Paul Vunak – Street Safe I, II, III



Paul Vunak – Street Safe I, II, III

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For dozens of years, this material has been kept TOP SECRET (literally). It’s been possessed by a handful of legendary greats, including Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s training partner), who learned this skill from a venerable Filipino grand master, who learned it from his valiant ancestors…. who invented these moves out of sheer necessity when the tiny islands of the Philippines were being overrun for centuries by everyone from the Japanese to the Spanish to the USMC!

Humans, you see, do not fight like way for fun. Pit bulls are (well, for our entertainment, at least). But, as you’ll discover when you watch our new video clip, this Filipino martial art can transform you into a “human pit bull” capable of overwhelming ANY opponent you come across on the street… especially when you’re up against someone who’s just a better fighter than you are!

You’ll also learn how to cope with “mass assaults” (when you’re forced to fight off many guys at once)… how to utilize “eye gouges” and specific types of “bites” that will DESTROY any attacker’s will to fight. There’s also a particular section on how to employ all of these maneuvers in a bar fight. But you’ll have to view Paul Vunak’s new Street Safe 3 to see what I’m talking about. And if I told you some of the maneuvers, you’d be horrified and frightened beyond belief! We want you to remember that these procedures are only for survival. They should only be utilized in life-or-death emergencies. We believe you will keep this video “under lock and key” so that no “unauthorized eyes” see what it depicts.


-Two knives -Equalizers
Drills and knife drills
-Mass assault -3 on 1 -6 on 1 -Surprise attacks
-Biting and gouges in the eyes
-Positions 2 and 3 -Cross side
-Chokes -Mount -Biting from the choke -Biting from the guard -Eye gouge -Put it all together -Biting Effects -Training93 min.


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Paul Vunak – Street Safe I, II, III