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Finally The Mentor’s Mentor And Author Of “How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Be Persuaded” Shares His Secrets—And If You Are Smart Enough To Take Action Early It Could Mean Huge Changes In Your Life & Business.

“My System Is So Dummy-Proof I Guarantee You Will Triple Your Investment In Less Than One Year Or I’ll Give You $500.00 Out Of My Pocket. Yes, That’s Right. I Will Literally Pay You If You Fail.”

How can I make this ridiculous guarantee?

Simple…No One Has Ever Failed Using My System!

“Joel Bauer Has Already Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Major Coaches, Consultants And Others Just Like You. The Question Is Not If You Will Succeed…But If You Can You Handle The Success?”

150 million people have witnessed Joel Bauer’s commanding persuasion tactics. He has been on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN and FOX

If You Want To Learn How To Consistently PRESENT Yourself And Your Business In A Way That Is Unforgettable At The First Point Of Contact, PERSUADE The Resistant And Turn Them Into Die Hard Fans And PRESERVE Those Relationships So They Produce Profit For Life…

… No Matter What You Sell, How Much Experience You Have Or What Kind Of Budget You Are On…

…Even If You’ve Tried Other Programs That Fell Short Of Their Promises…

…Then Read These Rave Reviews Of Some Of The Heavy Hitters That I’ve Trained And Mentored Using The Exact Methods Revealed In This Persuasion System…

*Above is the complete 8 Step Persuasion Power System For Creating Customers For Life. This system contains the step-by-step methods Joel Bauer uses personally to generate millions of dollars per year and the exact strategies he teaches to high-powered mentors, coaches and corporate CEOs.

With This System It Is Virtually Impossible To Fail. And If you do…Joel Will Pay You $500.00!


From: Joel Bauer, Somewhere In California

Date: Monday, April 02, 2007

Subject: I’m Not Sure You Can Handle This

Dear Friend,

Here’s what you need to know… I’m a crazy person when it comes to capturing testimonials (it’s one of the things I discuss in detail in my system).

When there’s so much hype and crap about what works and what products can make you successful, it’s imperative to have tons of proof that you actually are who you say you are and not some puffed up version of it.

And you need to reassure people that you can deliver on what you promise. Results are results, and they are the only thing that matters. Results are what really count, no matter what.

Well, ever since the release of the Persuasion Power System 6 months ago, 1600 people have chosen to invest. People from all walks of life have been convinced that I am the real deal and that they could profit wildly from my ideas. (And up until now, the only way to get your hands on this system was by attending a high-priced seminar that I was speaking at).

I’ve listed several success stories below from students I’ve coached and mentored. So keep reading, because you’ll soon realize…

That I Deliver Results…

And These People Can Attest To It

Joel bauer has brought the art and science of persuasion to a whole new level.

His remarkable technologies will amaze even the most dedicated of skeptics

—Anthony Robbins

“My name is Robert Allen. I’m a famous author of a lot of best selling books and I speak to a lot of audiences and I’m pretty good at closing…to tell you the truth I’m pretty darn good.

It took me a long time to figure that out, but by watching Joel, learning from him, I absolutely know that I’m going to take my closing percentage and double or triple it.

Because when you watch what he does and learn the techniques and the structure he uses behind what he’s teaching, you know that you can apply it to yourself. I’m going to apply it to myself…you just watch.”

—Robert Allen

Author and Speaker

“Joel Bauer has a level of impeccable perfectionism that I’ve never witnessed anywhere else in any other speaker.

I’ve been around this business for 30 years, and studied all the best of the best…politically, theologically, business-wise and academically.

I’ve never seen anyone come in and mesmerize a crowd, take ownership of their mind, please them and have them ecstatically excited to invest whatever he is selling them instantaneously. He’s the masters’ master.”

—Mark Victor Hansen,

Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul &

The One Minute Millionaire

“Joel earned his $10,000.00 (one-day) consulting fee within ten minutes of walking into my office. Joel showed us how to increase perceived value, which diminished attendees’ concerns to our high-ticket Platinum program.”

—Joe Polish, CEO

PIRANHA Marketing

“Joel spent seven days studying our technology, marketing and mind-set, creating a sales-closing presentation which created over $1.7 million dollars in sales, in just twenty-five minutes at a recent Craig Proctor Real Estate Boot Camp.

Bauer also created a short and long-form, one-on-one & one-on-5000 sales presentation, which enabled our team of over thirty to clearly & emotionally explain and sell our sophisticated marketing technology solutions.

We now have Joel present our entire presentation, and our results are massive profits while audiences laugh, scream, applaud and whip out their credit cards…!”

—Ron Romano, Co-Founder & CEO

Automated Marketing Solutions

“Joel Bauer is a phenomenon. In a one day consultation two days before our event, Joel helped prepare us to create the most profitable Piranha Marketing Boot Camp in ten years.

Our implementing just two of the ideas from Joel helped us change the environment of the seminar from a generally skeptical crowd to an “appreciative, hungry, buying” crowd.

I estimate Joel’s assistance created an increase to the financial bottom line for the Boot Camp by 20% or more.“

—Tim Paulson, President

Prime-Time Business Institute

“I went from $10,000 in credit card debt to $10,000,000 (10 Million US Dollars) in 4 years. I’ve had some of the best mentors in the country. Joel, just by watching him and spending time with him, I realized this is the guy I want as my mentor…”

—Wendy Robbins

Founder of Nowhere To Millionaire

“After having spent a fortune with three previous platform sales professionals to help identify my strengths I was still left incomplete until I found Joel Bauer.

