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Paul Chek – PP Success – Finding your Legacy

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11 multimedia slide presentations, 4 PDF manual chapters, 1 PDF bibliography, 90 days of access to PPS counseling calls and counseling call recordings, how to find and keep old DVD sets.

Exploring and pursuing the dream of life-your legacy-is the most empowering, liberating and rewarding experience you can have. The impact is far-reaching-in spirit, emotion, body and spirit. This is why Paul created his first step plan

This package includes our online PPS Lesson 1: Identify Your Legacy, and “How to Find and Preserve Your Legacy” in eight DVDs.

The first step plan is a great way to introduce you to the amazing results provided by the successful PPS plan. During the 90-day registration period, you will receive all these “full plan” benefits:

Paul Chek produced and displayed a multimedia slide for Lesson One.

Downloadable study guides and other materials can enhance your absorption of information and start using it immediately!

Paul conducts a warm coaching call every two weeks*, you can ask any questions from Paul.

Introspective practice, in which you will determine your core values, which will guide you to achieve your goals-your own legacy.

Next, use Paul’s “How to Find and Experience Old DVDs” package to promote online learning. These eight DVD collections bring Paul’s live learning method “How to find and continue your legacy” into your living room. This DVD set is made from the best shots selected in six days of practice, speeches and group discussions. It provides you with the most powerful resources to help you realize your dreams.

Six key elements built into the seminar DVD that benefit from this innovation:

In-depth assessment of your personal life history.

Practical teaching on topics such as building your heritage and your core values.

Hands-on mandala and mind mapping exercises designed by Paul himself.

A complete illustrated manual will guide you through the basic concepts.

Have a group discussion.

Vibrant sports will rejuvenate your body and mind!

Between online courses and DVDs, we know that the “First Step Plan” will put you on track to realize your dreams, and it will be faster than expected!



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Paul Chek – PP Success – Finding your Legacy