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I do really need to thank you, your website was the only place I could get reliable and scientific information that considered multiple sides on hairloss.

Reddit and other hairloss forums are a complete mess filled with misinformation, fearmongering and bitter people. I should have started my hairloss journey 3-4 years ago…

I know it’s going to take some time to regrow more but I might actually get to experience some of my youth before I’m actually old because of you and honestly that means the world to me.

–MTC, 23, Australia

As I mentioned in one of my comments, I see a massive amount of regrowth that is all less than about 8 cm long... I can’t thank you enough for what your program—essentially all of your time and research—has done for me!

The key is to get your information to hair loss sufferers early on in the process—before they have been bombarded with misinformation and the myriad (and costly) product pitches that leads nowhere except to discouragement.”

–Lisa, 52, U.S.

When looking for answers on hair loss,


    Frustrated trying dozens of pills, topicals, or shampoos with zero results
    Confused about the causes of hair loss? (Hint: it’s not just DHT)  
    Unsure if a new product you’ve found online is the real deal or a scam?
    Trapped between choosing either your hair health… or your sexual health?  
    Overwhelmed by the negative, unhelpful environment of most hair loss forums?
    Exhausted reading so many conflicting pieces of advice

If so, I can relate.

I was diagnosed with pattern hair loss in 2007. For the next five years, I spoke to doctors, searched online, and tested dozens of treatments – all to try and get the facts on my hair loss (and how to reverse it).

I’ll save you the suspense: I never found an unbiased resource.

    Hair loss forums always seemed hostile and split into two camps: “natural” versus “conventional
    Physicians always said my only options were minoxidil, finasteride, or a hair transplan
    Dermatologists always skipped a health exam and tried to prescribe Propecia® (or upsell me into low-level laser treatments or platelet-rich plasma therapies
    Health websites always offered free information – then tried to sell me their pills, topicals, or ebooks

I bought the pills, topicals, and ebooks. I also tried low-level laser therapy, Rogaine® (for six years), and nearly every natural remedy under the sun. None of them helped my hair.

The cost of my trial-and-error? $10,000 over seven years – all wasted on one-size-fits-all “solutions” that never addressed the roots of my own hair loss… or the mechanisms I’d eventually target to reverse it.

I built this community so you can avoid my mistakes

Contrary to what you may have heard, there are scientifically validated approaches to reversing hair loss – with or without drugs.

I would know. I’ve spent the last five years writing books and publishing peer-reviewed papers about them. I’ve shared my research on this site, helped hundreds of other hair loss sufferers, and produced dozens of success stories (with photos).

That’s why I can say (with 100% confidence) that if you have access to the right information, you can save time and money… and avoid my mistakes.

This is why I’ve created the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community.

Introducing: the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community

The Perfect Hair Health Membership Community is the ultimate resource center for hair loss sufferers.

It’s a membership 100% dedicated to hair recovery.

It’s packed with in-depth courses, member case studies, regrowth success stories, ultimate guides, expert interviews, and educational resources on everything you need to maximize your chances of hair regrowth.

It’s all built around a community of supportive, like-minded hair loss sufferers committed to learning, taking action, and helping each other succeed.

Testimonial: no drugs, topicals, supplements, or surgeries

“I recovered about 40% of my previous hair loss… Hearty congratulations on your honest, logical and extensive work.”

–Mike, New Zealand, age 63

Our membership community will help you:

    Uncover the myriad causes of hair loss, the limitations of most treatments, and new targets that are reaping full hair recoveries. 
    Equipped with the right knowledge, you’ll become impervious to scam products and save thousands on overpriced treatments that reap little-to-no results
    With our personalized approach, we’ll help you create a custom regrowth regimen tailored to your needs, preferences, hair loss type, and beyond.  
    Significant hair recovery is possible – with or without drugs. We have the methods, science, case studies, members, and photos to prove it.  
    Our hair can tell us a lot about our health. Discover when hair loss reflects underlying health problems, when it doesn’t, and what to do about it.  
    Leverage our 20+ reader case studies and learn from their mistakes, accelerate your learning curve, and take the guess-work out of your hair recovery. 

It’s all packaged inside a book, an interactive regrowth roadmap, 12+ ultimate guides, 20+ case studies, expert interviews, a forum, and so much more.

Introducing the ultimate resource for hair recovery

A brand new book on hair recovery

 75+ custom regrowth regimens tailored to your needs

 12+ ultimate guides to treatments + beyond

 20+ reader case studies

 Expert video interviews

 A private membership forum

Ready to join?

