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The Last Opportunity Left in Real Estate Investing That Can Make You Millions of Dollars in 2013…and Beyond!

How You Can Make a Killing in Real Estate Investing Using a Secret Method to Getting 100% LTVs with the Last SELECT HANDFUL of Real Estate Opportunities Left for 2013 and 2014!

99% of the Cash Flowing Real Estate Opportunities are ALREADY GONE!  That’s Right!  While the Average Joe is Still Suffering or Barely Recovering from Our Recent Economic Disaster, Investors Were Busy Swooping Up on EVERYTHING Over the Past Couple of Years While the Economy Was Still Sucking for Everyone Else.  Now They’re NOTHING LEFT Except…


And Even Then, These “Last Opportunities” Will Only Be Good for the Remainder of 2013 and for the Majority of 2014 Until It Disappears Too…Until 2020 or Later!
This is what they call a “mixed use” commercial building and is one of my favorite real estate investments in this New Real Estate Market because they are extremely profitable.  You’ll discover how you can get these types of buildings by getting a ridiculously high LTV — up to 100% — during the “government banking push” to help stabilize tour still-delicate economy.
Dear Real Estate Investor,

If you haven’t invested in anything with real estate investing yet but you want to…guess what?  The opportunity train has left the station.  And you really don’t have the same opportunities you had earlier this year, last year, and the year before in apartment building investing, MHP investing, and SFR investing anymore.

In fact, the majority of the opportunities left in real estate investing will be gone until about 2020/2021 when the economy will slump again.

Do you really want to wait until 2020/2021 to get started or continue in real estate investing to start acquiring passive income cash flow properties?  (I didn’t think so!)

There are only 2 opportunities left:  And I discussed both of these opportunities including a very unique, little-known and LIMITED OPPORTUNITY offer for you to get 100% LTV financing through a select lender in New York!

How to Make $138,000 a Month in Passive Income Real Estate Like Andrew Shaw Does!

Many of you know Andrew Shaw.  He is my most successful student to date.  Only just 2 short years ago he was “only” making a “paltry” $74,000 in net cash flow per month.  (How could he manage to live on such a small amount of money?)  This was after he took a couple of my mentorship groups and had extensive one-on-one consulting with me.

If you don’t know about Andrew Shaw, he was broke as a joke.  He found me in 2009 when he was seeking out different methods of making money with commercial real estate and ended up getting my Apartment Building Cash Flow System in 2008 and then participated in one of my first signature Apartment Building Cash Flow Mentorship Groups in early 2009.  He could barely afford the registration fee for the group.

Within 18 months after taking my mentorship group (including taking my 9-week Advanced Group), he started investing then rapidly (within 7-8 months after that) found himself at a $74,000 monthly net cash flow from…

Commercial-commercial real estate!

That’s right!

He didn’t do any apartment building real estate at all at that time because it wasn’t his “cup of tea,” as he told me.  Instead, he applied everything I said about investing in apartment buildings and used that knowledge for commercial-commercial buildings, namely office buildings and industrial/warehouse complexes.

Now when most students who decide not to listen to a damn thing I have to say usually end up doing absolutely nothing.  It’s rare that they not only end up kicking ass but doing something that’s a different “branch” from what my forte is.

How Andrew Racked Up Over $4,000,000 Cash from “Flipping” REO Apartment Buildings

In 2010 Andrew finally decided to listen to me about the power of apartment buildings.  Except he didn’t want apartment buildings.  At least not for a buy-and-hold investment anyway.

So, he definitely followed suit with what I was doing during that time which was buying, rehabbing and leasing up apartment buildings.  He was even doing it in both Georgia and Texas where I was investing at the time.

Except that he sold each building after it was fully leased up.

Of course, this wasn’t my recommended strategy for Andrew but he did it anyway and amassed over $4,000,000 between 2010 and 2012 working this strategy.

Bottom line:  This guy has been unstoppable since he started and now it’s your turn!

“But Monica…the Real Estate Inventory is GONE!”

Yes, that is correct.  Most of the inventory in the United States in most areas of the country is GONE!

