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Rikka Zimmerman – Interdimensional Being Teleclass

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What would your life be like if you had never been told that anything was impossible?

Would you be willing to open your heart to the energies of awe and wonder?

Quantum physics show us that everything is space. The ground, then, is holding itself together for you, to catch your every step. Will you now know how loved and supported you truly are? Are you willing to open yourself to the possibilities you never imagined? Are you willing to embody the magic all around you and BE the fire of living?

Are you ready to wake up from the dream of reality and see the truth of who you really are?

After listening to these recordings, you will have everything you need to step beyond your current perspective and embrace the truth of YOU beyond the limitations of reality.

If you allowed yourself to fully be the infinite energy that flows through you instead of being owned by this reality…WOW…what could happen for you?

Here’s what people who participated in this live teleclass have to say:

I went to the doctor today, and three years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus, and now he can’t find any sign of it. Marketa

I started seeing with my Being and not with my two eyes. I haven’t been wearing my glasses. Roy

Since this telecall series, I have been in the most extravagant state of being. Diana

Are you ready to open to a whole new universe of joy and bliss, knowing the light being you truly are and the gift you truly be? Open the door to your inner magic and watch your life expand beyond all limitation!


Rikka Zimmerman is the first facilitator I ever heard present something, introduced by a friend, called ‘Access Consciousness.’ She has since moved on to her own powerful modality that she refers to as “Adventure in Oneness”. Rikka has a positive energy and lightness about her that can distract you (in a good way) from the fact that she is turning your universe upside down from every angle (again, in a good way.)


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Rikka Zimmerman – Interdimensional Being Teleclass