Pavel Tsatsouline – Loaded Stretching


Pavel Tsatsouline – Loaded Stretching

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Traditional stretching programs weaken you —but stop stretching altogether and you’ll doom yourself to injuries and mediocrity! Discover the world’s only stretching protocol specifically and uniquely designed to increase — not reduce — a powerlifter’s strength. The iron elite knows that ‘being tight’ is critical to making that big lift. At the same time you can’t put up a big squat, bench press, or deadlift without having just the right amount of flexibility and only in the right places. A paradox. Ignore stretching altogether — and lose power to the joints that ‘don’t bend easy’. Do stretches designed for fighters or other athletes — and toss away strength by the bucket… because you’ll lose your crucial ‘tightness’. Either way, a dead end. Not any more. Enter Strength Stretching by Pavel, the only flexibility program custom designed to up your squat, up your bench, up your dead! * Gain up to 15% on your pulling strength — by learning how to properly arch your back * How to arch higher — and bench more — without killing your back * Master the Kettlebell Depth Squat — the Russian powerlifting secret for teaching perfect squat and pull form and developing championship flexibility * Discover how to release the hidden brakes that are silently sabotaging your deadlift * How to relax your turtle traps — and up your dead * How to squat with the big boys — without killing your shoulders and elbows * How to wide sumo with the best — and make it look easy


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Pavel Tsatsouline – Loaded Stretching