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New 9-Month Program Starts
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

What You’ll Discover With This Immersive Training (and Coaching!)
Each module of this self-paced, 9-month program will be available as soon as you register. Dr. Ritamarie will be with you LIVE for coaching time and to answer your questions, twice a month — for a total of 18 live, interactive sessions. You’ll receive personal support and insights, as you put the practices to work for you and your body.

Dr. Ritamarie is an expert in Functional Medicine — a biology-based approach centered on identifying and addressing the root cause of health challenges.

For the past 25 years, she’s been empowering individuals and health professionals to heal and re-balance the endocrine system, with a special emphasis on thyroid, adrenal, and insulin imbalances.

The trainings you’ll receive in this 9-month program include video and other digital resources. To begin the journey, you’ll join Dr. Ritamarie on March 6, when she’ll walk you through the entire program and answer any questions you have.

Then, each module will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to create radiant health and wellbeing.

Module 1: The Happy Belly System

Research shows digestive health affects your energy and whole body. Do you experience chronic pain such as aching joints or muscles, bloating, or cramps? Or perhaps you have “foggy” brain after meals or mood swings throughout the day. (Most of your serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical, is actually found in your gut.)

Imbalances in your gut may make you depressed, forgetful, and unable to sleep well, even if you don’t notice any gut-related symptoms.

Furthermore, the health of your gut and the efficiency of your digestion play huge roles in your overall health and in your natural immunity to diseases.

When the balance of microorganisms in your gut is out of whack and the bad bacteria proliferate, they produce toxins, which can weaken your immune response.

In this 3-part module, you’ll discover a system and receive live coaching from Dr. Ritamarie, to:

Discover a diet of “gut-friendly” foods for your unique body
Feel more energized after eating and throughout the day
Experience a sense of calmness and clarity
End mood swings and focus better
Boost your immunity by healing and balancing your digestion
Feel confident that you know exactly what to eat for a healthy gut
Part 1: Discover the Healing Power of Your Second Brain
Your gut is constantly sending messages to your consciousness, which is why it’s often called the “second brain,” and its healthy functioning is essential to truly holistic health.

You’ll discover:

How to assess the function of your digestive tract, and why it’s critical to do so even if you don’t think you’re experiencing any digestive issues
The 4R process for healing your digestion: what it is and how to use it
The simple, at-home method to measure how effective your digestive system is
And more…
Part 2: Optimize Your Fuel Generator for Maximum Energy
The upper part of your digestive track breaks down your food into usable nutrients that supply fuel to your cells. Join Dr. Ritamarie for a tour of your digestion from top to bottom — beginning with your mind and then moving into the health of your mouth and stomach.

You’ll discover:

The intimate dance between your gut and your brain, and what you can do to maintain a healthy balance between them
A simple trick to ensure smooth digestion in the beginning of the digestion process
The secret to optimizing nutrition naturally — without supplements to provide your cells with fuel
How to heal your stomach so you optimize the breakdown of foods into nutrients to fuel your cells and maximize your energy
Part 3: Boost Your Nutrient Absorption to Feel Amazing
You’ve likely heard of “leaky gut syndrome.” In technical terms, it means increased “intestinal permeability,” where the mucosal barrier in your intestine breaks down and can allow food particles and germs to pass into your blood.

Leaky gut syndrome can cause bloating, gas, abdominal pain, vaginal infections, food allergies, asthma, and mood swings. Leaky gut can put you at risk for serious conditions, such as migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Crohn’s, and Hashimoto’s.

You’ll discover:

How to determine whether or not your gut is “leaky” and exactly what that means to you
The keys to soothing and healing your digestive tract lining
Ways to boost your absorption of the key nutrients needed for optimal energy and mental clarity
Which common, everyday foods may be toxic to your digestive system, and what to eat instead
And more…

Module 2: Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
Finding Your Sweet Spot

The human body is the most complex machine ever created. You have 12 systems — including digestive, immune and cardiovascular — with 78 individual organs. Each one has its own cycle, and a kind of “biological harmony” it’s trying to maintain.

When one of these systems is out of order, it plays havoc on your blood sugar.

And yet, there is a different blood sugar “sweet spot” for every person. In this module, you’ll receive guidance to reset your metabolism. You’ll bring your blood sugar into balance and in a short time, experience genuine relief of symptoms. Your energy and focus will improve, and your appetite will shrink — along with your waistline.

