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Ricky Mataka & Mike Balmaceda – Simple Wifi Profits

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Discover The Easy 4-Step Process For Creating A $10,000.00/Month Online Income Stream” In Your Spare Time AND With Little Experience/Tech Skills!
After $3,015,997.00 and hours of testing, this “never seen before” online system allows you to start living the life of your dreams TODAY…
All from the convenience of your own home!
Meet two ANTI-GURUS who used this EXACT system to get from $0 to over $6,700,000.00.

From the office of Mike Balmaceda
West Palm Beach, Florida is the location.

Dear individual who knows they are deserving of more,
You don’t need money, to be highly brilliant, to be afraid of failure, or to risk everything to achieve financial independence if you find the appropriate internet method.
You also don’t have to listen to bad advise from marketers posing as “gurus”…
Those folks don’t care if you succeed or fail.
All they are concerned about is how they can benefit themselves.
What they “teach” is frequently obsolete, ill-advised, or just incorrect.
Furthermore, the markets they advise you to enter, such as eCommerce, Dropshipping, MLMs, and Digital Agencies, might be inherently difficult.
To actually succeed, you typically need a lot of cash, time, margin for mistake, or past expertise.
That is why Chris and Andrew’s system is so refreshing.
For starters, they’re as “ANTI-GURU” as they come…
Andrew Wright was labeled “the underachiever” from the start in a family of physicians, accountants, and attorneys.
He had a 2.7 GPA, had dropped out of college, and had previously tried and failed with an internet company.
When Andrew found this approach, he quietly went from earning nothing to making hundreds of dollars each day.
Andrew was able to pay off his struggling parents’ mortgage as his popularity grew. He even hired family members to work for him in his enormously successful firm.
He was no longer seen as the failure of the family!
Chris Eom is another.
He moved to the United States at the age of ten from South Korea, knowing only three words in English.
He worked hard, despite coming from a traditional Asian family, and ended up in a corporate career.
He, like most, despised everything about it.
Chris did have one thing going for him: his relationship with Andrew.
Andrew had grown his new firm to the point where it could make $80,000.00 each day.
Andrew, unlike Chris, was not hurting his back working all hours under the sun.
He wasn’t stuck in traffic on his way to work or receiving directions from anybody.
His business provided him with the funds to do anything he desired……as well as the flexibility to do it whenever and whenever he pleased!
Chris has no prior business experience.
Andrew had never before taught his unique system to anybody… but chose to assist Chris by teaching him his system.
Take a look at what occurred:
Chris began with nothing and rapidly increased to $200/day, then $600/day, and finally…in just his second week, Chris made $2,000.00 for 7 days straight.

Here’s What You Get If You Join Simple WiFi Profits Today

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Ricky Mataka & Mike Balmaceda – Simple Wifi Profits