It’s time to get reliable hair loss information, join a supportive community, and fast-track yourself to a regrowth regimen that maximizes your chances of hair recovery… all built around your needs, preferences, hair loss type, and more.

Inside our membership, you no longer need to:

    Google “how to reverse hair loss” until 3am every night
    Waste hours each day navigating biased websites and hair loss forums

    Spend thousands on pills, topicals, and therapies… only to realize too late that they’re not working

    Wrestle over the true causes of hair loss (hint: it’s complex, debated, and it varies)

    Second-guess if your hair loss is a sign of deeper health concerns

    Visit dozens of dermatologists – only to leave with one-size-fits-all prescriptions and generic advice

I’ve been through it all; I’ve done the work for you. Now, after twelve years of research and five years of running, I’m finally ready to open the doors.

How it all started

About me

My name is Rob English. Nowadays I’m a researcher, medical editor, and the founder of Perfect Hair Health. But twelve years ago, I was a high schooler recently diagnosed with male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) – the world’s most common hair disorder.

For the next six years, I used Rogaine® and experimented with dozens of topicals, supplements, trials of low-level laser therapy, and even food elimination diets. Nothing seemed to help my hair.

In college I wanted to understand why these things weren’t working for me. So I used my free subscriptions to scholarly journals to start reading studies and literature reviews on androgenic alopecia.

This soon turned into a full-time obsession.

After reading hundreds of papers, I began to appreciate just how complicated hair loss is, the nuances of its science, and even how marketers abuse that science to get us to buy into topicals and supplements that are more-or-less useless.

Eventually, I decided to drop Rogaine® and all other supplements – and instead, I developed a regrowth regimen that targeted aspects of hair loss outside of what most people think causes the condition: dihydrotestosterone (or DHT).

Within a year, I saw significant hair improvements – and all in the absence of drugs, topicals, supplements, or surgeries.


Two years before my diagnosis. I apologize for the photo quality. This is actually a video still (I didn’t take regular photos of my crown before noticing hair loss).


As we can see, minoxidil isn’t working.


Yes, I am in a Santa costume. Yes, I am still balding. Within weeks of this photo, I quit minoxidil.

2014 (After)

My hair recovery, 1 year after dropping minoxidil and starting a regimen built on research in epigenetics, wound-healing, and mechanotransduction.

2016 (After)

My hair recovery, 3 years after quitting minoxidil. Results seem to be sustaining.

2019 (After)

My hair recovery, 5 years after stopping minoxidil and 3 years after significantly tapering back my current regimen. Despite less effort, most of my hair changes seem to be holding.


In 2014, I started to share my methods, research, and results with anyone interested.

Fast-forward to today: I’ve invested thousands of hours into hair loss research, worked with hundreds of readers, and produced dozens of success stories.

I’ve also doubled down on the science. As of 2019, I’ve published two peer-reviewed papers on androgenic alopecia: one on its causes, one on an underutilized treatment – in the very same journals I used to read as an undergraduate.

Now, I’m in the early stages of a research partnership with a university that I hope will rewrite part of what we know about androgenic alopecia pathology.

What makes our community different?


There’s no other way to say it: we’re the only unbiased, evidence-based hair loss membership site out there. We’re not about fluff products; we’re about getting you hair regrowth (and on your terms).


Nearly every website offering advice on hair loss also sells physical products. This biases their opinions, which is why we don’t do this. After all, 99.9% of them don’t work, and the ones that do are overpriced.


Being in your shoes is why I started this site. The regimens I outline are not only personally validated by me, but they’ve also produced dozens of before-after photos from readers – most of whom have achieved significant hair regrowth without drugs.


Most self-proclaimed “hair loss researchers” don’t have a single peer-reviewed paper to their name. I have two. Both are on androgenic alopecia, and both have helped catalyze my upcoming research partnership with a university.


Our supportive community is the backbone of this membership ­site – where like-minded people invest just as much in learning as they do in getting results. Even our case studies and success stories stick around to help newcomers.


Our site isn’t the only place where members showcase their before-after photos. You’ll also find them across the internet: on hair loss forums, discord groups, and popular blogs.


I’ve published papers on androgenic alopecia. I’ve been a peer reviewer for journals. I’ve researched hair loss for thousands of hours. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their hair. When you join, you get everything I know about hair loss science, distilled into lay terms and with content tailored just to you.


Hair loss treatments aren’t “one-size-fits-all”. This membership site teaches you why, and even builds you a regimen based on your age, gender, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time availability. This is the best way to optimize your chances of major hair recovery.