Joel took my 10% average conversion rate to 46% after just spending three days in his company and following his guidance and his principles.

This gave me a clean clear rhythm and presentation style that works. And the results prove exactly that.”

—Mitch Carson

Direct Mail Expert

“Joel Bauer will literally change the way you conduct your business, the way you view and live your life and the results you get in terms of happiness, satisfaction and financial reward.”

—Martin Howey

Topline Business Solutions

Now, Check Out This Letter I Got From These 2 Schmegeggies (a couple of regular guys just like you) Who Invested In My System And Became Successful As A Direct Result

————- here’s the exact text from their letter ————-

“Our Wives Laughed At Us When We Told Them About Joel—But When The Cash Started Coming In Their Laughter Turned To Joy And Their Doubt Melted Away”

How an über-alpha male wearing a pink tie changed the course of our lives in less than 90 days—and why our story affects you…

Last November (2005) we drove 7 hours to Atlanta for a free boot camp. You see, we had to drive (from Orlando) because we didn’t want to spend the money on plane tickets. Both of our wives were pregnant and we needed to save every dollar to cover the upcoming expenses (delivery, diapers, doctors, etc.). We even stayed at a friend’s apartment so we wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel.

Our business was doing OK. We were making money—just not a lot. But our wives were getting tired of the empty promises and hopeful expectations. We always seemed to be just days away from our big break, but something always seemed to go wrong.

We were sitting there in the boot camp with our eyes glazing over from hour after hour of regurgitated information and thinly disguised, poorly delivered pitches. We were desperately hoping that someone would take the microphone who could tell us something new…something that would make a difference.

Enter Joel Bauer. Joel took the room by surprise during his extreme two and a half hour presentation. People were shocked. Both of us had to use the bathroom…and badly…but we couldn’t do it. We were frozen in our seats, unable to move, awestruck by the performance.

At the end of his presentation we began filling out the order form for his system. He hadn’t even told us the price yet—but it didn’t matter. We figured, if we can glean enough information from Joel to be even ¼ as good as he is, it would be worth thousands of dollars (which we didn’t really have). We ended up spending more money on Joel’s system than we would have spent on 2 plane tickets and a few nights in a hotel room. Funny how things work out…

The next day we started driving home. We realized we didn’t even know what we had just bought. Sure…we knew there were DVDs, audio CDs, templates, a manual. But what was it all? Thinking back, it seemed like we were hypnotized…like we had bought something without even knowing what it was. We were actually worried that we might have gotten swindled by a fast talking pitchman.

After a couple of weeks our system finally arrived. It was Thanksgiving weekend. Skeptical, we opened the package and began watching the DVDs. We ended up spending the whole weekend locked in a room in front of the TV ignoring our families. Our wives were going nuts. They were making fun of us, teasing us. “Wrap your package,” they would taunt sarcastically.

But you know what? It worked. The ideas we learned from Joel were simple. Things we could do quickly, right away, and for not a lot of money. Immediately we changed the way we were dressing. Switching from Hawaiian shirts and jeans to the best suits we could afford. We bought cufflinks and pocket squares. We even talked our wives into giving us manicures. Rest assured our wives’ laughter grew louder.

Using his unique ideas we polished up our personal brand and created simple and low-cost tools we could use to present ourselves in the best way to potential customers, partners, and other influential people.

Using Joel’s system we harnessed local and national trade publicity for ourselves and were quickly asked to write regular columns in a couple of trade journals.

Just 15 days after receiving Joel’s system we had a little booth at a small trade show. We didn’t spend any money on a fancy booth setup. Instead we followed Joel’s instructions on how to write a book in one day, how to develop a powerful “quick pitch” and we learned a couple of “transformation mechanisms” (magic tricks with a point). We showed up at this trade show and you know what we did? We created a crowd around our booth. We entertained, we dazzled, we persuaded. While most people leave a trade show with leads that are never followed up with, we left with powerful relationships with people who wanted more of us!

This isn’t just about direct mail, or sales letters, or cold calling, post cards, or web sites, or any other technical aspects of marketing. We had already invested thousands learning about that stuff. No. What Joel taught us was how to present ourselves in the best possible light, persuade effectively, and preserve powerful relationships using whatever vehicles we chose.

We now have a presence in our marketing…and are perceived as trusted advisors instead of product pushers. Joel helped us meld all of the tactical marketing concepts we already knew into a cohesive presence that made an impact. We like to believe that we are rarely forgotten. And that has been made possible by Joel and the “gift” he shared with us through his system.

Now, just a few short months since we received his system, our income is higher than it ever has been. One of the babies are born and the other is just weeks away. But we’re no longer worried. We’re no longer wondering where that extra money will come from. We now feel confident in our ability to create increasing wealth on an ongoing basis. And the foundation of that confidence is our improved ability to transform moments and persuade people—and that’s what we learned from Joel.

So how does this impact you? Well, if you’re reading this you probably have already invested in his system or are thinking about investing. Take it from two business owners who didn’t want to spend the money on a hotel room—the system works and it is worth whatever you spent. Our best advice is to implement rapidly. If you do, you’re more than likely to earn your investment back with dividends very quickly. Ignore his advice at your own peril!

