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 Psychic Past Life Recall by Jonathan Chase

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This Past Lives webinar class with Jonathan Chase explains and demonstrates his Past Life Recall Resonance technique which is perfect for Spiritually based Hypnotherapists, who would like to offer the Past Life experience to their clients but often feel that traditional full on Hypnosis may lead to unwanted abreactions, and can be complicated slow and complex.

Past Lives are something that Jonathan can get passionate about

In the late 1990s Jonathan responded to a call from Ian Perry on the Midnight Line at Beacon Radio asking for people to get in touch if they did something unusual. Of course Jon rang immediately as he’d just finished a stage hypnosis gig in the area. They invited him up and he talked about his Stage Hypnosis art and his passion for Past Lives, which the DJ thought was fascinating.

This started Jonathan’s 12 week series of Past Life Hypnosis sessions live on air. The radio station was never so busy at Midnight, having people queuing up to find out who they were in a former life, the Radio Stations listening public hit the million mark very quickly. It also gave Jonathan a lot of experience in presentation and application.

It was years later though that he innovated the Recall Resonance Technique because he also understood that sometimes the idea of needing the Hypnotic Trance State often got in the way of facilitating memory recall.

To fully utilise this easy and effective Technique and to watch an example of Jonathan working on stage with this technique then sign up to the course and watch the free video clip.


You will get:

A flavour of the words he uses.
His clean language techniques to facilitate recall
The sequence of events
The results of the different experiences of the subject

When you feel ready to invest in this lucrative technique then you can tap into all the details and course notes from the original live MasterClass Tutorial, with demonstrations and questions and answers.

The Product Contains:

7 videos explaining and demonstrating the process.
6 MP3s which are an audio rip of the masterclass.
1 PDF set of notes.


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Psychic Past Life Recall by Jonathan Chase