When you become a member, you gain access to our case study vault, our before-after photos, and key insights from my experience working with hundreds of people. This means you can avoid a lot of mistakes, accelerate your learning curve, and optimize your chances for significant hair regrowth.

Real readers, real testimonials

Our members actually achieve hair regrowth – with or without drugs – and then stick around to share their success.

Below are before-after photos of readers who’ve gone through this process, benefited from the information, and regrown significant amounts of hair. Many of these people I’ve worked with for years.

Testimonials are organized as: (1) without drugs, and (2) with drugs.

Testimonials: no drugs, topicals, supplements, or surgeries

“I have SO MANY small blond hairs all over my hairline. It’s filling so slowly… but at least it’s filling haha. My hairline’s almost back… I’m pleased with the results so far. It’s really a relief.”  –P., age 20

“About 50% regrowth in 10 months… Not only regrown most of my lost hair but the dietary advice and massages have also impacted my health and psyche in far deeper ways than aesthetic ones…. I’d say that since the beginning of this year both [my mentor] and yourself have turned my life around and I’m very grateful. If you need any testimonials at any point just ask! I can try and take some better photos if you need as well.”

–Sam, U.K.

“The recession in front is filling in VERY slowly, but it is filling in (the left side faster than the right for some reason). More noticeable is increased thickness where I still had hair… I’m seeing new hair growth where there hasn’t been hair in ten years. Amazing.”

–JD Moyer, Oakland, CA,

“Feels awesome man. I don’t know if you can tell from the pics, but not only did I thicken up what I had, but I’m regrowing my juvenile hairline. My hairline hasn’t been this low since middle school. And all this from massages and good diet?!?! Incredible, dude… As you can see, I think I can still add a little density to the hairline, but I think the results are just more proof for the fibrosis / inflammation theory of hair loss.”

–Jared, West Virginia, U.S.A.


“I’d say I’ve regrown about 25% of my hair… Rob, greatly appreciate your excellent research. This has been an amazing journey in my life.”

–Trent, Texas, U.S.A., age 27

“I am so glad I found and purchased your ebook and held on to your method… Thank you very much for that! [The] first picture is from March 2015 and the second is from October 2015. I am much more confident and content now and don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about my hair.”

–Peter, Germany

“The hairline at the front has thickened and advanced a great deal and the balding area at the back has filled in to about 75% (from about 35-40% density 16 months ago!) …Yes, its a tedious process, but man is it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Rob a Nobel Prize already!!”

Chris M., Australia, filmmaker

“Thank you again… you’ve honestly changed my life for the better and I’m sure there are countless others out there that feel the same way.”

–Calvin, U.S.A., age 22

“I started, what I thought was the regimen, around late September last year, and started the protocol around January. However, I didn’t properly do the regimen until months later, probably around June. Most of my progress has been since then. I am extremely happy with the progress, considering those two dots on my crown were bald before and now they are not.”

–Ben G., U.S.A, age 27

“I just wanted to thank you for all your research, for introducing me to this method and for answering all my questions. I no longer have to shave my head or wear a hat to have confidence again. If there’s anything else I can do let me know. Thanks again!”

–Ben M., U.S.A

“I have gained so much already with my hair. I can’t describe the relief of of knowing I won’t go bald… I wish I knew this years ago but so happy that I can make such progress.” *

–A.S., U.S.A

*in addition to our recommendations, A.S. also used a vitamin C-based topical.

Testimonials: our approach alongside FDA-approved drugs

“Here [are] comparison pic[s] from the start and today with what I feel is some quite noticeable improvement!! Both pics were taken with similar length hair and both after a shower… As always thanks for all your awesome research. I would never have started this journey had I not discovered your site.”

–J.G., U.S.A.

“Finasteride never completely stopped my hair loss (but it really slowed it… I began in 2009…) and before discovering [your site], I was in despair, and I even planned to take Dutasteride… Now, I know that my hair is improving day after day, so I am not afraid of the future anymore. I would like to thank you: this has been a real life changer for me. Of course, I still need to continue to do it on a regular basis, but it has already improved my life: my hair quality and thickness is much better, my seborrheic dermatitis vanished… and my hairline is regrowing, very slowly, but surely.”

–Gerard, 32, France


“It’s nothing short of awe-inspiring what you are doing here and have been doing over the last decade. To press with such integrity and dedication into this very controversial and hotly debated topic of hair loss is a genuine service to a huge worldwide community of hair loss sufferers. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity, curiosity, tenacity, rigor and vigor.”