Best Wishes For Your Orange Success,

Travis Miller & Jimmy Vee

You Have Four Seconds…

…To capture the attention and hearts of everyone you meet. Because in four seconds people will make a decision about you. They “size you up” and slap a label on you. They will create a lasting impression of who you are and what you’re all about.

Forgettable or Unforgettable?

Successful or Unsuccessful?

Remarkable or Unremarkable?

Do you have anything to offer?

Can you help me achieve my goals?

All that happens in four seconds. And most likely your first four seconds are working to your disadvantage.

What do the first four seconds

say about you?

In the first four seconds of meeting me, people want what I’ve got. They never forget me and they always ask for more. Think about this for a second…

What would it mean to your business and life if you could produce that kind of reaction everywhere you went?

What if you could create that kind of impression on everyone you met?

Could it help you improve your career or business?

Could it help you establish better relationships and friendships?

Could it make you a more powerful salesperson,

communicator or businessperson?

Could it make you more money in the next 90 days?

I can tell you with certainty that it will change your life. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I even guarantee it with my own money. This one simple technique has gotten me countless free upgrades to first class on airplanes, free upgrades to the finest suites in hotels and the best tables and unattainable reservations in the hottest restaurants around the world.

Just listen to what kind of impact my first four seconds makes…

“I Would Have Saved You First”

I received this letter from a flight attendant. We only met for a brief moment—but I impacted her to such a powerful degree she decided to write me. As you see in her letter, in the event of an emergency, she would “save me first.” How’s that for a first impression?

Two Types Of People…

Which Group Are You In?

There are two types of people in this world. The first group is very small. They are the people who get what they want in life, are extremely successful, are financially free and live life on their own terms without compromise.

They achieve this because they know how to present themselves effectively in the first four seconds, communicate that what they offer is of immense value to the other person and then tell them why they must take the next step to create a relationship.

The second group is the made up of everyone else…people who can’t communicate and rarely get what they get. This is the group that leaves their success up to chance and works countless hours banging their head against the wall trying to get ahead but always falling short of the mark.

Am I Any Different From You?

I was born with spinal meningitis. My mother was told I was going to die. They told her to go home so she wouldn’t have to endure the pain of watching her baby suffer in a hospital incubator. They left me in incubator for two weeks. They gave me an experimental drug that killed 98.2% of all children who took it but…I survived.

From then until I was seven years old I sat in the corner and played with a piece of paper. I failed first, second and third grade. My mother thought I was the most well behaved child on earth but all her friends and family said I was retarded, a moron…hopeless.

Fortunately for you, my mother moved me from Philadelphia to upstate New York to keep me removed from all the negativity. She didn’t want to believe I was retarded. Then at age seven I was introduced to magic and I came out of my shell.

By the time I was 13 I was making $30,000 a year doing birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs. By age 15 I was a stage performer on Carnival Cruise Lines and one year later I became the youngest featured entertainer in the cruising industry.

Later in life I used my skills to help huge companies attract the attention of potential customers at some of the largest trade shows in the world. I get paid tens of thousands of dollars to persuade people to the mammoth company’s way of thinking, to move potential customers to action and to help those companies preserve those new relationships with their customers  for life.

You can see why these big companies put their trust in me…You know the reason is because I deliver results. Companies like IBM, Qwest, Mitsubishi, 3M, Canon, General Motors, IBM, Motorola, Panasonic, and Philips have retained massive profits due to the persuasion principles I am exposing to you in this system.

Wall Street Journal said:

“Joel Bauer is undoubtedly the chairman of the board of corporate trade show rainmaking.”

Wired Magazine said:

“Joel Bauer produces an incredible feat of mass obedience that has to be seen to be believed.”

LA Times said:

“Instead of the small docile crowds at most booths, here there were over 140 people jockeying for position all listening spellbound to Joel Bauer.”

Fast Company Magazine said:

“Joel Bauer is an expert in winning the attention of people with lots of choices about where to spend their time.”

Why do I tell you all this?

It’s not braggadocia. You need to know this because you can do it too.

You can learn a powerful lesson from my past experiences. This incredible information has taken me a lifetime to understand, develop and hone and now I’m giving it to you.

So, What IS The Difference

Between You And Me?


The choices that I make are different form the choices you make. Mainly because you don’t know what kind of choices you should be making. We learn from modeling or copying others. We’ve learned by copying our parents, our teachers and our mentors.

You must make choices that are proven that work over and over again. Making choices that are transferable, duplicatable and simple is the key to success. Making these kinds of choices is a systematic method for achieving greatness.

2 Keys To Getting

Everything You Want In Life

Key #1: Create Systems

I always use systems because systems allow you to make choices that work over and over again. My persuasion methods are based on systems. A system that works every single time. Based upon absolute fact. Not based on trial and error. I don’t teach anything that’s chancy or anything that’s based on guess-work..

I only teach concepts, tactics and strategies that are guaranteed. Elements I have used successfully that you will be able to learn, rip-off, duplicate and be successful with.

When I’m faced with a choice or I’m creating a system I always ask myself 3 things…

  1. Is it easy?
    2. Does it work?
    3. Can someone else do it
    (is it easy to duplicate)?
    The answers must all be YES! and that is absolutely what you will find in my Persuasion Power System! You will be able to apply these principles immediately.

Key #2 Arouse Child Like Curiosity

As you’ve gotten older your mind and spirit have been bogged down by failure, rejection and stress. You’ve lost your natural ability to see things from the eyes of a child, a vantage point that is unobstructed by fear, caution and responsibility.