But here’s what’s NOT gone…

* Raw land to build new apartment buildings on…that investors will beat a path to your door to acquire once you build it.  That’s right!  “Build it and they will come!”

* Gut-to-the-studs apartment buildings that other “wannabe” investors bought and don’t want to rehab because it’s too expensive and/or time-consuming (and doesn’t fit in with their “arm chair millionaire” idea of building wealth).

* Flipping SFRs (in ONLY a select few areas of the country)

And I’ll be covering (in great detail) 2 of the 3 bullet points listed above.  Here’s a hint: I won’t be covering anything about SFRs so…I guess that gives you 2 bullet points left!

The 100% LTV Secret that Can Make You a Real Estate Millionaire Within 12 Months or Less!

Getting a 100% LTV isn’t an easy thing to do.  It was do-able before the real estate bubble burst which happened around 2006 for residential property (and in 2008 with commercial real estate).

Then the banks stopped wanting to give someone with excellent credit an unsecured credit card for a measly $2,500 let alone giving anyone a 100% LTV for any type of property, commercial or residential!

Well, fortunately and unfortunately (you choose), it seems that us Americans tend to easily and quickly forget the wounds of the past.  (9-11…what was that?  Sad, I know.)  So, it seems that we’re square on track to repeating our banking and financial sins of our very recent past.

Part of it has to do with banks and lending institutions being sick of the recession and in a dire need to start cashing in on that hefty loan interest income they’ve gotten accustom to, especially when they were ripping everyone off on those outrageous adjustable mortgages.

Now they’re back in action looking to lend on whatever property they possibly can since mortgages is the majority of a bank’s income in most cases.  If you’ve ever looked at the amortization payment schedule of a mortgage, you’d see that for the first 1/3 of a loan, you’d see that even at the lowest interest rate, there is a large percentage of your monthly payment that’s being paid as interest.  (Amortization interest is, what I believe, the biggest financial sham ever perpetuated on the American public…but that’s just my opinion.)

Since they’ve been out of the game for a little while, they’re jumping back in both feet first.  It’s now as if they’re in a competition to see how fast they can acquire as many mortgages as possible to see if they can make up for “lost time” (and lost profits).

And this is where you can take advantage!

Mind you, if you’re using lenders that specialize in 100% LTVs, your interest rate will be a little higher than on a conventional loan so what?  This is because you’re going to be specializing in underperforming properties, managing them correctly, leasing them up, then turning around and refinancing them all within a few months.

But what’s really cool about all commercial-commercial space is…

How You Can Get Your Tenants to Pay for Your Property Expenses, Dramatically Increasing Your Profit Bottom-Line!

One of the best things about commercial-commercial property investing is something called “pass-through” or triple net (NNN).  This means that your tenant will pay for your property taxes, maintenance, and utilities.

Sweet, huh?

This is something you can’t do with apartment buildings but it’s a widely accepted practice when it comes to commercial-commercial property.  Property taxes can get pretty high on some of your investment property and so does routine maintenance such as window washing, landscaping, etc.  This is all passed through to your tenants.

Even better, there’s a little secret called “CAM” or “common-area maintenance.”  You can also charge a varying monthly rate for CAM which can even include specific property upgrades such as a new roof or paved parking lot and you can pass that entire expense right onto your tenants!  Of course, most CAM rates are “capped,” meaning that you can’t just send your tenants a bill for $50,000 based on a new roof or parking lot you decided to put in.  But it’s a rate that is added onto their square footage and can range from a few pennies up to $1 per square foot for this monthly CAM fee which, again, can vary month to month!

The more expense obligations you can “pass through” to your tenant, the more money you get to keep.  It’s even better when your tenants foot the bill for building upgrades that increase the equity of your property!  This is one of the incredible benefits of commercial-commercial property ownership that you don’t get with apartment buildings, MHPs, SFRs, or self-storage facilities.

It’s All About the TYPE of Commercial-Commercial Property You’ll Be Investing In that Will Make or Break Your Success as a Commercial Real Estate Investor!

There are only a small handful of commercial-commercial asset class types that you’ll invest in for the highest profits.