–J.K., 24, E.U.

The Membership Community: A Look Inside

This is an interactive membership site designed to maximize your chances of hair regrowth. It’s constantly updated and organized into a step-by-step process: a system I call our regrowth roadmap.

Step one: read the book

Finding the right hair regrowth regimen doesn’t start with diving into a treatment; it starts with education. That’s why I’ve written a brand-new book on hair recovery. It’s the ultimate resource for hair loss guidance and the entire foundation of our membership site.

The book is streamlined for anyone who wants quick answers, but also jam-packed with hair loss science: its causes, treatments, and misconceptions. Inside, you’ll uncover:

  • My story, my research, and beyond
  • The fallacy of “genetic destiny”
  • How to identify your hair loss type (and why it’s critical for selecting the right treatments)
  • What the patterning of our hair loss can tell us about our health
  • The causes of hair loss (and the shortcomings of most treatments)
  • How our diets, lifestyles, and microbiomes do and don’t influence hair loss
  • How to become a best responder to any therapy
  • The key insights I haven’t yet shared from our peer-reviewed papers

Don’t want to read a 220-page book? That’s okay! You only need to read a single chapter to understand how to correctly identify your hair loss type. Then you’re prepared to move onto step two: building your customized hair regrowth regimen.

Step two: build your regimen

The causes of hair loss are complex, multi-faceted, and highly individualized. Consequently, the right treatments depend on your age, gender, health history, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time availability (to name only a few factors).

With all of these moving parts, finding the right regrowth plan without guidance can take years of trial, error, and research. And even after reading through a book on hair recovery, sorting through its 220 pages to find the material relevant just to you can feel like an atlas task.

Fortunately, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you by creating an interactive survey that streamlines you to answers. This is a first-of-its-kind, five-part questionnaire that takes inputs on your age, gender, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time constraints to…

  1. Build you a hair regrowth regimen tailored to your needs and preferences
  2. Show you the book chapters, case studies, and ultimate guides most relevant to your hair loss case.

Five questions, 75+ regrowth regimen possibilities (1,200+ words each), and one plan that best suits your needs and preferences. This is the perfect resource if you’re interested in a straight-to-the-facts action plan and a regrowth regimen fully optimized to you.

Step three: get inspired

The book and membership site includes dozens of success stories. These are readers who’ve gone through this process, achieved regrowth, submitted before-after photos, and shared their progress with others. Here, you’ll get to uncover what they did right (and wrong)… and how to avoid their mistakes.

Your membership comes complete with 20+ reader case studies. These are 2,000+ word write-ups (with photos) of my months-to-years working one-on-one with an individual reader. We’ll uncover their trials, errors, triumphs, key learnings, and so much more.

Best of all, our case studies can be sorted by their hair loss type and their regimens. You can use these sorting tools to find readers similar to your situation and treatment preferences. The goal: to accelerate your growth curve and optimize your recovery for any regrowth regimen.

Step four: follow the guides

Depending on your hair loss case, your tailored regrowth regimen will link you directly to the guides that best suit your needs and preferences. Each guide is over 1,500 words and shows you step-by-step instructions on how to implement the information.

There are 12+ ultimate guides in our vault – ranging from hair loss treatment deep-dives to the underlying conditions that exacerbate hair shedding disorders. These guides are designed to help you set expectations, vet any treatment options, and implement this information for maximum effect.

Current guides: standardized massages, microneedling, spironolactone, minoxidil, finasteride, hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy, hormonal birth control, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, nutrient deficiencies, nutrient surpluses, heavy metal toxicities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and more.

Step five: become an expert

Sometimes, the best place to learn about new research is from the people who actually conducted the studies. Here you can access videos and transcripts from my interviews with people whose studies are rewriting what we think we know about hair loss science.

Take Dr. Brian Freund, a surgeon whose pilot study testing Botox to treat androgenic alopecia ­is making researchers rethink the causes of the condition. Or Dr. Doug McGuff, an expert in exercise science whose research reveals a connection between exercise, cortisol, thyroid hormone, and hair shedding… as well as how to build the world’s most efficient workouts.

Upcoming interviews: Dr. Zsofia Clemens (to discuss diet and disease reversal) and anyone else our community members request.

Step six: join our community

A community of likeminded people will accelerate all of us toward better treatments and better chances of hair recovery. That’s why every single course, book chapter, case study, ultimate guide, and expert interview has its own dedicated discussion thread.