Fear: Children do not fear that they will be outcasts or demoralized for their imagination or ideas. The do not get jaded until we anchor them with our invisible chains of societal pressure, standards and responsibly.

Caution: Children go headlong into their problems and use creative methods and any means available to them to overcome obstacles that prevent them from attaining their desired goals.

Responsibility: Children do not have the responsibility of work, life and family to endure on a daily basis. This absence allows them the free time to be more creative, fresh and to allow their subconscious mind to help them solve problems and achieve bigger things.

Everyone—your prospects, your customers your friends and family—all long to have this back. You see, when you think like a child your imagination is free and then you can achieve anything.

Even if only for a second…they long to feel the freedom and power of child like curiosity. If you can master this skill you can create opportunities to transform the moment for everyone you interact with. Get them to feel good and at the same time give yourself a prime opportunity to present yourself, persuade them to your way of thinking and ultimately preserve that relationship for life.

How To Be Unforgettable When You First Meet Someone

Do something extraordinary… Throw away all your business cards and your promotional material. It’s crap! It’s one of the reasons why you are so forgettable.

Look at this card…It’s garbage and if you handed it out you would be forgotten instantly. This business card belongs to one of my clients and close friends. A wonderful person who gives genuinely to everyone he comes in contact with. He is the type of person who brings enormous value to the table and makes well over a million dollars a year and has helped many other people do the same.

He is a husband, father of 6 and a grandfather of 17. He is an amazing person and someone everyone would be better off knowing. But by the looks of his card you would think twice.

By the looks of this card he’s nobody, with nothing to offer anyone. This is exactly what people think about you.

My system shows you in detail the exact step-by-step methods I use to recreate my clients’ image so that they command attention at the first point of contact. I show you exactly what I do to help them create powerful introductions, lead-ins and Unique Positioning Statements.

These are not guesses. These are tested and proven formulas that the biggest names in every business imaginable are using right now. Corporate CEOs, coaches, mentors, authors, celebrities and many business owners and professionals just like you. Frankly, these methods are surprisingly simple but very rarely known by anyone.

We redesigned Martin’s business card and the new one has produced huge revenue for him. In live events I’ve sold my business card for as much as $300 (for ONE BUSINESS CARD). Not the templates or strategy. One of my business cards sold for $300.

Why would someone pay $300 for one business card when they get tons of them for free that they throw away???

it’s that good.

The secret of my business card and the exact formula I used to rebuild Martin’s is in this system!

Here’s A Glimpse Into My 30 Year Proven Persuasion Trick Bag… All My Secrets Are Now “On Paper”

In This System.

Be Prepared To Learn…

How To Instantly Grab People’s Attention With Bear-Trap Quickness And Holding Power.

The Secrets Of Using Voice And Body Language To Make People Love And Adore You. Not Knowing These Secrets Is Costing Your Thousands Of Dollars And Many Positive Relationships.

Jaw Dropping Techniques For Establishing Respect, Credibility And Rapport In 4 Seconds Or Less. Because You Don’t Know This Is Why You Don’t Have As Much Business As You Need.

The Few Words You Should Never Use, Under Any Circumstances, Unless You Truly Want To Fail.

Positioning And Differentiation Tactics That Make All Of Your Competition Minor League And You Only And Obvious Choice In Your Market.

Power-House Publicity Insider Knowledge That Can Get You On Even The Biggest Talk Shows. I’ll Even Give You The Exact Press Releases That Have Landed My On Shows Like (The Other Half, Power Lunch & CNN)

What To Say When A Producer Asks You What You Do And How To Turn That Into A Massive Flood Of Calls, Orders And Cash. Don’t Blame Me If Your Web Server Crashes from all the hits!

The law of scarcity is a wealth building tool. Many other so-called experts like to hold things back. Keep a few of the really good, really juicy secrets only for their top clients or for themselves. But I don’t believe in it. I believe in giving everything—going all in.

These same formulas and systems have literally transformed people’s businesses virtually overnight. And they’re all in my system—ready for you to steal them and make them your own (more on this later). But don’t take my word for it.

Listen To What These People Have To Say About How My System And Persuasion Principles Have Changed Their Lives

“Just one idea from Joel Bauer will put an additional $15,000.00 per year in my pocket! And this is only the beginning. Thanks Joel!!!!”

— Jonathan Jacques


“I just wanted to thank you. Three days into your program and I am overwhelmed by the quality of life transforming information there is.”

— Neil Cohen

“Joel’s insights have taken me from debt to over six figures, in less than eighteen months. Frankly, I would not have believed it possible.”

— Scott Deming

“From a card table to a 32 million dollar business this year—the direct result of Joel’s unconventional


— Don Iannitti

CEO & Founder, Document Systems Inc.

Persuasion Power

“How to Present Yourself In A Way That Is Unforgettable, Persuade The Resistant To Your Way Of Thinking And Preserve Those Relationships So They Produce Profits For Life.”

Everything I’ve taught mega wealthy mentors, coaches and CEO’s about presenting themselves unforgettably, persuading others and creating relationships for life are explained in great detail in this system. Here’s exactly what the system consists of:

6 Joel Live DVDs: (Over 14 hours of Joel-Direct Training presented in a cohesive, step-by-step, easy-to-follow format). And exclusive leatherette slip case for elegant storage.

370 page – 8 Step Personal Promotion and Branding Portfolio.

