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Real Estate Investor Blueprint Course by Chris Goff

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5 Powerful Strategies that

Every Real Estate Investor Should Know!

The Real Estate Investor Blueprint Home Study Course

This course was designed to teach you step-by-step how to Invest in Real Estate with 5 Real Estate Strategies. If you want to build true wealth in Real Estate, then you should be working multiple strategies at the same time. One strategy will pay your bills, but 5 strategies will make you rich. There is no 1-shoe fits-all approach and with the Real Estate Investor Blueprint Home Study Course, you’ll be able to walk into any situation and create a win-win solution with the owner.

Real Estate Investor Blueprint Manual

You’ll Discover the Plain English Truth to Profit for Each Method

Large Manual that Walks You Through 5 Real Estate Strategies!

Structure Mutually Beneficial Offers in Step 4 for all 5 Methods!

Protect Yourself and Your Assets with 3 Killer Contingency Clauses!

In Step 6, We’ll Teach You How to Never Lose a Great Deal Again!

Quickly Put Together Transactions, ‘Easy to Learn and Easier to Execute’!

How to Locate Deals Quickly, So You Can Profit Even Sooner!

A 90 Day Action Plan So You Know Exactly What to Do and When to Do It!

Real Estate Deal Chart

The Executable Steps of Each Method

Our Revolutionary Real Estate Deal Chart is a portable, comprehensive reference guide right at your fingertips! This patented flow chart has been labeled ‘priceless’ by those who have already taken action! You WILL NOT find anything on the market like this anywhere. This chart walks you through each step, solving the problem of what to do next, and what NOT to do. Armed with the knowledge given, you can confidently make wise investment decisions!

Neighborhood Matrix Chart Plus our Real Estate Method Chart

Neighborhood Matrix Chart

I’ve seen so many people struggle to figure out what technique to use and when to use it. My Neighborhood & Strategy Matrix Chart eliminates all the confusion. With this chart, you will quickly decide what the best strategies are for each type of neighborhood. Sure, you can work any strategy in any neighborhood, but what are the most probable? You will be on top of your game and save a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out what to do with my Neighborhood & Strategy Matrix Chart. I have taken all the guess work out so you can make the right offers when you need it.

Real Estate Method Chart

Do you realize that MOST students learning how to invest in real estate waste way too much time using the wrong Methods for specific types of situations? This Method Chart will guide you every step of the way so you KNOW exactly which real estate method to use no matter what scenario presents itself!! I have taken all the guesswork and fear out of what to do next!! Simply identify the type of property and the seller motivation and this chart will tell you which Real Estate Method you should use.

Note: Due to the discounted price, these charts will be located on a thumb drive, not printed.



Chris Goff started Real Estate Investing in 1999. Chris didn’t have any money to work with, so he was interested in learning ‘no money down’ strategies. He absorbed any and every bit of information he could find on the subject, and started on his first deal. Chris was lucky enough to break even on the deal, and quickly learned that not all information is good information.


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Real Estate Investor Blueprint Course by Chris Goff