Here you can ask questions, get answers, and grow the very knowledge of our community You can also troubleshoot, start discussions, share research articles, start a progress log, ask for help identifying your hair loss type, and stay in-the-know on what’s working (and what isn’t) for most other members.

P.S. – several case studies here are active members inside our community. Our forum is where you can ask them questions, uncover key insights, and feel supported by people who’ve been down this road this before (with success).

By joining, you’ll save thousands of dollars and years of trial-and-error

I spent nearly seven years and $10,000 experimenting with hair loss treatments that didn’t work for me. Now you can bypass my mistakes, get fast-tracked to the facts, and save time, money, and energy.

Considering these options? Here’s the cost of a single misstep:

    Minoxidil foam: $170/year
    But in one study: 95% of users quit by one-year, with two-thirds citing “low effect” as their rationale.
    Nutrafol®: $948/year
    What marketers don’t tell you: the supplements aren’t tested on androgenic alopecia, and they’re only clinically proven in women.
    Hair transplants: $5,000+
    The catch: hair rearrangement is not hair regrowth; results often contingent upon lifelong use of minoxidil and finasteride.
    Laser therapies: $400+
    But in clinical studies: efficacy plateaus after six months; placebo groups also see hair count improvements.
    Saw palmetto: $300/year
    What the research says: weak evidence in human studies; does not reduce DHT levels far enough to have a major effect.
    Biotin: $300/year
    The problem: hair loss from a biotin deficiency is rare in the first world and not the same as androgenic alopecia.

By avoiding a single misstep, our membership site more than pays for itself.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’ve all bought a product, realized it didn’t live up to our expectations, and then regretted our purchase. I never want this to be your experience here. That’s why I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with your membership, I don’t want your money. For up to 30 days from your original purchase, you can email me with your receipt and ask for a refund. I’ve always honored it. My email is inside the membership site.

Ready to become a member?

Choose your membership option. Both choices include full access to the membership site. You can cancel any time.

The Complete Membership or The Consulting Package


$ 147 / six months

  • 220+ page book on hair recovery
  • 75+ regrowth regimens
  • 20+ reader case studies
  • 12+ guides and interviews
  • A community forum

Join Now

Have any questions? Give me a call. +1 (415) 580-0040. I’m available weekdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm PST (California).

Unsure which option to choose? Here are more details

The Complete Membership

The Complete Membership includes full access to the entire membership site: the 220-page book, tailored regrowth regimens, 20+ case studies, dozens of guides, expert interviews, a forum, constantly added material, and more.

It’s the perfect option for self-starters looking for peer-to-peer support, access to the latest information, and a science-based pathway toward hair recovery.

Price: $147 / six months

Get the Complete Membership

The Consulting Package

The Consulting Package includes full access to the site and one-on-one support from me through video consultations. Here we’ll dive into your specific regimen, nutritional status, focused troubleshooting, and anything else relevant to your case.

Our video calls recur every six months and are a great tool for us to check in, build and modify your regimen, understand what is (and isn’t) working, and do everything we can to elevate your hair recovery.

Nearly all of our success stories leveraged one-on-one support before seeing results. I’ve done hundreds of these calls and I find it’s the fastest way to get someone to an effective regimen. You can downgrade plans any time.

Price: $247 / six months

Get the Consulting Package

  Have more questions? Here’s our FAQ guide

Does this work for women?

Absolutely! The entire membership site is designed to cater to both men and women with forms of hair loss ranging from androgenic alopecia to hair shedding disorders caused by hypothyroidism, nutrient deficiencies, trace element toxicities, and beyond.

In fact, according to the data we published in Dermatology And Therapy, the methods here are just as effective for men as they are women. In other words, there’s no statistical difference in results.

If you’re a female, I would LOVE to have you here. Half the content inside the book, guides, and membership site are dedicated to females and the nuances and complexities of their hair thinning. I want you to benefit from the information, and I think you’ll be happy to have made the decision to join.

Can’t I just go to my doctor for hair loss advice?

 Can’t I find this information for free elsewhere?

 Is it easy to cancel?

 What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

 Why the recurring fees?

 Why no monthly option?

 After my purchase, how do I access the membership site?

 Can I buy this if I live outside of the U.S.?

 What sort of support do you offer?

Have more questions? Give me a call for faster answers. +1 (415) 580-0040. I’m available weekdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm PST (California).

Get instant access to the


If you’re ready to accelerate your path to hair recovery and enroll in our membership community, simply choose your membership option and click the button to join us.




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