Patented You-In-The-Box (electronic business card) Turn Key System: The complete system and templates to build the most powerful promotion and persuasion tool on the planet.

Similar less effective products sell for thousands of dollars. This “from the trenches” home-run promotion tool is proven to deliver leads and sales.

Plus my system shows you how to create it $1.27!

11 CD Audio/Video Interactive Training Series: BONUS CD tutorials and training calls with leading industry marketers, persuasion experts and strategists. These “Insights” discs cover crucial, often-overlooked components that can leverage your efforts and maximize your results.

Persuasion Power Free Publicity Templates: Everything you need to gain free publicity on television, radio, magazines and newspapers.

These are the exact press releases and templates that I have personally used to get scores of free publicity on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN and FOX in the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Fast Company Magazine, Wired Magazine and many more.

Customizable Ad Slick, Ezine, And Essential Branding Elements Templates And Tutorial Walkthroughs:

The DVDs contain over 14 hours of one-on-one Joel Bauer Training, and there are close to 400 solid pages of printed materials with “wall-to-wall” information…no unnecessary filler, or worthless garbage (like many courses these days).

I get right down to business and deliver meaty content, from the very moment you slip in the first DVD, to the very last page of the last manual and tutorial CD-ROM.

It’s not a bunch of confusing material with random thoughts all over the place. It’s concise, potent and extremely valuable content that you absolutely must posses if you want the power to present yourself in a way that is unforgettable the very first time you meet someone, persuade the resistant to your way of thinking and preserve relationships so they produce profit for life.

That’s why I’m so proud of this course because it took a lot of work to systematize and practically “take my brain” and what I do with my own businesses to make money and put it into a sequential, step-by-step format anyone can follow.

I teach you step-by-step exactly what you need to know and exactly what you need to do to accomplish it. I show you mouse click by mouse click in an assembly line fashion so you can’t fail.

You are guaranteed success when you use my system.

If you can send an email to a friend, copy and paste and “drag and drop” items with your mouse, then you’ve got 95% of the skills required to apply what I teach.

DVD Volume 1:

“Quick Start Activator”

On this DVD you will learn:

This DVD is included to keep you motivated and get you ampped up to be successful.

►The three words you need to know to create relationships for life (and they’re not present, persuade and preserve.)

►How to turn everyone you meet in to a potential customer

►How to leave a legacy for your children and live that legacy while you’re here

►How, even if all things are equal, you can win out over the competition every time

►The one question you must ask yourself if you want to create customers for life

►The secret to retiring in 7 years – RICH!

►How to answer the all important question “What do you do?” (You don’t know the answer and it’s costing you millions.)

DVD Volume 2:

“The Secrets Of Presenting Yourself Unforgettably” Part 1

On this DVD you will learn:

►How to prepare your body and have more energy to bulldoze through your day.

►How to speak with energy all day and all night without ever straining your voice (I’ve spent over $100,000.00 on the nation’s top voice coaches to learn these same techniques.)

►How to use your voice to persuade, hypnotize and mesmerize everyone you come in contact with.

►The secret of grandpa duffy’s 4,4,4 principle and how doing this one simple thing can change the way people perceive you instantly. (Not knowing this is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

►How a trip to the movies with my grandfather taught me a powerful lesson I’d never forget. And how you can use this life changing lesson to transform bank account.

►Something crucial (and unusual) you MUST do that will make you unforgettable to people and the first one they call when they want to spend money.

►How to legally get upgrades for hotels, travel and restaurants without spending an extra dime on rooms, tickets or tables.

►How to establish instant rapport, credibility and trust in just four seconds with people you never met before.

DVD Volume 3:

“The Secrets Of Presenting Yourself Unforgettably” Part 2

On this DVD you will learn:

►The single way best to make people love and respect you – instantly.

►The dirty little secrets of De-hypnosis that will allow you to obtain optimal productivity.

►How to make BIG money doing what you love.

►The lost power of functionalists and how knowing what they know can help get you anything you want.

►How to remember the names of every person you meet.

►The crucial mistake you make every time you meet someone

►The secret revelation of Abraham Maslow the reveals why most people stop right before they find success.

►The Gift Shift: You’ve never heard this and it alone is easily worth price of the entire system.

►How to create an automatic money machine.

►The biggest mistake most people make when creating products.

►The success strategy I created for the a producer for the Martin Short, Ellen and Howie Mandel show ( you can rip it off and use it too).

►How to create auto pilot revenue streams that produce ongoing income even when you spend time with your family.

DVD Volume 4:

“How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Persuaded”

On this DVD you will learn:

►How to harness the potent power of body language and skinetics (the science of touch) to turn strangers into loyal friends fast.

►How to develop your quick pitch and grab your prospect by the throat with your words.

►A 3 word formula that allows you to know exactly what people want.

►How to be devastatingly effective in person all the time.

►The losing proposition of hope and what you must due to avoid becoming a victim.

►How to create immediate take-away value.

►The mission critical element to use when you meet someone for the very first time.

►How to shake someone’s hand and get the upper hand every time.

►The power of gesturing and how to use it to your extreme benefit.

►The most effective way to persuade anyone.

►How to own and alter the moment for your prospects.

►The secret way people learn best and how you can use it to drive your message home and make it stick in people’s minds forever.

DVD Volume 5:

“The Little Known Ways To Preserve Relationships For Life”

On this DVD you will learn:

►How to promote your concepts and link them to the moment so they are remembered forever.

►The only two reasons why you ever lose clients.