You’ll discover:

Why blood sugar balance is critical for the optimal functioning of your entire body
How to measure your own blood sugar at home so you can make daily choices that keep you in balance
Guidance to reset your metabolism and increase energy and focus
Foods you need to reduce or avoid, and what foods you need to eat more of to keep your blood sugar in balance — and your waistline trim
Part 1: Blood Sugar Foundations
Assess your blood sugar, and evaluate your condition, guided by Dr. Ritamarie. A set of quick-acting steps will bring your glucose level into the sweet spot, on your way to full health.

Part 2: The Fitness Factor
When people hear “exercise” they think of sweating buckets at the gym. You can activate your metabolism today with a few fun, gentle exercises that only take a few minutes per day. Dr. Ritamarie will show you how.

Part 3: Optimize Your Nutrition
Discover how to tweak your diet for your “blood sugar” triggers. Receive delicious, personalized meal plan along with a list of therapeutic herbs that will help heal inflammation and prevent insulin resistance.

Part 4: Melt Away Stress
Stress is terrible for blood sugar. It spikes your blood cortisol, which amplifies your insulin resistance. Dr. Ritamarie will show you how to “short circuit” stress in minutes, purge cortisol and rebalance your blood sugar.

Part 5: The Healing Power of Sleep
Your body is a bubbling cauldron of hormones. Get them working together, and you’ll be in the best health of your life. Let them slip out of whack, and you’re in for a rough ride. We’ll show you how to use the restorative power of sleep to keep in balance.

Part 6: Timing Is Everything
Circadian rhythms. Dietary cycles. Every cell in your body follows a specific pattern. You can’t afford to interrupt it. Discover the precise timing you need to follow for your meals, your exercise and your sleep for optimal health.

Part 7: Your Metabolic Reset
It’s time to restore your hormone balance AND return your blood sugar to the sweet spot. In the last part of this module, Dr. Ritamarie will review what you’ve learned so far about blood sugar stabilization, and get you on the path of permanent healing.

Module 3: Repair & Rebuild Adrenals

Your adrenal glands have the job of keeping you safe in the face of danger…. REAL danger. They’re responsible for inducing the “fight or flight” mechanism: racing heart, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, and slowed digestion.

Since you don’t burn the sugar that has just been released to give you energy to deal with actual danger, the sugar gets stored as belly fat. Your digestion also shuts down (you don’t need to digest food when your real need is to escape the clawed clutch of a tiger).

If you’ve been in the alarm state for a while, your adrenals become too tired to respond. This weakens your immune system and can lead to insulin resistance, memory dysfunction, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Learn about the three stages of adrenal fatigue and how to determine which one you’re in — so you can refuel recharge and refocus in a way that fits your body and situation.

Part 1: Understanding & Nourishing Your Adrenals
Gauge the state of your current adrenal health, so you can create a customized plan based on what you need in order to restore balance… and reclaim your energy.

You’ll discover:

Where your adrenals are and what they do, so you can begin learning how to nourish them
How to look at signs your body is giving you, so you can begin assessing your adrenal health immediately
A highly specialized tool for determining whether your adrenals are suffering, and to what extent
Exactly where that pool of fat around your waistline comes from, why it’s so stubborn, and what you can do about it
The specific tests you should ask your doctors to run to determine where you are in terms of adrenal fatigue
Part 2: Calm Your Emotional Demons
Because stress is at the root of your adrenal imbalance, the first step on your path back to adrenal health is to equip yourself with proven strategies for handling stress.

You’ll discover:

A simple activity that will take you from fight-or-flight to calm, focused and balanced in just minutes each day
Tools for transforming stressful moments into resourceful ones
How to tame your emotional eating demons so you stop sabotaging your hard work
The common triggers for negative emotions and how to recognize them in your own life
Strategies for turning stress into coherence
And more
Part 3: Adrenal Fatigue Triggers & Symptoms
An expanding waistline, irritability, and a low sex drive are some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Yet, to nourish, instead of taxing, your adrenals, you need to listen to your body’s signals.

You’ll discover:

The ways stress affects every area of your health, from your blood pressure to your digestion
How stress and adrenal fatigue lead to uncomfortable symptoms during menopause
Strategies for resting and reviving your tired adrenal glands
How your adrenals can keep you safe without burning you out or plumping you up
Part 4: Foods & Herbs for Adrenal Support
It’s time to turn knowledge into healing. The right foods, herbs, and a limited amount of supplements can help you repair your adrenals and recharge your energy.

