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New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks
In this 7-week transformational intensive, Renee will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills you’ll need to create a new map for your life that’s true to your essence — using the cardinal winds as your guide.

Module 1: Creating a Life Map With the Help of Wind Spirits to Bend Time (December 11)

You’ll begin this first class on the full cold moon of December, with Renee’s Life Map as your starting point…

This powerful tool will help you establish your bearings, with a central goal in mind: timebending.

This foundational class session is about preparation for the sacred journey inward, and moving between parallel timelines.

While you cannot control the wind, Renee teaches, you can learn simple tools to navigate any storm.

Renee will walk you through a thorough inventory of several areas of your life to see where — on the space-time continuum — your major life events have taken place.

As every sailor and shaman knows, it’s essential to first know where you are in THIS timescape so you don’t lose your way. Renee can show you how to move between parallel timelines.

In this module, you’ll:

Use your Life Map to prepare for the sacred journey inward
Align to your inner awakening compass and discover how to whistle up a Wind Spirit
Use these powerful tools to prepare your sacred wind space, including the light of December’s full moon
Draw down the Four Winds Guardian and create sacred space
Take part in a mythical harvest journey… calling upon the moon to create a sacred space as you draw down the Cold North Wind for the Full Moon
Receive guidance to complete your Life Map over the next week as you gather the tools for your wind altar
Module 2: The Wild Winds — Preparing to Enter the Dream Cave of Divine Possibilities (December 18)

This week, you’ll discover the art of dreaming divine possibilities — and you’ll re-learn what you thought you knew about the time-space continuum.

With Renee’s guidance, you’ll discover how to ask the challenging, open-ended questions that a full shift demands — unlocking valuable information about your emotional intelligence along the way.

As you’ll discover, for spiritual alchemy to occur, you must look at the questions you’re asking of yourself and the wind — and decide whether you’re stuck on the same question in your life.

You’ll also embark on a layered cave journey through your mind — discovering the emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts needed to drop your anchor where you need to be…

In this module, you’ll discover:

How to create a powerful wind altar — strong enough to bend, yet never break
Why moving between time requires both self-knowledge AND diligent inventory
Renee’s signature Mirror-Mirror practice, in which she takes you through the reflective pool… to journey into the timeless chamber of creation, experiencing the altar in time, and in bended time
The importance of cultivating a sense of awe and wonder — and an open-heartedness to the wind
The non-ordinary altar place — and leave a marker there so you can return between class sessions, whenever you need to
How to hold an altar in two worlds — the middle world and the underworld
Renee’s guidance for working with altars over the holiday break (the work you’ll be doing with your altar involves everything from seeing family to letting go)

Module 3: Timebending Epiphany — Shifting Perception From Linear to Cyclical Time (January 8)

This week you’ll reunite with Renee and your new global community of seekers after the holiday break, continuing the shift in your perception of timelines — and strengthening the Sacred Circle.

You’ll replot the Life Map you created in Week One, transferring the information from the vertical timeline to the seasonal compass map…

Renee will guide you to move your Life Map milestones onto a new round compass, using powerful new principles that impact your personal timing and soul rhythm…

In this module, you’ll:

Name the gift of each season (for example, spring is the time of new beginning)
Reconnect with your fellow participants and share about your altar over the break and how it supported you through your holiday experience
How to move with the moon, shifting your understanding of time
Work with more powerful tools… including compass and color-code dots to represent life events and placement in your cave and layers
Participate in experiential practices to close out 2019 — including a technique featuring Cardea, the Roman goddess of door hinges and handles who prevented evil spirits from crossing thresholds
Embark on a journey with wind whistle, rattle, or drum
Discover the wind’s qualities of beingness
Prepare for your homework assignment — moving from the linear map and working with the Awakening Compass to organize your experience and spot your spiritual patterns
Make a Vision Compass with the information you uncovered in the first class
Module 4: Learning to Navigate Life With the 5 Dynamic Winds of Creativity (January 15)

How you create anything is how you create everything, affirms Renee.