►The goldmine concept of forced continuity and how you can leverage it to make more money this year than you have in the last 3 years combined.

►The incredible persuasive power of the “before and after” and how using it can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat and referral business.

►How to position yourself as an expert and persuade people to your way of thinking while they’re waiting to talk to you.

►How to use teleseminars to create value, joint venture opportunities and untapped income.

►How to use local seminars to generate a flood of leads and prospects.

►Secrets of the “good enough” principle and how mastering this one concept can put you miles ahead on the road to ultimate wealth and success.

►How to write and publish a book in 72 hours or less.

►How to publish and print your book for just .56 piece.

►How to create shelf life and make profits long term.

►How to easily create back-end products that can virtually double your current income.

►The three steps to super successful seminars that can make you filthy rich.

►How to get free publicity in newspapers and magazines.

►How to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in free radio and television publicity

►How to use sampling and the law of reciprocity to get people begging to do business with you.

►How to create, distribute and profit from ezines.

DVD Volume 6:

“Secret Techniques, Preparation and Execution”

On this DVD you will learn:

►The step-by-step resources you need to succeed and produce personal branding tools you’ll use for the rest of your life.

►How to create marketing material that makes your competition look minor league.

►The truth behind the old adage “You get what you deserve in life.”

►How to create anything you need to succeed.

►The knowledge that makes it impossible for you to fail.

►The basics of graphics for presenting yourself and preserving relationships for life.

►How to use graphics that involve people emotionally.

►How to insert, crop and format graphics.

►How to create layers, transparencies, and perspectives that are elegant and subtle yet inviting and motivating to your prospects.

►How to use the most powerful application ever created.

Personal Promotion Portfolio:

“370 Page, 8 Step System For Presenting Yourself, Persuading People and Creating Customers For Life”

Section 1: Setting Yourself Apart / You’re The Product

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care!

Section 2: Mind & Body Language / Mind Reading

If you need to ask no answer will suffice, and if you do not need to ask, no answer is required.

Section 3: Working Smarter, Not Harder / Time Secrets

Time is our most valuable possession. Imagine having so much time you truly have the freedom to achieve your dreams.

Section 4: Television & Media Exposure / Free Publicity

Connection with the world at large is only a stamp and phone call away, if you only knew what they wanted to hear.

Section 5: Relationship Preservation / Branding Tools

Apathy and neglect are the only reasons we ever truly lose a relationship.

Section 6: Profit & Present Skills / HeartSuaders

Details make for perfection, yet perfection is no detail.

Section 7: Insider Insights & Contacts / Instant Savings

A man once folded a sheet of paper so perfectly– it took flight…

Section 8: Electronic Business Card / You-In-The –Box

Success is the result of design.

11 Audio/Video CDs:

“Joel Bauer ’Insights’ Audio/Video Interactive Training Series”

►Capture Testimonials / Video & Stills

►Video & Still Editing / Effects

►Graphics Layout & Design

►Presentation Mastery / Automated

►Internet Profit Keys

►Instant Product Creation

►Creating Auto-Revenue Relationships

“We Are All Selling Ourselves. People Are Buying You. Until You Realize This You Will Fail Miserably.”

I am handing you the tools that make selling you easy. I am giving you the opportunity to change your life dramatically for the better. I am giving you everything I know about persuasion and wealth creation and everything I have spent my life perfecting to an exact science .

I am giving you the same material America’s top CEO’s, coaches and mentors like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, use to make millions and millions of dollars every year.

I’m giving it all to you. I’m giving you myself and I’m even going to pay you if you fail. I won’t let you fail. You are going to succeed. You are going to change your life with my system and I am going to be there to make sure it happens.

That’s the real reason I created this system on DVD. I didn’t record some seminar I gave just to make and sell this system. I stood in front of a camera and gave you me. So you can learn from me. So you can have me with you when you need me. So I can stand by your side, step-by-step, until you achieve the success and security you want for yourself and your family.

I didn’t put this system together for the money. I don’t need your money. I have more money than I can spend and I’m not really into material possessions. I have a nice home and a decent car and nice clothes. But I don’t want anything.

I don’t need more houses or cars. I don’t care about boats or planes. I care about helping people. I care about giving what I know to help people succeed. I care about family and when you invest in my system you become part of the Joel Bauer family. And when you are part of my family I invest in you.

You Can Improve Your Business And Your Personal Success With My System In As Little As 2 Weeks!

(Less than that if you take action

faster than I do)

As, I said earlier these are principles and some of them you you’ll be able to implement by the time you finish watching the DVDs, the very next time you meet someone new.

If you’re ready to let go of the enormous amounts of rejection, frustration, pain, agony and endless spurts without success, you must pay close attention.

Any single secret in my system could change your life and your financial future forever. You need the tools to set yourself up for life. You need the skill sets necessary to be able to provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

The tools contained in this system will allow you to fulfill all of your needs, retire at an early age, send your child to the finest private schools and live life on your own terms without compromise…

Can You Imagine The Unlimited Possibilities You Can Create When You Capture People’s Attention In The First 4 Seconds And Make Them Remember You Forever, Persuade Those Who Are Resistant And Preserve Every Relationship You Ever Create?

After you learn to apply my simple blueprints for presenting yourself in a way that is unforgettable, persuading those who are resistant and preserving those relationships so they produce profits for life, it will just be up to you as to how many times you repeat the process based on how much money you want to make.