You’ll discover:

Which foods support your adrenals and which foods leave them (and you) exhausted and unable to perform well
How to combine nutrient-rich foods into mouth watering meals and beverages that recharge your adrenals a
A flatter belly, sharper mind and unstoppable energy
The right way to space your meals for optimal adrenal health and maximum fat burning
Endless Energy Elixirs recipes for delicious adrenal support, to keep you alert and energized all day
Part 5: Implement a Healing Action Plan
It’s time to put all the steps together and create a nourishing action plan that will heal your adrenal glands and boost your energy to the brim.

You’ll discover:

What an adrenal stress index test is, and how its results become the roadmap for your journey back to health
How to begin restoring your energy and rebuilding your burned out adrenals
Herbs and supplements specific to your adrenal challenges
When and how to turn to bioidentical hormones as a solution
A step-by-step plan for putting it all together and restoring your health

Module 4: Thyroid Revive & Thrive

Your endocrine system is the master controller of your body, and your thyroid is one of its major glands. A butterfly-shaped gland located in front of the windpipe and just below the larynx, your thyroid’s job is to regulate your metabolism — or your body’s breakdown and conversion of food to energy. It does so by producing and releasing hormones, the most important of which are T3 and T4.

If your thyroid is under-functioning, you burn your fuel more slowly. You gain weight and feel sluggish. If it’s over-functioning, you may be thin and wiry with a rapid heart rate and increased agitation.

Thanks to exposure to modern-day toxins and a hectic, stressful lifestyle, about 200 million people in the world now have some form of thyroid disease. Thyroid disorders are four to seven times more common in women.

In this final module, you’ll begin to heal thyroid imbalances — through nutrition, protecting yourself from the effects of environmental toxins, fitness, and more.

Part 1: Thyroid Assessment
The first step in determining where your thyroid problems start is to understand exactly what your thyroid does, the underlying cause of thyroid imbalances, and how to restore your thyroid to health.

You’ll discover:

A thyroid hormone and gland assessment tool you can use repeatedly
Which other hormones are interacting with your thyroid
Thyroid temperature tracking, and how it may relate to your overall health
Which lab tests to ask for depending on your assessment results
Part 2: How Your Thyroid Works & What Can Go Wrong
You don’t have to become an expert in physiology and biochemistry; however, it’s important to understand how your thyroid works so you can take care of it. Exactly how does this precious gland work, what can go wrong, and what’s causing the symptoms you’re experiencing?

You’ll discover:

How your thyroid works and symptoms of a thyroid out-of-balance
Major types of thyroid Imbalance so that you can identify the underlying cause of yours
Different patterns within thyroid imbalance patterns
Medications that may affect your thyroid, so that if you’re taking them, you can discuss them with your doctor
And more
Part 3: Protecting Your Thyroid from Harm
You may not realize it but you’re constantly exposed to elements that can harm your thyroid and put it off balance. This include dietarys elements as well as pesticides, nutrient imbalances, and stress. Specific nutrients can protect your thyroid and help it function at maximum efficiency.

You’ll discover:

Factors that negatively affect your thyroid and how to determine the level of exposure you have these factors
A plan for reducing your toxic exposure
Proper hydration is critical to hormone balance and overall health
How to select a filter for your drinking water
Stress and sleep strategies to take some of the load off your thyroid
Fitness practices to remove toxins and breathe fresh life into your thyroid
Part 4: Foods, Herbs & Nutrients for Thyroid Support
From vitamins and minerals to antioxidants and amino acids to herbs and foods, you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal to fight off thyroid imbalances and achieve new levels of health. Learn what you should eat and include in your diet, and what you should avoid, as well as daily lifestyle habits that help you gain optimum health.

You’ll discover:

Recipes and food preparation demos so you can implement what you learn
A Healing Kitchen Resource Guide for stocking your pantry with thyroid supportive foods and herbs
Thyroid-healthy nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
And more
Part 5: Evaluating Your Progress & Updating Your Plan
This is where all the steps Dr. Ritamarie has shared with you, come together for a nourishing action plan that helps you balance your thyroid and heal your command gland!

You’ll discover:

Thyroid-balancing protocols for appropriate diet, herb, lifestyle and supplements
The right protocols to use depending on which type of thyroid imbalance you’re experiencing
Recipes and menu-planning for a healthy thyroid
And more …


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, is passionately committed to transforming exhausted high achievers all over the globe into high-energy people who love their lives and live to their full potential.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic with certifications in acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, and HeartMath®, she’s also a certified living foods chef, instructor, and coach, and has trained and certified hundreds of others in the art of living foods.


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