And in this week’s class, you’ll use your recent experience of moving your linear map to the cyclical compass to evaluate how YOU create.

Just as the day resets itself and starts again, so can you reset your life. As you envision your life’s next steps, you’ll discover how to draw upon what you’ve already created for inspiration…

In this module, you’ll discover:

The 5 dynamic winds of creativity — chaos, gestation, oppositional forces, partnership with nature, and process order
The cycle of Creativity — and the Creative Void
How to use these 5 dynamic winds as a lens for viewing your new map — a powerful process to help you create more successfully
Renee’s Light Returns journey
How to make a Vision Compass for 2020, recreating and considering how you want the next cycle of life to unfold
How to shift from doing to being
A powerful homework assignment in which you’ll examine the Vision Compass to learn about your primary pattern of creating form in your life

Module 5: Exploring the Alchemy of Wind Power & Creativity to Build Spiritual Resilience (January 22)

Especially when you’re jumping timelines, you’ll need something concrete you can assess at the end of your journey…

And in this pivotal week of class, you’ll boldly choose one goal you want to achieve in 2020 — and create your plan for spiritual resiliency.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, Renee will guide you to utilize your own compass in navigating your experience…

In this module, you’ll:

Use your compass to navigate the seasons ahead, determining which internal beliefs to empower
Inventory which beliefs, emotions, needs, and desires need your attention so you can achieve your goal for 2020
Discover how to make, store, and jump timelines
Explore the power of wind knots
Participate in an experiential practice to unwind in a counterclockwise position… observing the places where your emotions are dictating the agenda and, perhaps, holding you back
Determine the physical, spiritual, and energetic adjustments you’ll need to make so your 2020 goal becomes reality
Module 6: Turning Energy Into Form & Navigating From Where You’re Planted (January 29)

At this point in your journey, you’ve created an altar, set your intention and goal for 2020, and examined how you’ve engaged with your creative dreams in the past…

This week, you’ll picture your goals as reality as you take part in a grain-oriented festival, celebrating the sowing of the fields in preparation for springtime’s planting…

In this module, you’ll:

Create your own wind
Make prayer flags to protect your seedlings — your goals
Locate your center point, so you can always navigate from wherever you’re planted
Use wind power to put symbols into words
Explore how the words you use either empower you or hold you back
Take part in an experiential practice to deconstruct your own word journey — and reveal what stories you’ve been telling yourself, perhaps without even realizing it
Discover the meaning of Wobble and Stable — and how these practices help you navigate your life

Module 7: Winnowing Your Seeds for 2020 (February 5)

This week, you’ll winnow your seeds for the new year and further refine exactly what you’re planting.

Renee will guide you and your fellow participants in a winnowing exercise to explore how the winds come by and take everything that’s not essential… leaving behind only the strongest seeds.

You’ll discover how, although we’re all suffering from mass disconnection…

… your work in this course has equipped you to feel more connected, experience awe and wonder in your life — and have a powerful working compass for the year ahead.

You’ll be able to navigate any storm.

In this closing module, you’ll:

Emerge from the cave bearing strong seeds — Renee will show you how
Participate in a group journey and incantation to plant the seeds of presence in the wind
Discover the many myths of the Wind Gods and Goddesses — and the truths you need to know
Explore why, as humans, we suffer from ongoing destruction
Use strength and strategy to conquer every enemy that stands in the way of your goals and visions for your life
Finalize the action steps you’ll take toward your goal — and the tools you’ll use to foster your dynamics of creativity …


Renee Baribeau is The Practical Shaman, a Wind Whistler, and Hay House Author. Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers. A dynamic spiritual keynote speaker, she injects humor and practical wisdom into her inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee guides individuals toward an enlightened way of life — and their true purpose — through the wind’s knowledge.


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