You’ll also discover the power of LEVERAGE and how to create massive wealth opportunities with hardly any risk or effort on your part. (Wouldn’t that be incredible?)

Your mind will expand. Your profits will explode. Your ability to open the floodgates at the mere “flip of a switch” will be in your hands. I promise you, once you go through my course you’ll never look at yourself or other people the same way ever again.

It really does cover all this and more.

I lay it out for you in plain English. There’s no fluff or filler and I don’t believe in B.S. I get right to the down to business. It’s just you and me—one-on-one in Joel live coaching. And I’m not coaching someone else or a room of people. I’m coaching you.

You are getting my life’s work of tested experiments with people, persuasion and relationships and I’m literally handing it to you, but I have taken it even further and I’m giving you my systematic processes that I use on a daily basis to present, persuade and preserve.

The course and all its power is pretty hard to describe here. And even if I tried harder, it would not do it justice… it really is filled with power-packed, hardcore information you have to see and apply for yourself to realize the true potential of what it can do for you and your family.

You might ask why I don’t try to explain it in even more detail. The answer is simply this. I don’t care if you buy it. I’m putting it out there for the people who aren’t afraid to take action.

Because this system isn’t a magic pill. It requires you to do things. And if you’re not willing to take the first step with everything I’ve given you here, then you’ll never be ready for true success and financial freedom.

“OK, Joel, You’ve Persuaded Me!

Gimme Your System NOW!!”

Many people think I should sell this course for over $10,000.00 because that’s half of what they’ve paid me to teach them these same secrets and techniques. When asked to guess most people figure it sells for $3,000 or even $5,000—and they are willing to pay it.

In live seminars I’ve had hundreds of people run to the back of the room and give me their credit card before I’ve even told them the price. Why would anyone do that? Because they realize that the information is worth any price because it creates income and wealth opportunities that pay for itself over and over again.

I could sell it for 3K or 5K if I wanted to, but fortunately for you I’m not. But I’m not giving this thing away either. It has to be expensive enough to take seriously because its power is dead-serious.

This is a time-tested and proven “system” for generating profits, relationships and unlimited wealth for life. It’s guaranteed to show you how to consistently present yourself and your business in a way that is unforgettable at the first point of contact, persuade the resistant and turn them into die hard fans and preserve those relationships so they produce profit for life.

Any business, any person can use my system both personally and professionally to get anything in they world they want. But not everyone is going to have an opportunity to get a copy, and here’s why…

I don’t want just anyone to have access to my secret persuasion methods. If everyone used them (which could never happen) people might become aware they are being persuaded and the strategies would become ineffective. So I am placing a limit on the number of copies I am making available and I am stating right here in print that I reserve the right to stop selling this system at any time, without any prior notice.

This has never been available online before. Previously I have only sold it to private consulting clients and from the platform at live events. I’ve been on the platform at some of the biggest events put on by the biggest names like Dan Kennedy, Armand Morin and Alex Mandosian. And now for the first time ever it is available to people online. Because of this I am sure I will sell all the units I have set aside very, very quickly. I know there are people out there waiting for this site to go live and licking their chops to get a copy.

There’s a very good chance that if I decide to release a “2nd edition” of this course once the first sell out that It WILL NOT contain everything that’s found in this powerful, super loaded “1st edition.” Frankly I’ve revealed a few things that are so powerful that my high dollar consulting clients don’t want to me keep in. So on the “2nd edition” I’m pulling those things out on their request.

I’m NOT Going To Charge You

$5,000 or $3,000

Keep in mind that this is the same system and the same techniques I teach my high-end coaching clients. When I consult with them I charge 11,000+ per day and they get less than 5 hours of my time.

I’m prepared to allow you to purchase my system (the packages I currently have available) for a special first-time internet investment of just $2,795.00. No, $2,195.

Why $2,195? It’s simple…

Think about it…I am offering you tools, techniques and systems that are proven. The same exact information individuals and companies have paid over $150,000+ for.

It’s an absolute steal when you compare it to the strategies and tactics that will not only pay for the course many times over but also stay with you for the rest of your life… ready to be used again and again and again…

It makes it more affordable for almost anyone to invest in, especially for the people who are currently struggling with sales and success and need this course the most.

And it’s still priced high enough to make sure that I only have extremely serious students investing in my system (and to weed out the curious tire-kickers, naysayers, plate-lickers and freebie-seekers who will NEVER use it anyway). I’ve actually had people purchase this system and return it with the box unopened. I don’t want these people getting within arm’s length of this material ever again.

My Dummy-Proof, Double-Safety,

*I Pay You If You Fail Guarantee*

Part 1:

Dummy-Proof Safety Guarantee

You have TWO full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a refund, just return everything and I’ll put your money back in your bank account where it belongs.

NO questions asked. No hassle. No “fine print.” Simple and straightforward. I only want satisfied customers and serious people using this system.

It’s being used by America’s top income earners and I want to keep it that way. If you’re not going to profit from having my system, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Part 2:

Dummy-Proof I Pay You If You Fail Guarantee

Triple your investment or return it for a full refund plus a $500.00 gift! I literally pay you if you fail!

I take your success and my system very seriously. I want you to succeed. That’s why I take all the risk and ride along with you, side-by-side as your mentor for 12 full months.

If after a full year you have not made back at least three times what you invested and you can show me proof that you used (and recorded) every step I recommend in my proven Persuasion & Relationship Building System I will buy it back!  Plus, I’ll pay you for failing with a $500.00 personal check as my way of saying thank you for your time and effort.