And they’re not going to be the ones everyone always thinks they are either.

Everyone thinks that they’ll be retail strip malls or gas station properties.  NOPE!

Everything thinks they’ll be stand-alones or big boxes.  NOPE!

Everyone also thinks they’ll be high-rise office buildings.  NOPE!

And you won’t be buying medical buildings because those absolutely suck as a commercial real estate investment.  Why?  Because many newbie investors don’t know that there are 2 main problems with this asset class: (1) the private medical practice is a dying breed due to excessive increases in malpractice insurance while small practices are being bullied out of the scene by HMOs, and (2) when a doctor or dentist seeks a unit for his or her medical (or dental) practice, they will expect the owner to provide “build-out” for the unit.  This means you are going to be required to put up money up front to alter the unit in any way they see fit and this comes out of your pocket 100%.  (Of course, they have to sign a lease with you first but this is still a major up front financial outlay for you that isn’t worth it.)

Again, there are a select few commercial asset class types you’ll be investing in and it’s NONE of the “typical” classes that you think they’ll be either.

Here’s a short quiz for you:

1)  What do you think will make you more money?  A 10,000 square-foot industrial/warehouse leasing for 55 cents (per square) or a 1,000 square-foot industrial/warehouse leasing for 75 cents (per square)?

2)  What do you think will make more money?  A 3,300 square-foot professional office suite for a lawyer at $1.75 (per square) or 10 “part-time” executive suites that are 300 square-foot offices (at $1 per square)?

3)  What investment property do you think is more valuable?  A stand-alone corner restaurant location or a stand-alone gas station location (both are of the same square footage, acreage and location)?

(The answers are at the bottom of this page.)

Virtual Offices:  Your Ticket to a HUGE FORTUNE in the Fastest Possible Way!

I’m going to spill Andrew Shaw’s commercial secret right here.

Many of you who have been following me for the past several years already know about Andrew Shaw and the type of commercial asset class he specializes in.

After all, if you are to become a super successful cash flowing real estate entrepreneur, you’re going to have to choose a “property specialty” otherwise your chances for success diminishes due to being spread too thin.

Andrew’s property specialty has always been office buildings.

But here’s what Andrew figured out early on, especially when he got a hold of my Build Business Credit FAST! Course materials: the power of virtual offices…but not for building business credit either!

And it happened as a “fluke” too.

He bought this 12,000 square foot 4-story office building in Ohio that was 75% occupied.  The entire top floor, which was about 4,000 square feet, was empty.  It was formerly occupied by a lawyer who specialized in accident claims (i.e. an “ambulance chaser”).  Hard times hit for the attorney and they moved out, breaking the lease.

Losing that stream of revenue from rent could have put Andrew in foreclosure on the building except for one thing: he’s a quick thinker and highly creative.

He remembered everything I taught about using a virtual office to build business credit.  What if he made that top floor a virtual office?  Would there be a demand for virtual office space in Ohio?  I mean, after all, it’s not like a New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles address.

But it was still worth a shot.

He went in, rehabbed the unit, created a reception area, added a few more individual offices, added cubicles, and within a couple of weeks he had his virtual office set up.

Long story short, he hired an office assistant/secretary who manned the phones and started placing ads in business magazines advertising his virtual office space nationwide.  On a local level, he was offering steep discounts for people to rent a “part-time” office where they would essentially “share” the office on a strict weekly schedule but by also enjoying reduced rent and having access to other parts of the facility (such as the conference room).

This is when his virtual office business exploded.

There were dozens of professionals lining up who loved the shared office space arrangement where they only had to pay for, say, half of a month in rent but by also having access to an office where they could meet clients.  This worked extremely well for new lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals who wanted to have an office yet they wanted little overhead (while having access to a conference room and secretary to help answer their calls, giving them a professional image that they needed).

Instead of working against him since this building is in Ohio, it worked for him because the economic conditions are so bad there and yet there are thousands of professionals who need affordable office space to assist them with operating their businesses.

