Pickup 101 – Charismatic Conversations



Pickup 101 – Charismatic Conversations

Salepage : Pickup 101 – Charismatic Conversations

This program offers techniques on how to break the stumbling blocks that cause men to run out of things to say when they’re having conversations with women. It helps you to master your conversational skills.

Bonus items include:

– “He said, She Said” interview
– “Storytelling Explained” audio
– “6 Weeks To Your New Life With Women” workbook
– Pickup 101 set tracker
– Articles on improvisation and comedy

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Disc 1 and 2: Laying down the basics and introducing banter
– The scientific reasons why attraction is the same between men and women
– Why you can’t trigger attraction in a woman
– Why you absolutely don’t need money to attract women
– Exactly what women mean when they say a guy is creepy
– How a woman can tell whether you’re a man who’s comfortable talking with women
– How you can keep from boring a woman

Disc 3 and 4: Making banter work for you and getting past your sticking points
– How to correctly use role playing
– The reason why your banter lines sometimes fail
– Why girls will always laugh when you deliver a banter line properly
– The problem guys have with making banter lines work
– Why you cannot take banter too far

Disc 5 and 6: How to handle groups of women, more banter, and how to not be a douchebag
– When you absolutely must interrupt a woman or group of women speaking
– How to get away with banter lines
– How to recover when you get a mortified reaction from women
– How you can use the technique of role reversal
– How to not come off as a douchebag
– How to handle guys who try to be jerks with you while you’re talking with a girl

Disc 7 and 8: Powerful banter, openers, and testing for attraction
– The 3 types of women you’ll encounter when you start bantering
– Why the simplest conversational openers are always the best
– How to make sure you have the attention of any group of girls
– What topics you absolutely must avoid
– Why it may not be good if a woman is flirting with you too much
– How to stop a banter battle with a woman
– How to approach a woman who is with a guy
– How to make the guy in a group of girls your wingman
– How to handle a guy who gets aggressive
– How to build up sexual tension with women

Disc 9 and 10: Improv, comedy, storytelling, and getting dates
– Principles of improv you can apply
– How to make that moment when you run out of things to say your best moment
– How to make your attraction story work
– How to use story telling
– How to create a story from your life experiences
– 6 ways you can fine-tune your personal identity
– How to develop your personal image
– How to tweak other people’s material so it matches your personal image
– Conversation topics for vibing with a group of women
– How to isolate a woman from her girlfriends
– How to never fall into the trap of seeming needy
– The phone game technique
– How to follow up by phone

Disc 11 and 12: Conversational threads and subcommunication
– How to switch conversational threads
– The 3 things that are more important than your entire routine stack
– How to get away with harsh and aggressive banter lines
– How to interpret what women say



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Pickup 101 – Charismatic Conversations