Paul Greenhill – OG Clinic 2 Disc 2


Paul Greenhill – OG Clinic 2 Disc 2

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This is Day Two, Disc 2″Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn Inside The Wise Grappler OG Clinic: Day 2 (No-Gi)
* Learn the two most underrated guard controls grips that will give you greater control for establishing position dominance against your opponent (whether it’s gi or no-gi training)
* Discover what sweep is one of the best “setup techniques” for the guard position (for both gi and no-gi grappling)
* Having trouble hitting the “upa sweep” on your opponents? Learn how “the walkout” can render their defense counters useless
* Find out the small detail that explains why most guillotine chokes from the guard fail (and the small detail that adds to the intensity of the guillotine choke)
* Learn how to develop the proper mat-titude to keep from being a victim of “mat intimidation” (at the academy and at a tournament)
* Discover how natural reflexes (like blinking and flinching) can make you a throwing dummy for your opponents * Discover the most effective takedown setups for OGs to use (both gi and no-gi)
* Have you ever heard of “the gate” while taking the back? If not, then that’s probably the main reason why you keep giving up your back position.
Learn how to “close your gate” (and stop being the back mount dummy in class)
* Find out why the “hook slide” makes taking your opponent’s back easier (especially when they don’t know how to “close their gate”)
* Ever taken an opponent’s back, could ONLY get in one hook, and lost the dominant position? learn how to establish full back control with only one hook (shocking your opponent right before the finish)
* Discover why stepping around your opponent’s back to put in the second hook for the back position could end in disaster (causing you to lose the position and the match)
* Learn the most common mistake when applying the Mata Leao (rear-naked choke) and the most overlooked technique for finishing the RNCAnd there’s more… much more.
Unfortunately, I think I’m getting “Typist’s Cramp” from typing out all those cool grappling concepts.
Just trust me on this one, the secrets mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg.
All Thanks to mostwanted & ElCapitano for OG uploads.



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Paul Greenhill – OG Clinic 2 Disc 2