Shortly after figuring out that he can help out professionals, he started helping out therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists in the same way.  These professionals typically share an office among a total of 2 or 3 professionals.  The offices have to be set up a certain way and this is exactly what Andrew did in order to make an absolute killing with his office buildings.  Instead of a therapist having to struggle and find another therapist or two to share a space, Andrew did all the work for them by simply just filling his units one by one.

And I outlined this exact strategy at the November 2013 event I just did in Atlanta, Georgia.  You can see the entire 2-day event on video!

This Opportunity is ONLY for Those Who Want to Make an Absolute KILLING in Commercial Real Estate With NO MONEY DOWN!

What’s most powerful about this seminar is that it’s geared toward no-money-down investing which, again, is your last opportunity left in real estate investing.

But let me warn you…commercial-commercial investing is a lot different than apartment building or MHP investing.

With apartment building and MHP investing, they are each a single “asset class category.”  An apartment building is an apartment building regardless of the size.  The strategy of acquisition and management doesn’t change.  The same goes for MHPs.

What’s different about commercial-commercial property is the differences between the “asset classes.”  You have office buildings, retail strip malls, stand-alones, industrial/warehouse, medical buildings, power centers, mixed-use and several other classes thrown under the “commercial-commercial category.”

With each type of asset class, there are different acquisition strategies from cash flow analysis to due diligence to post-acquisition to management.  If you have an office building you are acquiring, you are going to have a different set of strategies than if you are acquiring industrial/warehouse space.  And in each type of asset class, you have different “profit points” that may not apply to another class under the commercial-commercial heading.

Discover All of the Most Powerful Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets and Strategies from the DVDs of My Recent 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar Event in Atlanta, Georgia!

For the first time ever, I’m going to be laying down all of the steps needed to acquire highly profitable commercial-commercial investment property including how to get 100% financing for these properties.

Don’t think you can qualify or actually get 100% financing?

That’s okay!

There’s another “more believeable” method of being able to “cover” the 100% without thinking that you’ll have to get a loan with an Uncle Vito type of loan shark to get a 100% LTV.

The “preferred” method of finance for me with commercial assets is the SBA loan.  Yes, you can get a kick-ass SBA loan on a property anywhere in the country with no occupancy requirements at a 90% LTV with the best conventional interest rates.  This is part of the “Rebuild America’s Economy” government efforts.

And you can cash in.

But…what about the 10% cash down?  Where do you get that?

Sell your car!  (Just kidding.)

You can use 1 of 3 options:

1)  A business line of credit.

2)  An investor partner.

3)  Bird-dogging.

Wait…bird-dogging?  What is that and where did that come from?

Bird-dogging (or property scouting) is still a very lucrative way to make money by “flipping” properties to investors after “building a deal” for them.  This strategy can make you upwards of $250,000 (or more) per deal if you play your cards correctly.  And I’ll be showing you exactly what investors are looking for in deals, how to find these investors, and how to work with one of my top students to get bird-dogging deals to.  (This student is known to pay my students anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per deal!)

You Can Use Business Credit or an Investor Partner…ALL Stuff That Was Thoroughly Covered at the 2-Day Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar in Atlanta on November 15th & 16th!

I’ll be covering the essentials of business credit and getting an investor partner at this event!  Yes, I’ve covered both these topics before but this time I’ll be including SPECIAL STRATEGIES that I’ve never presented before because…

Two (2) things have recently changed:

1)  Acquiring bank lines of credit is different now (and easier) and I’ll show you how to do it!

2)  Getting an investor partner is different (and easier) with a single strategy that will blow your mind…and I’ve never revealed this before!

But even more exciting…

I’ll Be Revealing Exactly How to Get 100% LTV Financing from Directly From Lenders!

So, you don’t want to get 10% down to get a 90% LTV SBA loan.  That’s fine.

I have a guy that does 100% LTV loans for commercial-commercial deals.  (No, it’s not Ronnie!)  And I’ll show you exactly what he’s looking for in your deal criteria, how to get these 100% LTV loans, and how to get into a “true” no-cash-no-credit commercial-commercial deal.

Now, there’s good news and bad news with this 100% LTV commercial-commercial broker:

The good news:  He specializes in and routinely gets 100% LTV loans for commercial properties all around the United States.

