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Filipino kuntao is a brutally efficient fighting system that mixes the debilitating low-line kicks of Filipino sikaran with the Chinese martial arts’ dynamic movement and severe rapid-fire punches.
The kuntao practitioner’s main purpose from the time of contact is to completely dominate his opponent, shattering his legs and disrupting his balance while hitting him with a never-ending onslaught of blows, punches, gouges, and rips.
Professor Rick Hernandez is a kuntao expert who learned the lethal art from Filipino martial arts icon Florendo Visitacion.
This training is now accessible to you.
Hernandez uncovers the deadly secrets of Filipino kuntao and gives a full training regimen in this fatal martial technique in this brutal video presentation.
Hernandez walks you through the explosive footwork, kicking, and striking skills of kuntao, then demonstrates how these elements of the art combine together to form an unbeatable fighting system.
This is purely for informational purposes.
Professor Rick Hernandez is the originator of Improvised Combat Survival Systems and a protégé of Filipino martial arts master Florendo Visitacion (ICSS).
His Jing Shen Jie Fang “Free Spirit” Kuntao art is a dynamic and lethal blend of his training with Professor Visitacion, background in Chinese internal arts, and military experience as an Airborne Ranger.
2-Disc Set (152 minutes)


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Rick Hernandez – Filipino Kuntao