Raja Choudhury – Ancient Secrets for Clearing Karma



Raja Choudhury – Ancient Secrets for Clearing Karma

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Have you ever wondered if your karma is holding you back from becoming who you’re truly meant to be?

Do you wish there was a way to balance your good and bad karma — and find a path to becoming free of the burdens caused by the negative energies and vibrations that surround you?

The ancient yogis and tantrics of India discovered advanced techniques for activating magical inner energies to burn away the effects of past mistakes — and experience deep healing, limitless vitality, and true liberation.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, you can discover how to ignite your Inner Fire and burn away bad karma, trauma, stress, anxiety, and disease, when you join spiritual teacher, speaker, and filmmaker Raja Choudhury for Ancient Secrets for Clearing Karma: Discover the Kundalini Shakti Path to Healing Karmic Patterns, Finding True Freedom & Awakening Bliss.

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Discover how to activate inner energies to burn away the effects of past mistakes

In this powerful FREE virtual mini-workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore the nature of Karma and the Secret Fire that sits within each and every one of us that can burn away bad karma
  • Relax and heal your body with a miraculous new way of chanting AUM
  • Explore 3 magical breathing techniques to activate your prana and Kundalini Shakti — and get rid of all the negative karma stored in your apana
  • Be initiated into the ancient secret Beej Mantra of Durga Chandi that will activate the power and magic of Shakti and light your Inner Fire
  • Use your newfound Inner Fire for healing, wellness, power, control, and becoming free of the consequences and burdens of karma
  • Finally, discover the 3 Centers of Bliss in your body and discover how the beautiful Hum Sah breath can keep you balanced and light as a feather at all times.

Raja will reveal some of the secrets kept hidden in mystery schools and secret doctrines — and teach you how to become a magician within, discovering true inner energy and healing and accessing vast cosmic intelligence in physical, tangible, and repeatable ways.

You’ll discover how to use your body, breath, concentration, prana, sacred geometries, secret mantras, and vivid visualizations to awaken your Kundalini, light your Inner Fire, deeply heal yourself, and begin freeing yourself of karma!

You can RSVP for free here.

Liz Gracia
Founder & Transformational Teacher of Consciousness

P.S. During Ancient Secrets for Clearing Karma, you’ll receive 5 ancient techniques from Tantric and Kundalini Shakti practices to heal yourself and become karma-free.

Register now (and even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay later).

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Raja Choudhury is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, TED speaker, and spiritual teacher who aims to disrupt human consciousness and awaken each of us to our true evolutionary potential using his deep knowledge of Kundalini Shakti, Tantra, and Indian Wisdom. In the past year, he has emerged as one of The Shift Network’s most popular new teachers, initiating and guiding over 1,900 students into the mysteries of Kundalini Shakti, Shiva-Shakti Tantra, and the Third Eye. Raja’s own shift occurred in 2006 when, while a creative director in New York, he underwent a life-changing Kundalini awakening that rewired his system and opened up a new universe for him.


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Raja Choudhury – Ancient Secrets for Clearing Karma