The bad news:  Once my students start to blow up his office phones, he will be much harder to access once the videos of my Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar hit.  This means that if you’re interested in using this guy, I recommend you quickly find a deal during or within days after the end of the event (before the videos are sold and sent to students) and then you contact him immediately for financing so that you aren’t pushed to the wayside once everyone starts beating a path to his door.

My advice:  Since you missed the event, get the videos.  Understand how to tap into this 100% LTV funding before it’s gone for good!

A Mind-Blowing Real Estate Strategy Will Be Revealed At the Event for the First Time Ever!

One thing you absolutely cannot miss is a secret real estate strategy that I’ll be revealing at this event that is easy, lucrative, and the other “last opportunity” I was referring to at the very top of this page.

This strategy is SO HOT that you’ll jump on it the second you get home.  After all, who wouldn’t want a real estate opportunity where you can get the property for a FRACTION of the cost yet get MAXIMUM MONTHLY CASH FLOW available in the area you are getting the property.

Sound like a dream come true?  It is!  And it’ll shock you at how easy it is.  While all the investors out there are grappling for the last bit of investment properties out there, you’ll have the ultimate edge for highly profitable, huge cash flowing investment properties.

PLUS…I’ll Show You — For the FIRST TIME EVER — How to Get and Use Government Grants for Real Estate Deals!

I’ve never done a live presentation on how to get free government grants for real estate deals.

And I will — for the first time ever — be revealing these details at this Real Estate Boot Camp Seminar Event!

Government grants are available for a variety of different real estate transactions from acquisitions to rehab.  I’ll show you which grant programs are available federally, how to locate state grants for your deals, and exactly how to write a grant proposal to get accepted by the government for funding.  (This is the part everyone screws up on!)

Government grants are easy to get…but ONLY if you know how to “work” the grant system.  If you don’t have a clue then you won’t be able to get a grant.  Period.  I’ve had several students set out to get government grants for real estate and they’ve failed because they didn’t apply for the right grant or they didn’t fill out their forms correctly.

In this event, I will go through a federal grant application and show you exactly how to fill it out so that you can get funded for your project!

Again, this is the first time I’ve ever done a live presentation or shown my students exactly how to get a grant for real estate!

More Powerful Cash Flowing Real Estate Cash Flow Strategies That Will Be Revealed…

In this powerful real estate event, I’ll be covering:

* How you can build small multifamily properties including “quads” with the abundance of loans for both raw land and new construction.  You can either build and buy-and-hold or build and flip to other investors who will pay TOP DOLLAR for these small brand-new investment properties.

* The handful of areas in the country where you can still flip SFRs, which areas these are, and how you can still make massive profits from these few areas of the country until spring of 2014.

* How you can still get vacant REOs from the bank, including bank-direct funding and how to secure a construction loan in our “new bank revolution” where lending is much easier…and where in the country you can still find these vacant REOs.

* Where you can still find profitable yet small MHP parks and how to get them for an unbeatable bargain, even in a real estate market where profitable MHPs are hard to find.

* How to convert warehouses into self-storage facilities then “flip” the business to an investor for the highest possible dollar amount you can imagine.

* How to get government grants to fund and rehab multifamily and commercial properties.

* How to get 100% LTV loans on commercial-commercial buildings…including how to get 100% LTVs on raw land purchases and construction loans!

* And much, much more!

Okay, Folks!  This Is It!!  This Was My LAST REAL ESTATE SEMINAR for a Very Long Time (and Possibly Forever)

I know, I know…I’ve said it before.  But as I’ve revealed at former events, December 31st is my set “I quit” date for real estate training and I mean it.  I cannot and will not fall back on that promise to myself.

This is not to say that I plan on retiring because we all know that somebody like me (Type A) can’t realistically retire.  However, what I plan on focusing for in 2014 will be more the New Wealth Ninja and Total Wealth Building Strategies vs. just hard real estate type training.  This is because I’m going with where I see students need me the most and, at the same time, what I want to focus in on for the moment.

Take advantage of this last real estate event for a long time (or ever)!

If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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