step-by-step training on how to create your slides using Keynote and Powerpoint (plus a slide deck template!)
  • Connector.Connector.
    My favorite strategies for making scripting your videos so much faster (and a lot less painful of a process)
  • Connector.
    Filming, Editing & Hosting Your Videos – The best tools and step-by-step training on how to film, edit and host your videos. Plus how to make them more engaging and professional.

This module takes the scariest part of course creation for most people and makes it cave-man simple. Seriously… it’s step by step all the way through. We’ll cover how to create your course using Memberium (for Infusionsoft users) or Memberpress (for non-Infusionsoft users)

  • Connector.
    Setting Up WordPress
  • Connector.Connector.
    Creating your course with LearnDash and how to set up engaging modules and quizzes
  • Connector.Connector.
    Integrating Payments – How to establish the payment gateway to transfer sales into your bank account.
  • Connector.Connector.
    Connecting your email automation with your course, whether you’re starting from scratch or integrating the system you use now.
  • Connector.Connector.
    Customizing your done-for-you page templates – You’ll receive 8 professionally designed page templates for your course that can be customized with a few clicks.
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to set up drip content for your course if you want modules to be released one week at a time.
  • Connector.
    And so much more! Plus join me every week for office hours and www can do it together (nothing could be easier than that!)
  • Connector.
    How to meet, connect with and partner with (almost) anyone in the internet marketing community.
  • Connector.Connector.
    The perfect commission percentage to attract high quality affiliates and get them excited to promote.
  • Connector.
    Why you need an affiliate partner members area, what to include and the step-by-step training on how to set it up.

The most successful affiliate programs make promoting super simple by having everything thats needed in one place. Not only does this make running your affiliate program super simple, it also establishes trust with with your affiliates because its a sign that you have a well planned launch.

  • Includes your affiliate program software and step-by-step training on how to get everything up and running.

Even though practically everyone would agree that building an affiliate program is extremely powerful, very few people actually follow through with doing it because they have no idea how to get it all working together. Therefore, the ones that do have a massive advantage over the competition.

In this module we’ll focus on the final core element of a successful course – your launch strategy. This is where all your hard work gets to pay off and get ready to start seeing an ROI

  • Connector.
    Pre-Pre-Launch – The secret to building anticipation and segmenting your audience before the pre-launch.
  • Connector.Connector.
    The exact steps and content needed for your pre-pre-launch.
  • Connector.Connector.
    Discover the three most effective launch strategies and which is right for your course.
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to execute the famous “Jeff Walker Style” free video series launch.
  • Connector.Connector.
    A complete timeline and listing of all the emails that should be sent during your pre-launch (this alone is worth the price of the entire course)
  • Connector.Connector.
    How to drastically increase the revenue from your launch with your offer strategy
  • Connector.
    The real psychology behind why you must include a VIP version of your program


As soon as you join Online Courses Academy you’ll receive immediate access to all 6 modules. The course videos, worksheets and resources are all provided in a private members area.

Each module contains several video lessons, worksheets and assignments. Every video lesson also contains a checklist with the exact action steps you should take after completing that lesson. Simply click on the button and mark off what you’ve completed so you always know exactly what you need to do next.

This type of clarity is power!

The entire site displays perfectly on any screen size so you can participate from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

We’ve also incorporated points and badges to encourage some friendly competition and keep you motivated and on track!


Sometimes concepts need to be talked through… or are better transferred through live communication. That’s why I’m including 8 live office hour sessions so you never feel stuck or alone throughout this process.

Plus you’ll receive access to the private Facebook community where, you’ll not only receive support from me, but also from a community of entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same goal.

With a few clicks of a of a mouse you’ll be able to unlock all the guidance you could ever want.




Ever wish there was someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step? The implementation bootcamp outlines every single step of the process in a downloadable pdf, a digital checklist, as well as a check list next to each lesson!

  • Custom Login Page
  • Course Homepage
  • Module Page
  • Resources Page
  • Support Page
  • Password Reset Page
  • Affilaite Partners FAQ page
  • Affilaite Partners Swipe File Page



In order to provide a superior user experience I truly believe that design plays a big role. In addition, it drastically effects the perceived value of your course. If you look like a pro, you can charge like a pro and people will be happy to pay because the quality justifies the price point.

I can’t begin to explain how valuable these templates will be to you and just how much time they will save you. These pages are structured in a specific way that is ideal for instructional design and are modeled after multi-million dollar courses.

Simply upload the page template in one click and then use the drag and drop builder to customize anything on the entire page like…

  • Replace photos
  • Change colors
  • Change font size and colors
  • Add additional content and elements
  • Remove anything you don’t need
  • And anything else your heart desires 🙂



There’s no reason to start anything from scratch… it’s a waste of time!That’s why I’ve provided you with worksheet templates, website page templates, slide templates, script outlines and so many other resources so you always have a starting point that’s 10 steps ahead.

The slide deck has been specifically deigned for the perfect lesson flow so that your content is delivered in a clear and engaging way. Each slide outlines what you should include so it really expedites the process.

The worksheet template pack contains 6 types of worksheet that can be easily be customized to match your brand. The templates types include a checklist, short answer reflection questions, step-by-step guide and more!



Presented by Ryan Schwartz

Copywriting plays a huge role in the success of your course and Ryan Shwartz is truly one of the best in the game. He has been the man behind numerous multi-million dollar launches including Amy Porterfield’s Courses as well as Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year.

During this masterclass you’ll discover…

  • How to create a pre-launch email sequence that has customers rushing to order.
  • The most powerful email in your entire pre-launch sequence that is often completely underutilized.
  • How to use email to get inside your readers psyche (and exactly what to say to persuade them to buy)
  • Secret strategies to coach your customers to the sale
  • A simple system to make writing emails easy and natural



Megan Harrison is here to help you turn your knowledge into highly profitable online courses. You probably already have enough content to use as the foundation of your course. It’s just a matter of repurposing your content into this valuable asset. She’s an expert in online course design, consulting, and launch strategy, as well as the founder of a digital agency. Naturally, Megan also has her own online training courses and live workshops


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