How do I make this unparalleled guarantee? Simple, no one has ever failed when using my system!


Money Making Bonus #1

“The You-In-The-Box System”

Your Personal Branding Secret Weapon!

The “You-In-The-Box” system contains the best of all worlds in terms of multimedia presentation. This tools sets you head and shoulders above your competition and makes them all look minor league compared to you.

The beautiful crystal jewel case makes for an elegant and highly polished presentation which seems like it cost you a million bucks to produce but the secret is it costs you less than 2 bucks!

On this powerful DVD I show you all the elements you need to create and produce this branding and business building workhorse for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this DVD :

►Elements: hear a powerful explanation of all the elements of the “You-In-The-Box.” and why and how it works as well as it does.

►Content: You’ll learn my secret formula of what to put on little beauty to drive massive leads your way like a magnet pulls iron filings to itself.

►Assembly: I’ll divulge my classified sources on where to get all the supplies you need to create the “You-In-The-Box” and the step-by-step for putting it together. You’ll also get my easy-as-pie, cut and paste Publisher temples you can use to just drag and drop your way to your own powerful “You-In-The-Box.”

►Distribution: My exact method for using this tool for massive revenue generation. This method is extremely low cost and will have you busier than you could ever image in no time flat.

Money Making Bonus #2

“An Autographed Copy Of My Book”

The art of persuasion as taught by one of the world’s most sought-after speakers and pitchmen.

In this daring book, Joel Bauer teaches you how to persuade by making your messages entertaining. Learn the secrets behind “The Fright Challenge,” “The Transformation Mechanism,” and other persuasion tactics used by pitchmen, carneys, and conjurors to convince people to their way of thinking.

Along with coauthor Mark Levy, Bauer has taken these ethical, entertainment-based techniques, and has made

them practical for everyday use—capable of influencing one person or a thousand, in business and in life.

Joel Bauer is an expert in performance-based live marketing who The Wall Street Journal online referred to as “undoubtedly the chairman of the board” of corporate tradeshow rain-making.

2 years ago I attended a Joel Bauer closed-door, industry specific, private seminar designed for people who work in similar fields & arenas as he. It started at 8 PM and ended at 6:30 AM!

Why did everyone stay glued for so long?.. And how did he do this?

It’s simply because he knew what he was talking about, knew it so well, and no one wanted to miss out on the practical, strategic, methodologies only he could share.

Joel Bauer has spent his life defining and refining original methods that get people to take action on your thoughts!

I took notes all night (as fast as I could) and began to archive and expand on them the next morning, as much as my then weary mind allowed.

These notes were golden to me… Untill… I picked up a copy of his book the day it was released.

It’s more concise, more to the point, and more immediately applicable than my treasured notes.

It’s clearly written and understandable to anyone who works with people on any level? And if you’re reading this?


So, In a nutshell if you interact with people for a living, you can’t live without this book. If you’re my competition, you can.


You Must Solemnly Swear To NEVER

Reveal My Powerful Persuasion Techniques To Anyone

I know people who threaten others by claiming they’ll take legal action against them using a high powered attorney. I can afford and have many high powered attorneys in my back pocket. But I don’t operate that way. I use a few big Italian guys named Vito and Gino to do my dirty work. By the way that’s a load of crap (See, I’ll always tell you when I’m lying.)

Look If I catch anyone exposing my secrets to others I will do something far worse than attorneys and Italians. I’ll cut you off from my continuing and ongoing education.

With your investment in my system you get access to a special web site that is not indexed in search engines and is password protected. Only those chosen few who have invested in my system can access it and get continuing education from me forever. Teleconferences, blogs, personal video and much, much more.

But If I find you leaking even a tiny little nugget of my confidential material I will cut you off faster than a New York Taxi. If you’re planning on revealing these secrets, repackaging them or sharing them with your friends—then leave this web site right now.

Go and invest your money somewhere else that will show you something you already know, be something totally outdated, or offer something to help create Band-Aid solutions to your success problems.

You’re Success Is Guaranteed!

So go ahead! Secure your copy immediately…

Yes, Joel I’m Ready To Start Making An Unforgettable Impact Everywhere I Go, I’m Ready To Learn The Secrets And Harness The Power Of Persuading People and Preserving Relationships For Life

Please Rush Me The Entire Persuasion Power System As Fast As Humanly Possible!

I’d be a complete schmegeggy to miss out on this fantastic opportunity and the amazing deal you are providing. I also understand that you’ve gone nuts on the guarantees and that you will actually pay me if I fail using your system.

I am completely committed to being successful. I can handle the amazing power that comes with being able to present, persuade and preserve and I am ready to become financially free and provide myself and my family with the lifestyle we deserve.

I will not share your secrets and forfeit my access to your continuing education worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over my lifetime.

I know your system is a steal of a deal at $2,195 and will not return the box unopened.

Once my order is processed via your online secure form, my package will be rushed to me via FedEx and I will receive a tracking number so I can track the course all the way to my door! (I should expect it to take a little longer if I’m outside the U.S.)

Why You Must

Respond NOW

What’s the point of waiting? Be the first in your area to get a shot at using all the powerful strategies contained in Persuasion Power with virtually no competition.

And, everyday that goes by without you having and using my system probably costs you more in lost sales and wasted relationships and opportunity than this entire investment! Remember I pay you if you fail!



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